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PSS Report October 2008
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 11/26/2008 (3315 reads)
PSS Report October 2008


David Brennick , Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

The Literacy Success 12 team will be attending an implementation session from October 19th to 22nd , 2008. After this event takes place, professional and student resources will be sent to schools.

We will be hosting an in-service day in conjunction with the technology department for grade 11 English teachers. This collaborative in-service will involve writing with models and blogs.

Team members will be designated soon for the Writers in Action 10/11 board team. Diane Brennick has been asked to submit names for the upcoming Teaching in Action team. Plans are underway to form a committee for a writing event which will take place in the spring.

Community-Based Learning (O2 ), Rhonda Smith, Consultant

School visits to the new O2 students in grade 10 were conducted in September by the Community-Based Learning Consultant and NSCC College Prep Coordinator. A short presentation on the NSCC programs was shown and a discussion followed on how O2 can assist students in a pathway to NSCC Community College if it becomes their choice upon graduation.

The O2 schools are busy with field trips as part of their Community-Based Learning 10 course. This is an opportunity for students to explore different opportunities in the community. Students have toured the cruise ship Eurodam and are scheduled to visit the Coast Guard College and Department of Fisheries.

The Community-Based Learning Consultant attended the provincial CBL consultant′s meeting in September, as well as the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) ‘Building Futures for Youth’ committee meeting. The O2 teachers and Co-op teachers will participate in a full day in-service on October 29 facilitated by the CBL consultant. All the O2 students from the four high schools will participate in a full day of activities at Marconi Campus on November 13. This will be facilitated by NSCC CollegePrep and staff of NSCC.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

The Senior High Math Committee met on September 25, 2008 and teachers examined the NSE results in Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. Other topics discussed included: adaptations on the NSE, communication plans, cumulative testing, networking in the school and among schools, and consistency in assessment policies for teachers teaching the same course in a school.

In September 2008, the Minister of Education released the 2007 Minister′s Report to Parents. At this time, Evaluation Services, Department of Education, also released the results of the NSE Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. Overall, for 2007-2008, there was significant improvement provincially in both these courses compared to previous years. Students in the CB-VRSB improved significantly in the percentage of students who passed the examinations and the average exam marks. Moreover, in this board, there was a strong correlation between the percentage of students who passed the NSE Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 and the percentage of students who passed these courses in school.

Paul O′Neill, math teacher at Glace Bay High School, and Arlene Andrecyk, in consultation with Dorothy Tennant, IEI Project Facilitator, are presently developing a workshop using the software Autograph. The focus of this workshop is to provide support to math teachers in the integration of technology in the Math 11 classrooms. Paul O′Neill is developing Discovery Activities to enhance student learning of transformational geometry.

Nova Scotia International Student Program, Tammy Sampson, Consultant/Program Manager

Since the last reporting period, we have received another Mexican student who transferred from the Straight Regional School Board. She will be attending Holy Angels High school for the year. This brings our total to 77 students.

Our short term group of 8 girls and their teacher has arrived from Colombia. The girls have started classes at Holy Angels High School. The teacher is here to work with her students, to participate at Holy Angels and also to learn about our curriculum, initiatives and procedures. She will spend time in several Jr. High and Elementary schools in our area during the next 2 months.

Dorothy Kaiser took the lead on this project, along with the Principal, Theresa MacKenzie, and they have developed and planned many cultural activities for the students and their host sisters.

Tammy Sampson will be travelling to Colombia in the month of October with a colleague from the CCRSB as representatives of the NSISP. They will take part in an education fair, visit several schools and present to parents, students, principals and agents.

Thirteen of our students have signed up for the two optional cultural trips to Toronto and Niagara Falls to take place in October. Plans are underway for an optional cultural trip to Halifax.

We have already started to receive applications for the February semester. Several one semester students have indicated that they would like to extend.

We had several agent visits since September and tours of schools and our communities have kept them busy and introduced them to our area.

English Second Language, Geoffrey Laurence & Connie Ferguson

The month of September marks the beginning of another school year. It is a very busy month getting to know the students, assessing their needs and implementing support. This year there are two ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers employed by the Board. They are Connie Ferguson and Geoffrey Laurence. Both teachers were in place at the beginning of the year which made for a smoother implementation of the program this year.

Our Board has 37 landed immigrants and Canadians whose first language is not English in school this year. The landed immigrants are in Baddeck, Iona, Sydney Mines, Boularderie, Sydney, Glace Bay, and New Waterford. The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) has 77 students in various junior and senior high schools. These schools are: Holy Angels High School, Sydney Academy, Riverview High School, Glace Bay High School, Breton Education Centre, Memorial High School, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High School, MacLennan Junior High School and Sherwood Park Education Centre.

Ms. Ferguson works with students in Boularderie, Glace Bay High, Shipyard, St. Joseph – North Sydney, Riverview High, Holy Angels, Malcolm Munroe, and MacLennan.

Mr. Laurence works with students in Breton Education Centre, Brookland, Sherwood Park, Sydney Academy, Greenfield, Memorial High, Iona, and Sydney Mines Junior High.

Skilled Trades Education, Ken Collier, Consultant

Registration for 2008-2009 at Memorial High School is now complete. There was some movement as students were experiencing their chosen areas, and then making changes after attending some classes.

School Accreditation is continuing. Mentoring and collaboration is taking place among teachers especially in the area of technology. The concept of the Professional Learning Community has been very positive, and will assist us in meeting our accreditation goals. The Professional Development session on Monday, September 29th was very beneficial as staff were able to collaborate and share ideas and resources.

Staff met with representatives from Skills Nova Scotia to plan times and dates for upcoming competitions. April 7, 2009, has been selected as our tentative date for this year′s competitions being hosted at our school. Gold medal winners have the opportunity to take part in the National Competitions which will be held in Prince Edward Island in the spring. Students found this to be a very rewarding experience and an honor to represent our province as part of Team Nova Scotia.

A meeting and school tour took place on Monday, September 15, 2008, with representatives from the School Capital Construction Committee from the Department of Education, with regard to capital projects that have been requested from various schools. Trifos Architecture and CBCL Engineering were hired to complete a master plan for changes that we feel are needed at our school to complement our Skilled Trades Programs. Hopefully we will see some movement on this proposal in the near future.

Our Welding Program has started this year. We did have a bit of an electrical challenge at the start but with the support of our Operations and Facilities Management personnel, we are hoping to soon move forward to fix the problem. The CUPE workers will be using some of our electrical students to assist them to complete this electrical upgrade. This will give our students excellent experience as this is a significant project.

French Second Language, Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant

Grade six Intensive Core French continues to remain a focus of French Second Language programs in the CB-VRSB. Our board is not only leading the province in the implementation of this initiative but also leading the country. We have gained much knowledge and expertise since its inception in 2003. Oral proficiency interviews (pre-tests) are being conducted by Laurie MacIntosh (French Consultant) and Suzanne Aucoin (Malcolm Munroe Jr. High) and will be completed by October 3, 2008. The teachers involved met in Whycocomagh on September 16th for a PD session with Gérald Félix (NS Department of Education Consultant).

Due to the success of Intensive Core French, another initiative has begun. Ten Core French experimental classes across the province (two in CB-VRSB – Malcolm Munroe Jr. High and Bridgeport School) have been targeted as pilot schools. The French teachers will incorporate the teaching strategies and literacy-based approach of ICF into the Core French classroom. Students′ success will be tracked by oral interviews at the beginning and at the end of the school year. A training session for the two French teachers involved (Barbara McKay and Allan Nicholson), as well as Laurie MacIntosh will take place on October 3, 2008, in Halifax.

Laura Dunlop represented Riverview Rural High at a DELF (Dipl?me d′études en langue fran?aise) training session in Halifax on September 22/23. Riverview will serve as a pilot school for this initiative. The purpose of this assignment is to give students international recognition for their accomplishments in French Second Language.

Upcoming Initiatives

A two-day training workshop on Intensive Core French will be held on October 14-15 in Halifax. Laurie MacIntosh is part of the facilitation team which will train the provincial FSL consultants.

NS Department of Education personnel (FSL) will be visiting our board on November 19-21 to review the progress of French special projects.

FSL information sessions will take place in the near future. Targeted groups include new hires in French, as well as Sr. High French teachers.

Cape Breton Regional Science Fair, True Burke, Chairperson

The Cape Breton Regional Science Fair is tentatively scheduled for March 25 & 26, 2009. As the NSCC underwent renovations this year, a new location is required. The decision of the new location will be made by the end of this month. We are hoping for an increase in participation at the Regional level for the 2009 regional science fair. The 2009 CWSF will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The committee is currently preparing for a PD session with all teachers interested in starting or improving the science fair at their school.

Students Todd Mercer and Mike MacIsaac from Riverview High School will be attending the Discovery Centre Science banquet next month. Their project, The Amazing Alter-Leg, will be showcased at this event.


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Janine MacAulay

September has been a busy month getting new initiatives and established programs underway. Grade primary has been an important focus with early learners entering the classrooms. With great cooperation from principals, we have taken inventory of primary classrooms and are in the process of ordering supplies which suit the needs of these younger students. Teachers are collecting data on their primary students′ literacy skills through the Primary Common Assessment and will submit their results to Janine MacAulay by mid-October. The Department of Education is continuing with its Primary Professional Learning Workshops which will see all grade primary teachers and principals in attendance on October 8 or 9 at the Staff Development Centre, North Sydney.

September saw five more schools begin LIFT (Literacy Initiative for Teachers). The purpose of LIFT is to bring together Primary, Grade One, Resource and Reading RecoveryTM teachers in an atmosphere of observation and collaboration to improve early literacy practices in our schools. There are currently twenty-two schools and complexes participating in some stage of the program. An opening session for Year One and Year Two schools took place on September 26 at Shipyard Elementary.

Literacy mentors Geraldine Beaver and Thelma Libbus have been busy offering support to teachers through classroom visits and observations as well as other professional development opportunities. Brenda MacIsaac has been establishing a tailored professional development plan to meet the needs of new classroom teachers.

There have been many requests for site-based professional development related to literacy, largely due to goals set through the school accreditation process. Writing workshop, the six traits and assessment seem to be of particular interest in elementary schools.

Janine MacAulay and Paul Gartland have been working together to establish an online discussion forum for elementary literacy using the Moodle program through Nova Scotia Virtual Schools. Teachers will be invited to join this online community to share ideas, ask questions and recommend resources.

Ms. MacAulay is also the facilitator for the Gifted Education Lead Team through Student Services. The mandate of the team is to help address the needs of gifted students in the regular classroom through teacher mentoring and professional development. Requests for support can be made through Cathy Viva, Janine MacAulay, or any member of the team.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

September Review


There have been four mentor secondments: Ron Muller 100% elementary; Theresa Devoe and Tara Colbert 60%, each elementary (mornings); and Jody MacLean 50% junior high (September – January inclusive). Several other mentors will continue to provide ongoing mentoring by participating teacher requests. Mentoring requests continue to grow.

Early Elementary Mathematics Literacy Assessment:

The results of the assessment, written in June, are expected sometime late October or early November.

Grade Four Mathematics Development Record:

On September 30, Day 1 of professional development for teachers new to grade four this year was presented. Included in these sessions were instruction on interpreting the EEMLA results, differentiation, and methods of tracking student progress

Grade Five Mathematics Development Record:

Sandra MacDonald, who has been seconded to the Department of Education to develop professional development for grade five teachers, has presented Day 1 of that professional development on September 23 – 25. Grade five teachers will follow the MDR′s prepared by the grade four teachers and, by the end of October, will develop an MDR for the students already identified.



Teachers at Brookland, Coxheath and Cornwallis Elementary Schools have received the first of three site-based days of training on September 3. On September 29, those three schools received their second day, while St. Joseph (Sydney Mines) will have their first day.

October Plans

Grade Four Mathematics Development Record:

On October 14, Day 2 of the professional development for teachers new to grade four this year will be presented.

When the EEMLA results are completed, all grade four teachers will have a workshop where they will begin the MDRs for their students identified as requiring a record.

Grades Five Mathematics Development Record:

Sandra MacDonald will deliver Day 2 to Grade five teachers during which time they will work on the new records.


The PRIME training will continue for those schools involved.

Elementary and junior high resource teachers as well as LD teachers will receive their PRIME training beginning in October.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Our Arts staff had a meeting on September 11 at Sherwood Park Education Centre where new staff was introduced, general information was exchanged, and teachers had a chance to collaborate. Five of our junior high schools (Cabot, Malcolm Munro, Morrison, St. Michael′s and Sydney Mines Junior High) attended in-servicing for pilot programs through the Nova Scotia Department of Education being offered in art, general music, and instrumental music. Feedback on the initial implementation of these projects is very positive. Our String Programs had registration, with more than double the number of beginners usually enrolling for programs, particularly on the Southside at Shipyard Elementary School.

Symphony Nova Scotia is coming to Cape Breton and offering two concerts to our students at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre on October 20. This event is sponsored by Democracy 250 and is therefore targeted to high school students, followed by junior high and upper elementary students. Principals and music teachers have received information on this, which includes educational programming from Symphony Nova Scotia to match curriculum outcomes for high school music and Canadian history.

The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design is excited to work with our Arts Department in providing spaces, resources and professional development opportunities for our visual arts teachers. Part of this collaboration includes an in-service to be offered to our teachers by artist Holly Carr, with a workshop on creativity sometime before the end of October.

We are in the process of getting our Arts library materials on-line so they will become more accessible to teachers, and in the long-term to include them as part of the Teachers′ Resource Centre.

We have received a $30,000 grant from ‘The Giant 101.9 FM’ radio station. This money is to be targeted for instruments, scholarships, music festivals (concerts) and curriculum development. Teachers have put in requests for some equipment while Sheldon Googoo, Mi′kmaq Consultant, has helped make connections with Membertou so that some of the grant may be used to purchase Mi′kmaq CD′s and instruments for our music classrooms. We also hope to have special presentations of these resources by the Mi′kmaw community and to include this as part of Education Week this year, with its theme of ‘Celebrate the Arts.’

Reading Recovery® Teacher Leader / Early Literacy Consultant, Susan MacDonald

Our Reading RecoveryTM teachers met on September 3 for a professional development day at Shipyard Elementary. Topics discussed included: data from the 2007-2008 school year, new Canadian norms for the Observation Survey, and reviewing procedures that are used in the Reading RecoveryTM program. This year, there are thirty trained teachers working in the Board (one trained teacher working in Membertou). We had our first two official ongoing professional days on September 23 & 24.

Our next two ongoing professional development days are scheduled for October 28 and 29. For teachers not attending a Special Association Conference on October 24, an inservice is scheduled at Shipyard Elementary. Paul Gartland has agreed to speak to the teachers on an on-line reporting system in the afternoon; the morning will include work in Literacy Lessons and other related issues.

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

Insignia Project:

The Insignia Library Automation Project has begun. On September 3, all Library Technicians attended a training session with Humayon Butt, from Insignia software. This board-wide automation project will enable students and staff to search school library collections online from the comfort of their homes. This system will provide students with more accessibility in finding a resource.

NSALT Conference:

Library Technicians of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, in partnership with NSALT (Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians), are hosting a province-wide conference in Baddeck on October 23-24. Library Technicians from Schools Boards will be attending, as well as staff from community college, government, and private libraries.


Susan Kelley, Coordinator

On September 29th , schools in the first year of the Accreditation/School Improvement Process worked on data collection for their internal review report. All other schools worked on strategies for School Improvement. All members of this team attended the Accreditation Workshop in September so that they will be better equipped to support schools in this on-going school improvement process.

We continue to support schools around provincial assessments. The Department of Education has removed the Provincial Chemistry Exam from the 2008/2009 exam schedule. They are providing a bank of exam questions to schools and will also provide an exam booklet for those schools who would like to use some or all of the questions supplied.

Active Healthy Living – Mary Lou Andrea, Consultant

Ted Temertzoglou, from Thompson Educational Publishing, publishers of the grade 10 physical education text book, was in the area to visit the high schools to take pictures for the new text. We were able to get photos of students/classes from five of the local schools.

A workshop was held with grade 6 students from Cape Smokey and North Highlands on Geocaching. The three physical education teachers were also there to learn the new activity. It was very well received even though it rained.

Work continues on upcoming PD day for high school PE teachers to support the implementation of the new Phys. Ed credit at this level.

Sports Animator Report- Jim MacEachern

Permission was granted from Senior Administration for the full board pilot ‘Swim to Survive/Learn to Swim Program’ for grade three students. Mr. MacEachern is presently working on the schedule, planning logistics, and communicating with schools. Tentative start up is Monday, October 20/08.

The HPS ‘Application Screening Committee’ is working to finalize funding for Heath Promoting Schools programs and projects for 2008 – 2009 school year.

Initial meetings were held to commence organizing for the third annual ‘Youth in Motion @ CBU’ Program for the grade four classes across the Board.

Work continues with CBU Administration seeking additional support for Physical Activity Programs.

PEBS/Behavior Support-Trevor LeBlanc, Lead Teacher

In the area of PEBS/Behavior Support we will be concentrating for the month of October on the following items:

Easy Discipline Tracking is a software program developed to track all office discipline referrals within the school. This program is being piloted in two schools, MacLennan Junior High and Greenfield Elementary. In addition two more schools have purchased the program and in total we have four school representatives that have been trained by the developer. Training is on going for schools interested in purchasing the software

The first PEBS lead team meeting will be held on October 15th . The main focus of the meeting is to receive updates from schools and create a plan for the best way our team can help schools implement PEBS within their school.

We will continue training our teachers and guidance councillors with The FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) Data entry software.

Work to revise and update the Behaviour Support plan currently being used is underway.

Students will be creating a FBA form to be filled out by parents.

By the end of October PEBS board website will be updated.

The PEBS team will be developing a tool that will assist schools in changing their code of conduct that will be in a PEBS format. The PD session has already been provided to MacLennan Junior High.

Breakfast for Learning/Nutrition Policy/Health Promoting Schools – Debbie Madore, CBVRSB Dietician

Breakfast programs:

Breakfast programs are up and running. A visit was made to the three schools north of Smokey to provide help and support.

The first Breakfast program meeting was held on October 2, 2008. New membership includes Jeannie Stone. A discussion was held around the need for more volunteers. A newsletter will be developed discussing the program and the need for volunteers. The plan is to send it to every student′s home in an effort to recruit more community people to help.

As co-chair for the N. S. Advisory Council, Breakfast for Learning, Ms. Madore attended a meeting in Halifax on Sept. 12 to review funding available for N. S. Schools for 08-09. Funding for CB-VRSB has not been announced. The Council is waiting to hear how a promotion from Sobeys will be launched, which can increase the amount of funding available as grants.

Health Promoting Schools :

The applications from schools for funding to support HPS initiatives are being reviewed.

Literacy Support Report – Lyn McInnis, Literacy Support Consultant

Since the last up-date, the grade 3 students have completed their writing of the Early Language Literacy Assessment (ELLA). The teachers will now begin marking the assessments.

The grade 6 students wrote the Elementary Literacy Assessment beginning on October 7 and concluding on October 10. These will be marked in Halifax by teams of teachers from across the province in November.

School visits were made to elementary schools to offer support with the Literacy Assessments and to provide new teachers with an information package.

Binders are presently being made for all grade 11 teachers with students who have been identified as not yet having met expectations in reading and/or writing. Plans continue to be made to provide

in-servicing for new to grade 10 teachers and grade 11 teachers.

Plans are also underway to support new to grade 3 teachers and grade 4 teachers in developing and implementing Literacy Development Records for their students.

On September 29 an in-service was provided for the teachers at Breton Education Center, with reading and writing strategies as the focus.

All in all, a very busy time.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Sheila Kublek – Assistive Technology Consultant

The main focus for the month of September was supporting students, teachers, teacher assistants, program planning teams and parents in student transitions. This support has been a follow up to the transition plans that were established in the spring of 2008. One day per week for the month of September was spent at Harbourside Elementary and Whitney Pier Junior High′s learning centres. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to support teaching strategies and integrate technology into student programming.

Many schools have been visited throughout the month of September, most of them at the request of the school′s program planning team.

The Assistive Technology Lead Team met for a day in September. The team reviewed the assistive technology referral and assessment process, updated the assistive technology resource library, created a list of assistive technology resources to be placed on the assistive technology webpage, began compiling useful websites to support assistive technology and student programming, and reviewed new software to the field of assistive technology. As well, several team members volunteered to perform assistive technology assessments in schools throughout our board.

A day of professional development took place at Cabot High with the learning centre teacher. It was a very interactive and productive day; the perfect model for on site professional development. Mrs. Kublek and Mrs. Genevieve Richardson spent a portion of the board wide professional development day at Breton Education Centre with all teachers and administrators. This session focused on the role of the program planning team within a school.

Bill Tennant – PD Consultant Technology

A number of school web pages have been updated and training was provided to onsite teachers on how to setup and maintain their school web site.

Planning for upcoming professional development for IT Lead Teachers is ongoing with integration of technology as the main focus.

Regular school visits are made to provide coaching or mentorship to the classroom teacher. It is the intention that many schools will be visited to provide such support in technology integration.

Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High had a workshop on Sept. 29 on integrating technology in every classroom. Not only was the daily operation of the hardware/software covered, but there was the opportunity to demonstrate and create lessons and resources. These ideas and resources will be posted on the CB-VRSB Technology Integrated Resource Web Page for other teachers to adapt and adopt for their lessons.

Dorothy Tennant – IEIE Consultant

The IEIE project will focus on grade 11 this year to provide professional development, hardware, software, and technical support. All the hardware has arrived. Most is installed in the high schools. The specialized software has been ordered but has not arrived from the Department of Education. A very extensive software image has been designed for the computers so that they can be well used by students in the classroom while we wait for the software order.

Professional development plans have been finalized. On-site mentoring professional development has started in the high schools. Technology and instructional support is working closely with other curriculum consultants in designing workshops to be held at the Staff Development Centre. Lead teachers representing every curriculum area in grade 11 have been identified by principals to come to the Staff Development Centre for a day and then to continue practicing technology integration and classroom management strategies at their schools. Sessions have been planned for October and November.

We are working on a pilot project with grade 10 and 11 English teachers. The use of Blogs and Podcasting as it relates to the Writers In Action initiative will be explored by teachers.

Social Studies and Math teachers will take part in a Statistics Canada Workshop with Yves Saint Pierre from Montreal.

Math teachers will take part in a technology integration workshop using Autograph software for Transformational and 3D Geometry activities.

A ′Lunch and Learn′ for High School Principals will take place in October.

Heather Patterson – Principal Adult High School

As with most programs September has been very busy in Community Education with the Adult High School program and with continuing education courses. Acting Principal, Heather Patterson, was asked to appear on Information Morning on September 4th to discuss the Adult High School program and they have expressed interest in doing a follow up with our students later in the year.

Enrolment in the adult high schools is consistent with last year. We continue to see a large number of 17 and 18 year old students who have been out of school for several years and have not completed junior high. This is a challenge with placing them in high school courses since we offer only a limited number of grade 10 subjects. We are supplementing our Math and English with Learning Strategies and computer courses to bring these students up to high school levels. Our ages this year are ranging from 17 to 71!

Continuing education classes are up and running. We have had a huge demand again this year for Chemistry 12. We have 32 students in that course which began last week. Both CBU and NSCC contacted us to refer students who require certain academic credits for their programs. CBU has discontinued their bridge program so many of our Chemistry students are actually CBU nursing students who require this course. NSCC has filled up its General Arts and Science program to above capacity and were referring students to our Math 12 course.

We are also running Biology 12, GED preparation with a class of 32! Our general interest courses in woodworking, conversational French, medical terminology and computer based programs are also running this semester. The programs are offered in four communities but we cannot seem to get enough students to run courses outside of Sydney. Courses will continue to be offered in Glace Bay, New Waterford and on the Northside, but without the numbers to support their cost they will remain Sydney based.

Paul Gartland – Lead Teacher for Student information Systems

August and September were quite busy with assisting in school start-up and teacher professional development.

Much of the time in September was spent visiting schools ensuring the accuracy of student and staff data, and providing assistance and professional development as necessary. All professional development activities were held at the school sites, with minimal disruption to school operations.

The other highlights of September include:

Scheduling of electronic report card professional development (14 additional schools),

Providing assistance to schools in the Accreditation process, compiling data from the Outcomes SIS,

Addition of Rankin School of the Narrows and Breton Education Centre (secondary pilot) to the Outcomes Student Information System,

SIS Team built from existing capacity – Paul Mombourquette (Seton), Kurt Kublek (Memorial High School) and Geoff Oliver (Greenfield Elementary), and

Parent Portal demonstration for access to student information.

Significant reporting improvements have been made to the Outcomes product, and these added features have been utilized by schools and Student Services.


Charles Sheppard, Coordinator

Mr. Sheppard interviewed potential candidates for the Community Liaison Officer positions along with members from the CBRM Police Services and principals from the three high schools involved. The schools involved were Breton Education Centre, Memorial High and Sydney Academy. The successful officers are Constable Dan McGillvary (Breton Education Centre); Constable Dave Vokey (Memorial High); and Constable Brad Burke (Sydney Academy).

Work is ongoing with various interagency groups including Peer Tutoring, CATCH Project Management Committee, Network for Children and Youth and the Committee for Safer Cape Breton Communities. Dialogue has begun in developing protocols for school visits by staff from the Children′s Aid Society.

All schools in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board participated in the Stand Up Against Bullying Day held on September 10, 2008. Activities including viewing videos on anti-bullying, skits done in class and on stage and the wearing of pink T-shirts by students took place on this day.

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