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Financial Services Report: January, 2009
Published by Karen Roach [Karen Roach] on 01/27/2009 (2650 reads)
Financial Services Report: January, 2009


JANUARY 26, 2009

Calendar Year-End



The 2008 T-4's will be ready for distribution well before the deadline of February 28, 2009.

Nancy Costigan led us in this process.  Her efforts along with contributions from Charmaine Sampson, Linda Buffett and Linda MacInnis have allowed us to yet again achieve this goal well before the deadline. 

Budget 2009/10 :   The budget process for 2009/10 has started.  Sandra Burke and I are presently compiling information so that a draft of the 2009/10 status quo budgeted expenditures can be drafted by mid February 2009.
2008/09 Fiscal Year-End : Our Accounting Department, under the direction of our Coordinator, Sandra Burke, is busy preparing for the 2008/09 fiscal year-end.  Receivables are being aggressively pursued and the deadline of February 9, 2009 will be enforced as the date for having all requisitions for 2008/09 turned in.

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