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Human Resource Services Report: January, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 01/27/2009 (3551 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: January, 2009




Kathy Coleman

Attendance Management

Most teachers in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board maintain good attendance. In spite of this, the cost for providing substitutes is a growing concern. Data collected indicates that use of sick days and serious illness in the family claims has been increasing.

Human Resources personnel met with the principals in January to have a look at this concern. Each principal was provided with an information package regarding the use of sick days and serious illness in the family for his/her school during the period Sept – Nov 2008 and will continue to receive regular updates so that everyone can work toward improvement.

Vic Hanham

The following is a schedule of professional development training which will be provided for our non-teaching staff on February 3rd , 2009.   


          Glace Bay High (9:00a.m.)  “Wellness” (Various presenters)

          Shipyard Elementary (9:00a.m.)  “Programming Supports”

          (Various presenters)

          Cape Breton Business College “Non-Violent Crisis Intervention”

          (Monica Matheson) 

          (two-day certification course; Feb 2&3)


          Malcolm Munroe Jr. High (9:00a.m.)    Positive Effective Behavioural Supports (PEBS) & Systematic Supervision (Trevor LeBlanc)


           Riverview High School (9:00a.m.)  “Communication: Dealing with      Aggressive People”

           Integral Training & Consulting Services (Elizabeth Morrison)

4.    CLEANERS  

           Sherwood Park Jr. High (8:30a.m.) “First Aid”


          Malcolm Munroe Jr. High (8:30a.m.) “First Aid”

          Property Services Dept: “Defensive Driving”  (Trades People) 

Workplace Education Committee

The Workplace Education Committee is a joint committee of the CB-VRSB and CUPE 5050. Its mandate is to provide educational opportunities for members of our non-teaching staff. Over the past years, programs have been offered in Literacy, GED training as well as various technology sessions. The projects are funded jointly by the Department of Education, the CBVRSB and CUPE 5050.

Presently the Committee is in the process of setting up two courses/programs for our employees. We hope to offer an “Introduction to Computers” session as well as an “Advanced Computer” program. These are tentatively scheduled to begin in late February.

Bernie MacKinnon

Nova Scotia Department of Education

Early Hire Job Fairs

The Nova Scotia Early Hire Job Fairs sponsored by the Department of Education were held recently at the four universities in the province. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board participated in all four job fairs and was especially interested in B.Ed. students with French Immersion and Music backgrounds. Students with backgrounds in Math and Science were also interviewed in the event that the number of substitutes currently working for the Board would not be able to fill all available positions.

The job fair at the University Ste. Anne was held on January 8 and 9, 2009.  Mount St. Vincent held their fair on January 15 and 16, 2009. The last job fair was held at St. Francis Xavier on January 22 and 23, 2009.

Arrangements will be made in the near future to meet with B.Ed. students from Cape Breton University.

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