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Human Resource Services Report: March, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 04/07/2009 (1855 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: March, 2009

Human Resource Services

March 2009

Sharon Johnston

(1)           First aid Training

Over the March break 43 members of the Operational Services Department (custodial, technology and maintenance) successfully completed First aid training.  Added to the 171 members of the department who took First Aid training on the February 3rd in-service, 214 staff members have now successfully completed training.  The remainder of the staff will take training on April 24th.

(2)           Testing

Baseline noise level testing has been carried out with custodial staff in a few elementary schools.  Testing will now take place at junior high and a couple of high school.

(3)           Umbrella Health and Safety Committee

The Umbrella Health and Safety Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of month at Central Office to discuss board-wide health and safety issues.  The Committee reached a tentative agreement to host a one-day health and safety conference for site-based health and safety committee members in 2010.

Kathy Coleman

Workers’ Compensation and Return to Work:

 A meeting with Tony Bremner Provincial Coordinator, Return to Work programs for the Workers’ Compensation Board of NS was held to review the Claims Summary and the Experience Rating Statement for 2009. The date provided indicates improvements in the number of claims as well as the duration of time lost due to injuries. This may be attributed in part to a focus on returning injured workers to full duties in a safe and timely manner and an emphasis on preventing injuries with training and the use of specialized protective equipment.

Several individualized Return to Work plans have been developed in February and continue to be monitored. One employee has returned to full duties and two are doing transitional duties based on the recommendations of the physiotherapists and doctors. The Return to Work committee was involved in the development of each of these plans.

Workers’ Compensation accident forms are collected and all claims are monitored.  Reports are given to Sharon Johnston for an Occupational Health and Safety follow-up and investigation if needed.

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