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Human Resource Services Report: May, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 05/26/2009 (986 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: May, 2009

MAY, 2009

Employee Benefits Safety
Sharon Johnston


(a)       Summer Students - Lawn Maintenance

A sure sign of summer is the hiring of students for casual work.  On May 19th , the first of our lawn maintenance workers (6) students returned for the summer.  Their first morning was spent receiving health and safety training which includes the Occupational Health and Safety Act, WHMIS, hazards of the position and the controls in place.  Mr. Oldford, Department Coordinator, reviewed the Respectful Workplace Policy of the Board with the employees.  Another crew of lawn- maintenance workers will begin on May 25th

(b)       Work Placement

On April 28th , a student from the Occupational Health and Safety Program at Marconi Campus, N.S. Community College began a 5-week placement in this department. Derek Devoe from the Northside has been busy preparing information for presentations to students, inspections in schools and a revision of the Health and Safety Program.

On May 11th , Brandy MacDonald, a student of the Human Resources program of N.S. Community College in Halifax began a work placement in the Human Resources Department. She is currently working on various projects within the department.

These young folks are a welcome addition to our department.

(c)       Plans for the 2009-2010 School Year

One of the focuses of Occupational Health and Safety next year will be the development and implementation of a Universal Precautions program.  Continued focus will also be on First Aid training with the emphasis on the renewal of this training for teacher assistants.

Kathy Coleman

Human Resource Services Consultant

Most teachers and support staff in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board maintain good attendance. There are many who use very few sick days throughout the school year. In spite of this, the cost for providing substitutes and replacements is a growing concern and is carefully monitored.  Attendance/absence data for all teaching and non teaching staff is collected and analyzed each month.

An overview of the use of “sick days” (code 0200) and “serious illness in the family” (code 0611) was presented to the principals at the May meeting. Each principal was given a profile of sick days claimed by each teacher on his/her staff for the period September 2008 to March 2009.  Principals were then contacted by phone to discuss some of the individual teacher profiles. 

Principals have been asking for similar information on the use of sick days claimed by the teacher assistants assigned to their schools. This was provided to them at the same meeting.

Principals will continue to receive updates on attendance/absence profiles. 

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