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Human Resource Services Report: June, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 06/23/2009 (1718 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: June, 2009

Human Resource Services

June 2009

Sharon Johnston

(1)       Training

            (a)       Scaffolding
A scaffolding course was arranged for about twenty-two (22) members of the Operations Department on June 9th.  Thanks to staff of Sydney Mines Jr. High for playing host.

            (b)       Asbestos Awareness

            A course was also offered on June 12 for members of the Operations Department on the topic of asbestos awareness, specifically ‘glove/bag’ procedure.

(2)       Inspections

            Derek Devoe, OHS intern N.S. Community College, carried out inspection in eight (8) worksites. Kudos to OHS Committee members for ensuring correct information is available at our worksites for employees.

(3)       Documents

            With the help of Human Resources Intern, Brandy MacDonald, a new employee orientation document is being prepared and the Health and Safety Manual is being revamped.

Kathy Coleman

Return-to-Work Program

A Return-to-Work program is a proactive approach to help injured workers return to safe and productive work activities as soon as possible. Return-to-Work programs are based on the philosophy that many injured workers can safely perform meaningful and productive work during the process of recovery. A Return- to- Work program can be one way to reduce the incidence and duration of an employee’s absence.

 At the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board the  Return-to-Work program is a partnership involving all or some of the following: Human Resources Dept. -  Kathy Coleman who acts as a point of contact for all participants in the process and advocates for appropriate and successful return to work for an injured employee;  the injured employee, case managers of Workers’ Compensation (usually Kim Dooley), CUPE (represented by Denise Lewis), and in some cases health care providers such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physicians etc.

A Return to Work Protocol was developed this year to guide the process of developing the RTW plan. This was a joint venture of Human Resources and CUPE.

Another important tool in the safe and timely return to work is the Job Site Analysis. To date there are several of these “JSAs “available for use in developing transitional duties. 

 By June 1, 2009 there have been 5 successful Return-to-Work plans developed and implemented. These five employees have returned to pre-injury positions. Three other informal plans were developed and these employees have successfully returned to full pre-injury duties. One RTW plan is in progress.

There has been a re-alignment of personnel at Workers’ Compensation –Sydney office with Charlene MacArthur replacing Kim Dooley. Other changes in the RTW committee can be expected.

While preventing injuries is the best way to protect workers and to control workers’ compensation costs, a Return- to- Work program is a way to manage resources and workplace factors if injuries do occur.

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