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Human Resource Services Report: September, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 09/29/2009 (771 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: September, 2009

Human Resource Services Report
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
September, 2009

Mary Passerini
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (NSTU)


Staffing reviews continue for all levels.  Schools continue to update enrollments every Friday.  Any new positions created – maternity, percentage etc. are now advertised every Friday on our website.  Interviews will follow the normal procedure of short listing with three members on the interview committee.


A list of substitutes wishing to meet is being established.  Meetings have been scheduled for Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd as the list contains close to 100 names.  Additional dates will be chosen.

Joe Chisholm
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (NSTU)

The new Coordinator of Human Resource Services was able to attend the Maritime Access & Privacy Conference 2009 in Halifax this past summer. The coordinator participated in sessions on: Information Management, Breach Protocols, Strategies for Managing Difficult Complainants, and Creating Records under FOIPOP.

A group of school administrators and the board chair have been meeting with the two new Coordinators of Human Resource Services to look at the Aesop system. This working group has forwarded a draft substitute survey to senior staff.  This group plans to present the board with alternative uses of the system and a booklet to improve the use of the system.

Wendy King
Acting Coordinator, Human Resource Services (CUPE)

Human Resources (CUPE) has been active in a number of activities since late August, including a visit to the Cape Breton Business College to meet with the graduating class of Teacher Assistants to review the process of applying to the school board for employment.  This culminated in applications and interviews of prospective Teacher Assistants to be added to our casual employees.  Interviews were also held and a number of additional Lunch/Bus/Grounds supervisors and Bus Aides were added to the casual list.    Applications were called for a number of postings in various fields of non-teaching staff in early September.

Workplace Education Committee
The Workplace Education Committee is a joint committee of the CB-VRSB and CUPE 5050. Its mandate is to provide educational opportunities for members of our non-teaching staff.  Over the past years, programs have been offered in Literacy, GED training as well as various technology sessions. The projects are funded jointly by the Department of Education, the CBVRSB and CUPE 5050.

Presently the Committee is looking at the possibility of setting up two courses/programs for our employees. We hope to offer an “Introduction to Computers” session as well as an “Advanced Computer” program which are tentatively scheduled to begin in October.

Professional Development
Wendy King and Sharon Johnston have been working collaboratively on plans for professional development for our non-teaching staff for the October and November professional development days.   Plans are shaping up to do First Aid training as well as a full day with a variety of topics pertaining to the field of education.

Sharon Johnston
Occupational Health & Safety & Return to Work

Welcome Back

The beginning of the school year is always busy providing school staffs with information regarding their OHS bulletin boards, first aid training requirements, chemical removal from schools and any other concern that might arise.

Workshops - HINI Flu

Workshops were held with the following job classifications regarding HINI flu: bus drivers, custodians/janitors/caretakers and cleaning staff from all schools.  A short presentation on HINI and its prevention was provided along with a review of cleaning procedures.

Umbrella Health and Safety Committee                                                                      

The Board’s Umbrella Health and Safety Committee will hold their first meeting on September 30th.  This Committee is comprised of representatives from CUPE, NSTU and Central Office staff.  The purpose of this committee is to review and set Board-wide goals for health and safety within our Board.

Return to Work

A return-to-work protocol was developed to guide the process of developing the RTW Plan.  It is a joint venture with the Human Resources Department and CUPE.  Since assuming this position, two employees were deemed by WCB ready to return to work.  One was successful and unfortunately one was not.  Currently this employee has returned to physiotherapy and further meetings will be held involving WCB, physiotherapist and CUPE.

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