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Human Resource Services Report: October, 2009
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 10/28/2009 (729 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: October, 2009

Human Resource Services Report
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
October 2009


Bachelor of Education Advisory Committees

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board continues to have representation on Mount Saint Vincent and St. Francis Xavier University Advisory Committees for the Bachelor of Education Programs. These committees meet three or four times a year to discuss issues which are important to both the boards and universities as they relate to student preparation during their education degree.

Issues discussed include topics such as needs of boards for teachers in specific areas, B.Ed. programs are also discussed. Such sessions provide opportunities for both the school boards and the universities to work collaboratively to ensure the best programs possible are being delivered.


The Coordinator of Human Resource Services continues to participate with X-TEAC group to enhance planning for the new Faculty of Education at St. Francis Xavier University. These discussions include pre-service teachers, new PhD Program, M.Ed. cohort planning, Cooperating Teacher Mentorship seminars, Mi’kmaw Language Certificate Program, and Science Kits for elementary grades. The coordinator will also participate in a seminar for Cooperating Teachers Mentorship to be held on November 12, 2009 at the Sherwood Park Education Centre.

The Coordinator of Human Resources is assisting staff from Cape Breton University to provide placements for the students enrolled in the university’s first Bachelor of Education class.

The Human Resources Working Group on the Aesop system is currently collecting substitute surveys.

The Coordinator of Human Resources has been collaborating with the Coordinator of School Services and the Database Manager in the Pandemic Planning process for the board. Initial efforts have allowed the coordinators to gather daily absence data for all staff and all students.


Interviews and Postings

Interviews continued during the month of October to add to the casual list of cleaners. Call for applications for casual employment went out for the following classifications: Library Technicians, Student Support Workers, System Administrators, and Lunch Bus and Ground Supervisors.

Workplace Education Committee

Plans have moved forward for the offering of computer courses under the Workplace Education Committee and a call for applications for instructors has been done. Interviews are set up for the end of the month. Courses will be offered on Saturdays at Riverview High School for ten weeks.

Labour Management

Our first Labour Management Committee meeting with CUPE was held October 5th, 2009.

Professional Development

Plans have been finalized for the PD for Teacher assistants for October 23rd where there will be First Aid at a number of sites and for Nov. 30th where there will be sessions on multiple topics at Sherwood Park.

HR Director’s Meeting

The Human Resource Directors meeting was held at NSSBA, Halifax Board Office and was attended by Wendy King and Beth MacIsaac.



An information package was developed and distributed for Principals to deliver to their staff and students regarding HINI. A workshop was also delivered to staff members of Central Office on HINI and ‘handwashing’. This workshop will be delivered next to the satellite offices.


October was a busy month planning inservices for the various job classifications of support staff. Teacher Assistants participated in a re-certification of first aid training are various sites throughout the Board area. A complete list will be provided in the next report


An in-service will be held in November for members who are new to Health and Safety Committees. The role of the committee and its responsibilities will be the focus of the inservice.

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