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Human Resource Services Report: January, 2010
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 02/01/2010 (877 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: January, 2010

Human Resource Services Report
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
January 2010

Wendy King
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (CUPE)

Interviews were held to add to our casual list in areas of need for Student Support Workers, Bus Drivers - North of Smokey, Library Technicians and Accounting Clerks.

Postings went out for Building Custodians, Cleaners and Head Cleaners.

Negotiations were held with CUPE local 5050 and a tentative local agreement was reached. With the ongoing discussions with the government and CUPE provincially, a great deal of time was spent on contingency planning in the event we might have been in a strike situation as of Jan. 18, 2010. Presentations were made to the school principals regarding contingency plans on January 6, 2010. While every effort was made to prepare for the potential strike, we are happy that the CUPE union and the provincial government also came to a tentative agreement on January 17, 2010 and we were very pleased to be functioning as business as usual with all of our employees on January 18th.

Mary Passerini
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (NSTU)

Early Job Fairs

The early job fairs have started across the province. University of St. Anne was January 7, 2010. Acadia University is scheduled for January 12 and 13 and Mount St. Vincent is set for January 14 and 15. Cape Breton University is set for January 20 and St. Francis Xavier University is on January 21 and 22.

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