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Programs and Student Services Report: February, 2010
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 03/03/2010 (764 reads)
Programs and Student Services Report: February, 2010

February 2010


Literacy: New resources for the elementary teachers continue to be placed in each school. Grade one teaching resources have been purchased by the Department of Education and are arriving in schools. In addition to these grade one teaching resources, teacher professional books and the Grade 6 Literacy Place Program were also recently purchased for all schools

The second day of a two-day workshop for grade one teachers focused on assessment for learning took place on January 26 and 27. On January 21, 25 grade primary teachers attended a one-day inservice at Jubilee Elementary School which focused on integrating purposeful play into their classrooms. Consultants from the Department of Education facilitated this session.

Several meetings were held by the Department of Education in Halifax and several teachers along with the English Language Arts consultant represented our Board on the P-3 Language Arts Revision Guide Team and Young Writers in Action P-2 Implementation Team.

Math/Phys Ed Project : Math and Physical Education teachers have developed a set of cross-curricular activities for elementary teachers of both disciplines using the curriculum outcomes. Pam Van Dommelen, Bras D’Or Elementary, and Maureen Wadden, Shipyard, worked with Physical Education teacher, Martha Hood, to complete grades primary and one, and have begun working on grade two.

A Math Day is being planned for Glace Bay Elementary. Family members will be invited to visit, watch and participate in math activities.

Arts : A team of teachers has been actively involved in the SoundWaves committee for the upcoming ECMA events being held in Cape Breton. A 29 page educational resource was distributed to schools in the first week of January. This resource contains key-stage curriculum outcomes for language arts, music, social studies and technology, along with many lesson ideas and resources. Over 20 student groups applied to the SoundWaves competition with eleven being selected to perform as opening acts for ECMA performers in the schools. These 11 will remain in the competition until the finale concerts to be held at the Savoy Theatre on March 3 and at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre on March 4. Six of our schools are hosting ECMA concerts with seventeen schools attending SoundWaves concerts across the district.

Library Services: On January 6, 2010, the “World Junior High Reading Challenge” was launched at six schools in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. Over 1500 students are participating within these six schools along with over 200 staff (teachers, librarians, secretaries, teacher assistants, etc.) The event will run for approximately eight weeks and the winners will be announced prior to the week of March Break. This program is a provincial pilot project in partnership with the Adopt-A-Library program and Cst. John Kennedy, Provincial Coordinator. As this pilot grows and develops, it will move into the world level within the next two to three years.


Mrs. Sheila Kublek is welcomed back to her position as Consultant for Assistive Technology. Mrs. Kublek did an excellent job in the position of Acting Coordinator of Student Services while Ms. Cathy Viva was on study leave. Thanks is given to Mrs. Tracy Dove, resource teacher at St. Joseph Elementary Sydney Mines who did a first-rate job of in filling in as Acting Consultant for Assistive Technology.


Throughout the month of February the focus in Student Services has remained on the development of Individual Program Plans. From February 8th to February 12 teams of teachers from each of the schools received workshops on modules 3 and 4 of the Nova Scotia Department of Education IPP modules. Follow- up and assistance from members of the IPP lead team was offered to all schools and team members were able to provide assistance to 12 schools to date. Feedback on the IPP sessions and the “at school” support has been very positive. We will continue to offer the support to schools at their request.

Emphasis for the support for students with ASD this month was on providing site based training and programming support to existing and expanded STAR sites at Boularderie Elementary, Riverside, Glace Bay Elementary, Bridgeport, Coxheath Elementary, St. Joseph Elementary (SM) and Sydney River Elementary.

Site based programming and support continues to be provided, as requested, by school Program Planning Team (PPT) referrals at Holy Angels, St. Joseph Elementary (SM), Brookland Elementary, John Bernard Croak, Coxheath Elementary. Follow-up PPT meetings to foster site based support of students are ongoing.

Thirteen teachers and ASD lead team members attended an IWK Psychology and You session titled Reducing Challenging Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, presented via Telehealth at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital on Monday, February 8th. This was an evening session and response to attend was excellent. Feedback from the session was very positive. Schools represented were: Boularderie, Sydney River Elementary, Brookland Elementary, Glace Bay Elementary, John Bernard Croak, Glace Bay High, Mountainview, and Coxheath Elementary.

The ASD Consultant will attend a Department of Education PEAAT (Provincial Education Autism Advisory Team) meeting on Friday, Feb 26th.

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