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Human Resource Services Report: March, 2010
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 03/30/2010 (920 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: March, 2010

Human Resource Services Report
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
March, 2010

Wendy King
Coordindator of Human Resource Services (CUPE)

CUPE Collective Agreement

The CUPE Collective Agreement was signed on March 22, 2010 at the board office with board members, staff and CUPE Executive in attendance. The new agreement is effective April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2010.

Grievance Mediation

Two days were spent on March 23rd and 24th in Grievance Mediation with the board and CUPE local 5050. Under the Collective Agreement, a grievance is defined as any difference arising out of the interpretation, application, and administration of the collective agreement including any question as to whether a matter is arbitrable or where an allegation is made that this Agreement has been violated. If a grievance is not settled between the employer and the union, the parties may agree to waive or extend or suspend all time provisions contained in the grievance procedure by mutually agreeing to request a conciliation officer from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour. Any discussions by the parties or recommendations of the Mediator shall be made without prejudice to any future proceedings. Any recommendation made by the Mediator shall not be binding on either party and either party shall retain the right to proceed to arbitration failing a satisfactory resolution to the grievance through mediation.

While a third day of mediation is scheduled, the two days spent with the conciliator resulted in a resolve to five grievances.

Mary Passerini
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (NSTU)

Principal Performance Appraisals

A new Principals’ Performance Appraisal has been completed. This system is designed to support development of knowledge, aptitudes and proficiencies of the principal. This is a cyclic evaluation system that allows for different forms of appraisal. The system is meaningful and supportive of improved teaching and enhanced learning by allowing for the professional growth of our principals.

In year-one of the cycle, all first-year principals and one-third of all principals will be formally assessed. The remaining principals are assigned to one of the two professional growth appraisals. One growth appraisal focuses on professional development/peer growth goal(s). The other appraisal will focus on the development of a principal portfolio.

Joe Chisholm
Coordinator of Human Resource Services (NSTU)


Substitutes should now have completed all updates on the teacher vacancy list related to their qualifications and experiences.

Substitute files have been reviewed to approve the skills areas they are qualified to teach. The skills sets were viewed based on the areas of educational background (degrees, endorsements and certificates); related majors and minors; specialty areas of qualifications (resource, guidance, psychology, speech, etc.); and areas approved by board (family studies, French, physical education, reading recovery, etc.). Substitutes can also be approved for a specific area depending on past experience (3 years related service with positive performance appraisals).

Substitutes will be able to view their approved skills set the week of March 29 – April 2. There is an appeal process available to the substitutes if they feel they should be added to a specific list.

Three schools will pilot using AESOP to call out subs using the preference list for the school, the board preference list and the full substitute list.

The goal is that all schools will be using AESOP fully in September.

Sharon Johnston
Employee Benefits/Safety

First Aid Training

With the number of job classifications in our Board, First Aid training is on going. Since the beginning of the school year, teacher assistants as well bus, lunch grounds supervisors have successfully completed training. During the April 23rd P.D. day, bus, lunch, grounds supervisors who work at schools that are semestered will participate in training to complete training for this job classification.

Kudos as well to staff at Morrison Jr. High, Glace Bay and Jubilee Elementary, Sydney Mines who successfully completed their First aid training.

April 23rd will also see the staff from the Adult Day schools participate in this training.

Confined Space Training

Fall Arrest Training

Members of the Operations’ Department , custodial services, successfully completed confined space training during March break. Another course is scheduled for tradespersons of this department is early April. As well, a renewal of Fall Arrest Training is scheduled for April 8th as well.

Great West Life Pension Plan – Support Staff

A meeting was held with the Pension Advisory Committee and the representatives of Great West Life to provide an economic update of the plan to the Committee. Committee members were pleased with the rates of return received by the plan.

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