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Human Resource Services Report: September, 2010
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 10/05/2010 (984 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: September, 2010

Human Resource Services Report
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
September 2010



The month of September focused on staffing of schools. Schools continued to report official enrollments each Friday and school reviews and appeals to staffing continue.

Directors and coordinators from Human Resources across the boards provincially met in Baddeck in September. Presentations on use of the internet and how it is affecting our workplace and staff took place. As well, common issues of concern were discussed.

The first meeting of the Cape Breton University Education Advisory council took place on Thursday, September 23rd. Discussions were held on the Terms of Reference. Program updates and go-forward plans from the Department of Education were presented as well as updates on external initiatives.



Attended two meetings with the Core Technology Committee to discuss the communication plan in regards to priorities and planning for the upcoming year.

Held interviews for summer hires for Elementary and Student Services positions.

The PDF Committee met on Thursday, September 16, 2010.

Discussion has been held with CBU and ST. F. X. University Education Departments to explore possibilities for a Cooperating Teacher Mentorship seminar for later in the fall.

A meeting with the Human Resources Working Group on the AESOP system will be held later on Thursday, Sept. 30 to discuss what is working and what issues need to be addressed.

Working with Sharon Johnston and Wendy King on plans for professional development for Teacher Assistants on October 22 and November 29.


Human Resources (CUPE) has been active in a number of activities since late August, including interviews of Teacher Assistants to be added to our casual employees specifically in Northern Cape Breton. Applications were called for a number of postings in various fields of non-teaching staff in early September and postings went out for 21 Teacher Assistant positions in late September


In efforts to continue to build a positive Management/ Union relationship, the Department of Environment and Labour, Labour Services Division provided a
Joint Supervisor-Steward Training (One Day Program) to CUPE union members and management on September 14th. Conciliation Services Joint Supervisor-Steward Training Program focuses on relationship building skills. It is designed to complement the training the employer provides its supervisors and the union its stewards and officers. The program covered many issues relevant to both supervisors and stewards in a non-adversarial climate which may allow for the promotion of mutual respect among the participants. Participation in the program enabled both sides to more clearly identify conflicting opinions on issues and learn positive means to mediate such. The training was held at the Delta Sydney and we were fortunate to have approximately 25 participants, both union and management, take advantage of the session with positive feedback from both sides.

A meeting was held on September 20, 2010 of the HR Working Group to discuss issues that affect the business practice and daily operation of boards and SAP users. Many issues regarding the implementation of the SAP Phase ll were discussed and will continue to impact as the phase moves forward. This committee meets once per month .



Welcome Back

The beginning of the school year is always busy providing school staff with information regarding their OHS bulletin board, first aid training requirements, chemical removal and other ‘start-up’ issues.

Umbrella Health and Safety Committee

The Board’s Umbrella Committee met on September 22, 2010 to discuss various issues of a Board-wide nature and to set health and safety goals for the upcoming year.

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