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Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, October 25, 2010
Published by Norma Baxter [Norma Baxter] on 12/06/2010 (1119 reads)
Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, October 25, 2010

Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting

October 25, 2010

Baddeck Academy

  • The Board approved the revised schedule for Committee meetings while noting that they will be held on the second Monday of the month to allow a provision for rescheduling, and that the two committees – Education and Management will remain as is with two chairs, two agendas and two sets of minutes; however, the composition of committees will be all members of the Board.

  • Board Chair Lorne Green in his report expressed his concern the Board and staff have regarding the recent proposal from the Department of Education to reduce budgets of all Boards over the next three years, and to achieve the mandates stated by the Department of Education. It was felt that this will be traumatic, and cause undue hardship on our Board.

  • Commissioner Green also advised the Board that a press conference will be held later in the week to apprise the public of the status of Holy Angels High. He advised that the Members of the Legislative Assembly need to hear the Board’s concerns and the staff and students need to be prepared for the impact this will have on the future years in education. It is the Board’s wish to continue an all-girls school and its programs.

  • It was agreed by the Board that Morrison Jr. High and St. Michael Jr. High be declared surplus and turned back to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

  • Commission Pierrard was thankful for the renovations which are presently underway to Baddeck Academy.

  • Commissioner Keagan would like to see a study paper brought back from senior staff with regards to the status of St. Joseph Elementary, North Sydney.

- end –

For more information, contact Acting Superintendent of Schools, Ambrose White, at (902) 564-8293

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