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Superintendent's Report - June 26, 2006
Published by Karen Delaney [Karen Delaney] on 06/27/2006 (4146 reads)
Superintendent's Report - June 26, 2006
Superintendent's Report - June 26, 2006

The graduation ceremonies and the diplomas that our students will be receiving announce to the world that they are ready to go ahead to the next step in their lives. They have passed through an important part of the learning process. If that process has been completely successful, the main thing it will have taught you is how much more there is to learn. One of the things which graduation says is that you are now ready to get more out of life.

When you learn to read, a whole new world opens up. When you learn to understand the way a computer works or a government works or why a living plant thrives in the sunlight, other worlds open up to you. It was easier for some of you than for others. But for all of you, it is an accomplishment which your parents and friends applaud. We from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board congratulate you. You have completed an important phase of your education - use it well!

At this time of the year, I want to speak to the staff and the Board because this is our last official scheduled board meeting for the school year, 2005 - 2006. My report should be short, in fact it should consist of two words ----- Thank You!

Thank you for this year that now draws to a close. Throughout these months, I have come to again know you as true professionals - capable, knowledgeable, dedicated and co-operative ------all the way from the Lunch Bus Grounds Supervisors, through the school staff, among all of the support staff (including all central office personnel and culminating with the elected board).

Thank you for sharing. We had problems, some of them seemingly insurmountable, but we have come through them, because we have worked together, because we have shared our frustrations and worked out solutions - together. Thank you for caring. Everyday of this past year, I could walk down any hallway and feel - yes, feel - the care and the concern that emanated from all of our sites. I could feel the dedication to knowledge and the commitment on your part to provide the best education to every student.

Now, we are ready to 'pack it in' for this school year and take the rest to which you are entitled. I know, in my heart, that you have earned it every day of the school year, and I sincerely hope that this summer brings to each and everyone of you the happiness and health you deserve.

Stay well, enjoy yourselves, and rest up - because I will have the honor of welcoming you back in the fall when, I know we will enter another school year filled with knowledge, dedication and growth. With the staff and the Board that we have in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional before me, we can do no less.

Madame Chair, that completes my remarks and I ask that you and the Board peruse the attached addendum to my report which highlights students' awards, school recognitions and staff celebrations.
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