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PSS Report: May, 2011
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 06/06/2011 (1888 reads)
PSS Report: May, 2011


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Audrey Kyte-Murphy

Primary Information Packages have been forwarded to all elementary schools in preparation for Primary Orientation Days in May and June. This year, a PowerPoint presentation was prepared by Audrey Kyte Murphy to be used to guide the Parent Meeting held on the Primary Orientation Day at each school. It provides an overview of the Primary Program and key messages for parents regarding how they can support their students entering Grade primary.

A team of six classroom teachers are working to provide sample Language Arts report card comments to have online for teachers as they transition into the new reporting system.

Audrey Kyte Murphy and Maxine Hardy attended the Language Arts Guide [P-3] Revision Team meeting in Halifax. After 18 months of work, it is in its final revision stages and hopefully will be available to teachers September 2012.

The Language Arts Guide [4-6] Revision Team is beginning the process of revising this document. Audrey Kyte Murphy and Stacie Barrie represent our board.

Now that the Success for Reading Framework is released, this will become a major focus as a team composed of literacy leaders will determine how to set up the program as outlined by the Dept. of Education.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

April Review

Math Website

We are continuing to update the website, making it available to teachers, students, and parents.


Ron Muller, Tara Colbert, and Pam Van Dommelen are available to mentor teachers P-6. In April, Lynne McKay was available to mentor junior high teachers.

Math Buddies

Math buddies continues at Harbourside, grades 4 and P/1. It is a symbiotic relationship where students in both grade levels benefit. Grade 4 students are very attentive as they learn the concepts they need to understand while working with the younger students. More often than not, they are concepts they need to understand for their own learning. They are learning empathy and patience, not only for the students, but also the teacher. The younger students benefit greatly by the one-on-one attention they receive.

Math Day

Harbourside Elementary had a Math Day on Friday, April 1. It was very well attended, with some lower elementary grades having most if not all children having a parent/grandparent/guardian attend. Comments from teachers and parents were very positive. It was an opportunity to celebrate education with the community.

Report Card Comments

A group of elementary math teachers met to begin developing a comment bank for the new report cards.

Mental Math Texting Day

Grade 5 students at Bras D’Or Elementary, with principal and parental permission, brought texting devices to school during Education Week. Students, working in groups, sent texts with their responses to the teacher.

Parent Information Night

The staff at Boularderie School held a parent information night on April 12. The “Mathematics Home-School Communication” box was used as a resource, and parents left with handouts and homework tips. It was very well received.

Nic Nac Country Mall

Boularderie School held a fund raiser for the Japan Relief Fund. Students brought in items from home to sell, decided on their value, and set the classrooms up as stores. They took turns at the cash register, receiving money and making change. Afterwards, students counted their profits and made a school bar graph showing the money each store raised.

May Plans

EEMLA Conferencing Sessions

Conferencing sessions took place the first week of May and included seven schools with 23% of grades 4-6 teachers. The schools randomly selected for this year’s sessions were: St Joseph Elementary, Sydney Mines; Jubilee Elementary, Sydney Mines; Cusack/Ashby Complex, Sydney; Harbourside Elementary, Sydney; Sydney River Elementary, Sydney River; MacDonald Elementary, Dominion; and Robin Foote Elementary, Westmount. Data collectors will visit the schools to meet with teachers individually to record the evidence teachers have to support students in his/her class who are “Not Yet Meeting Expectations” on the EEMLA. The principal of the school will be present at these sessions.

Parent Sessions

There was an after school PD session at Donkin on math resources May 1 facilitated by Ron Muller.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

April was a busy month for the arts from the opening of two large art exhibits in the community to a province-wide MusicFest held at the Savoy Theatre.

A Cape Breton University physics professor, who just happens to have classical national training in dance, came to work with Oceanview Education Centre band students on a medieval piece they will be playing in their spring concert. There will now be choreography to accompany this piece in the concert under the direction of Noelle Wadden.

An iPad concert was held at Breton Education Centre on April 11, 2011, to open up Education Week. This involved students from Mount Carmel who used only iPads to create a musical concert under the direction of Richard Burke and Stephen Muise with the support of their principal, Lowell Cormier.

Keith Mullins, musician, came to work with Holy Angels math, music and visual arts students using African drumming as inspiration. This was done with the help of an ArtsSmarts grant.

There will be professional development for some music teachers hosted by Celtic Colours on April 28th. This is to coincide with concerts celebrating Gaelic Awareness Month which are happening in elementary schools in the month of May.

International Dance Day is April 29th. Many of our schools have week-long activities planned to incorporate dance throughout their activities.

Music Monday is May 2nd. Many events were scheduled for this annual nation-wide event in our schools. Some of our schools took Music Monday “on the road” to perform at many public areas throughout the CBRM. This culminated in a huge group performance at the Mayflower Mall at 11:30 am.

The twelfth annual CB-VRSB Regional Heritage Fair took place on May 5 & 6. Twenty-six schools participated in this event with approximately 225 students. Public visits were held on Friday, May 6th from 9am – 1pm at Cape Breton University. Closing ceremonies with awards took place on Friday, May 6th at 2 pm at the Canada Games Complex.

Reading RecoveryÒTeacher Leaders, Susan MacDonald & Joy Cookson

This month, ongoing professional development sessions took place on April 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th. The emphasis for these sessions was ‘Achieving Active Problem Solving’. With only 11 weeks left in the school year, the need for daily, carefully designed individualized lessons was emphasized. Because Reading Recovery® has been cut by our current government, students who have not received a full series of lessons will not be able to have their lessons carried over into the next school year. Therefore it is important to get these children as strong as possible with their reading and writing strategies by the end of this school year! All of our teachers are cognizant of the gravity of the situation and continue to work diligently with their children.

In addition to providing ongoing professional development sessions to our Reading Recovery® teachers, daily lessons were provided to four children at Mira Road Elementary and work was continued with three children at Bras d’Or Elementary.

Ongoing professional development sessions took place on May 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th. The emphasis for these sessions will be ‘Integrating Reading Recovery Strategies/Procedures into Classroom Practice’. This emphasis is intended to help our teachers reflect upon the skills they have developed for individual instruction and consider how they can be adapted to use in a whole class or group setting.

On May 6th, Reading Recovery Lead Teachers met with Cathy MacNeil, Donna Robson and Audrey Kyte Murphy to discuss the new intervention that is being brought in to replace Reading Recovery®.

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

2010-2011 Reading Challenges:

April 1, 2011 marked the end of the WOW Reading Challenges in both the Elementary and the Junior High competitions. The joy of reading was truly alive in Cape Breton and a rewarding experience for all who participated.

Eighteen elementary schools in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board read over 200,000 books from November 15, 2010, until April 1, 2011. Marion Bridge Elementary was the overall winner in Cape Breton as well as placing fourth in the province and world. Shipyard Elementary placed third in the province and world, and read the most books in Cape Breton reaching over 30,000 books! The Tartan Division (schools 0-249) winners are: Marion Bridge (Gold), St. Agnes (Silver) and Cornwallis (Bronze) and each received a banner to hang in their school. The Fiddler Division (250+) winners are: Shipyard (Gold), Brookland (Silver) and St. Anne’s (Bronze) also each received a banner to hang in their school. The top reader in every school that competed received a plaque and a basket of reading goodies. Provincially, over 11,000 students participated at the elementary competition from 60 schools and read over 1 million books!

Eleven junior high schools in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board read over 1.5 million pages beginning on February 1, 2011 and ending on April 1, 2011. With the addition of three schools from the mainland, and six Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey schools, the total number of pages read by Junior High Students was over two million pages. Bridgeport was the overall winning school at the junior high level and placed second provincially, nationally and in the world. Division 0-200 winners are: Bridgeport (Gold), River John from Mainland (Silver) and Baddeck (Bronze) and each received a banner for their school. The Division 201+ winners were: Truro (Gold), Thompson (Silver) and Sydney Mines (Bronze) and each received a banner for their school. As in the elementary competition, the top reader in each school received a plaque and a basket of reading goodies; in addition to the students, the top staff reader was also rewarded with a plaque and a basket. The top over all student in Cape Breton read over 30,000 pages in the two months and attends Sherwood Park. The top overall staff member (from Dr. T.L. Sullivan) in Cape Breton read over 8,000 pages in the two months. Staff reading at the junior high level promotes positive mentoring and both staff and student share their book re-telling as part of the competition. Three schools competed for the first time at this level since the CB-VRSB pilot last year; Truro was the overall winner provincially, nationally and at the world level and Truro students read over 480,000 pages.

This year, a new division emerged with the First Nations schools reading at the elementary level and Membertou School placing first overall in the world. These seven elementary schools were in a separate division from other schools in the province, and the six Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey junior highs were included in the competition with all other junior highs.

Holocaust Education:

In April, Holocaust presentations continued at Florence Elementary and Glace Bay, bringing the total number of schools witnessing the presentation to over 20 and reaching over 675 students and staff in elementary, junior high, and high school classrooms. Thanks to the generosity of various organizations such as the Azrieli Foundation, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Sarah and Chain Neurberger Holocaust Education Centre and the Gerta Klein Foundation each school classroom received resources (books, DVD, posters, etc.) to continue their Holocaust research and studies. Currently there are five requests for the upcoming remainder of the 2010-2011 school year. Carmelita Cousins, Library Consultant, is currently working on writing book reviews for the interdisciplinary journal for Holocaust Educators PRISM, based on her readings in Holocaust literature for children and young adults; PRISM is publication of graduate studies at the Yeshiva University in New York.

New School Collections:

Ferrisview Elementary (North Sydney) and Oceanview Junior High (Glace Bay) received their first shipment of books/resources to enhance their library collections. Approval for the final shipments is pending. Both school collections are diverse and compliment the curriculum needs as well as providing books for student reading enjoyment.

WOW Warehouse:

The WOW Warehouse located in Florence Elementary was a cornucopia of activity during the reading challenges. Over $20,000 worth of books, resources, etc., were delivered in April to replenish the shelves in preparation for the next school year. Plans are underway for the official ribbon cutting ceremony in May.

Teachers’ Resource Centre:

The centre’s circulation of resources has increased as new items are added for staff; there are over 10 teachers daily utilizing the facility. Items can be picked up in person or sent via inter-school mail. New additions include: Fountas & Pinnell kits, DVDs on various topics (i.e. Middle Ages, World War II, Global Warming, Holocaust, Black History), resources on bullying, inclusion, best practices, and Internet safety. The Woodcock assessment kits have been utilized on the weekends by teachers involved in the cohort groups. Currently, the most popular item is the books written about Viola Desmond, considered Nova Scotia’s Rosa Parks and DVDs on bullying.


David Brennick, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

The 34th Annual Public Speaking Event was held over a period of six nights and here are the results of the events.

Grade 7

First: Julianna Brennick, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High

Second: Tianna Martin, Oceanview Education Centre

Grade 8

First: Elzbieta Wawer, Sydney Mines Junior High

Second: Rachel Doue, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High

Grade 9

First: Emma Simpson, Thompson Junior High

Second: Jenna Tobin, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High

Grade 11

First: Graham Lynk, Riverview Rural High

Second: Avery Varnes, Memorial Composite High

Grade 12

First: Beth MacLellan, Riverview Rural High

Second: Mitch Mader, Riverview Rural High

Overall winner Grades 7-9: Emma Simpson Thompson

Overall winner Grades 10-12: Graham Lynk

The scheduled consolidation event for Writers in Action 12 has been cancelled so our Writers in Action team will not be going to an event this year.

The 10-12 blotters "Planning for balanced Instruction in English Language Arts" have been produced and will be sent to schools in the near future.

Kits for the grade eight Nelson Literacy are also enroute to schools. Both of these resources are coming from the Department of Education.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

Congratulations to the Sydney Academy Math League!

Two teams from Sydney Academy qualified for the Provincial Math League Competition held at Dalhousie University on April 16, 2011. Overall 84 high school teams across the seven provincial school boards participated in Math League in the 2010-2011 school year. There were three Math League games. The total season score for each team is computed as the sum of the best 2 out of 3 games. The top team in each school board and the additional top 13 teams qualify to attend the competition. Sydney Academy mathematics teacher, Sandy Urquhart, coached the teams. One team attended the provincial competition and received bronze medals.

Congratulations to the Whitney Pier Memorial Math Olympiad Team!

On March 29, 2011, 41 Nova Scotia junior high schools participated in the Math On Olympiad Competition. In the CB-VRSB, seven junior high schools, Sydney Mines Jr. High, Malcolm Munroe Jr. High, Sherwood Park Education Centre, Whitney Pier Memorial, Baddeck High, Oceanview Education Centre and Dr. T. L. Sullivan, competed at Oceanview Education Centre. Eighty-four students participated in the problem solving activities. Over 40 students from Oceanview volunteered to work at this event and had such positions as time keeper, recorder, master of ceremonies, and checker. Marlene Urquhart, Gloria Farmakoulas and Mark MacNeil were instrumental in organizing this event. Paul MacDonald, Cathy Gouthro and Bernie Chiasson were judges. The event was very successful. In teams of two, students were engaged in problem solving. They competed in grade level competitions as well as poster problem solving. Several ribbons, awards and prizes were given to successful participants. The winning school team, Whitney Pier Memorial, received a school banner and has qualified to compete in the Math-On Olympiad Provincial Competition in Halifax on May 7, 2011. Of the 41 teams that participated, the top seven school teams with the highest overall scores determined by the most problems solved with the best time qualified for the provincials. Whitney Pier Memorial mathematics teacher, Chris MacDonald, coaches the team.

On March 24, Arlene Andrecyk met with Breton Education Centre Principal, Bruce MacDonald, and Math Department Head, Colin Campbell, to examine the school results in NSE Math 12 for January 2011. Discussions focused around steps to further support teachers and students.

The Senior High Math Committee met on April 5. Math Department Heads examined the board results in NSE Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 for January 2011. Each department head received a detailed analysis of their school’s results. Overall the CB-VRSB was above the provincial mean NSE mark in both courses and had a smaller differential between the class mark and the exam mark. The committee discussed the importance of:

Ø Collaboration: teachers should not feel they are working in isolation; teachers should be collaborating with other teachers with respect to curriculum outcomes, instructional strategies, assessment and evaluation, and other issues.

Ø Consistency: Do teachers teaching the same course have similar communication plans and give similar tests? Are results on NSE and school examinations consistent with term results?

Ø Cumulative Testing: How often and to what extent are teachers doing cumulative testing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cumulative testing?

Math Department Heads openly discussed how they are supporting math teachers in these areas and how they can continue to provide support. The committee brought copies of cumulative tests and discussed ways to share these comprehensive assessments, particularly in schools where there is only one teacher teaching the course. Math Department Heads discussed further strategies teachers could be using to revisit material that has been taught. For students to internalize mathematical knowledge and procedures and make connections, it is important for students to revisit material. Arlene Andrecyk offered to meet with any of the math departments particularly if there were any questions or concerns expressed by teachers.

To further support teachers in the implementation of appropriate follow-up for students that are not yet meeting expectations on the EMLA, Arlene Andrecyk is presently visiting grade 7 math teachers.

From May 9-13, Math Circles will take place in the CB-VRSB. Math Circles is an event for high school math students and teachers. The presenters are from Dalhousie University. The event has students engaged in math activities.

Vocational Education (Ken Collier, Consultant)

The Skills Nova Scotia Competitions were held on April 19, 2011 at our school. We hosted eight competitions in Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Graphic Design, Prepared Speech, Job Interview Skills, TV Video, and Workplace Safety. We were able to obtain medals in the following areas;

Carpentry: Bronze: Michael Warren

Silver: James Wadden

Electrical: Bronze: Steve Mercer

Silver: Taylor Harris

Gold: Steve Marsh

Plumbing: Bronze: Peter Vince

Silver: Jordan Penny

Gold: Matt Nugent

Graphic Design: Bronze: Kayla Evans/Robyn Slade

Gold: Brandon MacDonald

T.V. Video Gold: Rhianon Peters & L.J. Postlethwaite

Workplace Safety Bronze: Catherine Leblanc

Silver: James Dunphy

Gold: Justin Haley

We presently have seven students competing in Dartmouth in competitions for Baking, Auto Service, and Welding. Hopefully we will see more medals from these competitions as well. Most of the Gold Medalists will attend the National Skills Competitions that will be held in Quebec City in June. Congratulations to all the medal winners and good luck at the Nationals.

The Construction Association of Nova Scotia “Building Futures for Youth” project completed their interviews on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. Two students, Catherine LeBlanc and Jesse Bray were successful in obtaining employment for the summer. This project hires a number of students from our board for summer employment and is designed to provide Grade 11 students the opportunity to explore a career in the construction industry. This is a great opportunity for our students.

Students from the Dining Room Services Program assisted the St. Pius X CWL Group with their beans and fishcake dinner on April 14th. This gave students the opportunity to work with a community group in a fundraising effort in support of their church. The students learned the importance of volunteering, and supporting our community. Our community supports us in many ways, such as scholarships, work experience programs, and supporting our various sports teams. This was a small way of giving back and helping out a group in need.

Registrations for the Skilled Trades/Technical Programs for September are continuing and applications are being received regularly from schools. We hope to have acceptance letters mailed out in the near future.

French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant)

April focused upon several small group professional development initiatives for French Second Language. Grade six Intensive French teachers participated in a two-day inservice at Riverside Elementary School on April 26-27 while Sr. High Late French Immersion/Integrated French Language Arts teachers participated in a PLC at Sydney Academy on April 27.

Approximately 35 grade 12 French Immersion students from Riverview High and Memorial High underwent DELF testing (Diplôme d'études en langue française) during the week of April 11th. The DELF is an internationally recognized French proficiency test which certifies competency in the French language. It is offered in 900 certified exam centers throughout 164 countries.

Mr. Gérald Félix, Acting Director, French Second Language Programs, N.S. Dept. of Education visited our board on April 11th and 12th. Mr. Félix, along with Laurie MacIntosh, French Consultant, visited several Intensive French classes as well as teachers of Core French "classes expérimentales" (literacy-based). He also took time to discuss French Special Projects for 2011-2012.

Upcoming initiatives for French Second Language:

The annual provincial Concours d'art oratoire (French Public Speaking Contest) took place on May 7th in Halifax. Approximately 18 students were eligible to represent the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board at this event.

An inservice was held in Antigonish on May 6th for teachers of Core French "Classes expérimentales"(literacy-based strategies). The teachers from CB-VRSB include Bernice Burke, David Tobin and Sean Duggan as well as facilitators Celeste Foisy-Lahey and Laurie MacIntosh. This workshop also includes the participation of teachers from the Strait Regional Board and Chignecto Central Board.

The second meeting of the grade seven French Language Arts PLC was held on May 13th at Malcolm Munroe Jr. High School. Facilitators for the PLC will be Suzanne Aucoin (Malcolm Munroe) and Laurie MacIntosh.

Oral Proficiency Interviews for 30 students from the Core French experimental classes as well as the students who participated in the Nova Scotia-Quebec Exchange will take place the week of May 16th, carried out by Laurie MacIntosh.

Parent information sessions, for incoming grade six Intensive French students, will be held the week of May 16th.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Community Education (Heather Patterson)

Adult High School

Interviews are currently being held to pre-register students for September 2011. Budget cuts have affected one teaching position within the Adult High Schools. As a result of that cut, alignments will have to be made and sites reviewed in terms of whether the program can run with just one teacher. In particular New Waterford Adult has had low numbers for a few years and needs to be reviewed.

Options for our alternative students are being reviewed for September 2011. It is very important to note that 50% of our students are under the age of 21, making the Adult High Program ever more increasing, an alternative high school. The challenge is, and continues to be, how to meet the needs of those students who have failed in regular high school and come to us with multiple barriers to learning including a history of non-attendance and lack of engagement. Course options and plans are being explored to deal with our 17 & 18 year old grade 10 students in a way that would deal with their unique history and in a way to try to engage them in learning and keep them in the program to completion. We have had success this year with some new course offerings like Career Development 11 and Workplace Health and Safety 11 as well as Child Studies and Family Studies. They will be continued and expanded in September.

LMA funding will be applied for again next year to hire our job readiness teacher again. This year, we have had students trained in CPR & First Aid, WHMIS, Food Handler’s Courses, Resume Writing and Job Search workshops. As well students have been taken to NSCC Marconi for school tours and our guidance support has worked with students on post secondary applications and test drives. This is all in an effort to encourage a transition from school to either the workplace or post secondary studies and to find a way to help remove them from income support and to a more successful life.

Adult Evening Classes

Most classes are winding down, but credit courses and GED prep classes are on-going. It looks like we will be unable to offer our woodworking classes for September since the site we use Southside Learning Center does not have the ventilation system to allow it to safely operate. An alternate site will be explored.

SIS/IT Professional Development Consultant (Kurt Kublek)

This month, Mr. Kublek has been working on different phases of implementation of the new School Information System (SIS). As project manager, Mr. Kublek and his team have been working with the Phase One schools primarily on scheduling. Mr. Kublek and his team have been helping the schools with every facet of this process from training and student requests, to actual builds of the schedules. Furthermore, work has been done this month to import data for the new schools coming on to the new SIS next year. To date Mr. Kublek’s team has successfully cloned all of the schools that are currently on Dadavan Outcomes onto Powerschool. This will be vital for not only official transitioning the schools onto Powerschool for next year, but it will become invaluable for upcoming training sessions.

Mr. Kublek has also been working with Cathy MacNeil on the board’s assessment committee. On this committee, Mr. Kublek has been offering assistance with respect to the technical side of Powerschool and how it relates to the practical and pedagogical component of assessment. Moreover, through Cathy MacNeil and her consultants, Mr. Kublek has been offering his assistance with the creation of new comments for the elementary comment banks within Powerschool.

Assistive Technology Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

In April, the Assistive Technology / ESP consultant participated in a conference call with the SIS (Student Information System) ESP (Extended Services and Programs) project manager and provincial board representatives to be updated on the progress of the implementation of the ESP component in the SIS (Student Information System). The group did some brainstorming of ideas on how, when and what would be implemented in the ESP. Tentative dates have been suggested to provide necessary technological and student programming training.

The Assistive Technology consultant performed 10 student assessments during the month of April. Many of these assessments required one or several follow up visits to implement hardware/software and/or provide necessary training. On-site training took place at schools with teachers, teacher assistants and students for Classroom Suite, Intellikeys and Kurzweil. The Assistive Technology consultant also participated in two NSELC modules during April and May. The modules were Module 9: Programming for Students with Special Needs: From Policy to Practice and Module 14: Autism Spectrum Disorder.

All speech language pathologists received iPads during the month of April. With support from Kelly Roberts, SLP and Lee-Ann Redshaw, SLP our Assistive Technology consultant spent a full day with all the speech language pathologists in exploring the ways to implement the iPads into student programming. Since receiving the iPads the speech language pathologists have been industriously compiling a list of applications for the iPads that can be used with students to support curriculum, communication, social and language needs. We look forward to the possibilities of such innovative technology!!

April also brought about the launch of the Student Services Placement Committee. Through this committee students are being placed in various environments to support their needs. Assistive technology plays the role of providing adaptive equipment and software to students new to the school system and ensuring that previously assigned equipment and software transitions with students from grade to grade and school to school.


Susan Kelley, Coordinator

Secondary teachers from across our board took part in marking the writing section of Junior High Literacy Assessment in early April. This session is always well received by teachers as it is great professional development and provides networking opportunities with teachers from across the province. Plans are underway for a provincial grade 8 Math Assessment for next spring.

All of our schools are at some place on the cycle of the Nova Scotia School Accreditation Program. We are very proud of the work our schools are doing on school improvement, with seven schools receiving accreditation this year and nine more on the list for the visit from the Department of Education in the fall.

We are part of various interagency initiatives including working with the Population Health Committee at CBU and with the CBRM Physical Activity Strategy. Next steps involve increasing the profile of population health in the media by writing articles on it’s various aspects, and continuation of work on the PA Strategy.

Lyn McInnis

Literacy Support

During the month of April, Lyn McInnis worked with grade 3 and grade 6 teachers, on-site, providing support with Whole Class Instructional Plans. Teachers used the data from the Early Language Literacy Assessment and the Elementary Literacy Assessment to determine effective strategies to use within their classrooms. While the teachers were working with Ms. McInnis, a floating substitute provided a literacy lesson for the children in the classroom. Teachers are being encouraged to share the data results with all staff members, thus allowing schools to identify areas of strength, as well as areas needing improvement within their school. Ms. McInnis has also continued to work in classrooms with teachers providing support with the Nelson Word Study kits.

New resources have arrived for all junior high schools. Teachers have been very excited as they receive their “Stepping Up with Literacy Place” kits. These kits provide rich reading materials at various reading levels, as well as literacy lessons to support reading comprehension skills. Our Literacy Coach, Craig Seward, has been busy working in the junior high schools to introduce these kits to interested teachers and offer any assistance they may need as they begin to use the kits within their classrooms.

Plans are now being made to continue to bring reading strategies in-servicing to high school teachers. In-servicing will be provided for English, Science, and Social Studies teachers. Dates have been set for November and April.

Nutrition For Learning

Debbie Madore

Breakfast Funding

Volunteers from across the board that give their time to help with breakfast were invited to the annual “Thank You” breakfast, held on April 12, at SPEC. Margo Riebe-Butt, provincial representative for Breakfast programs attended the breakfast and was the guest speaker.

Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament, scheduled for June 24, 2011, in support of Breakfast Programs is in the planning stages. Sydney Credit Union is the presenting sponsor. Denise Gallant, Co-Chair of the event with myself.

Classic Frozen Foods

A meeting was held with the Vice President of Classic Frozen Foods. They do have five products that fit the criteria of the Food Policy and the business plans to visit schools to see if the product will be used in the cafeteria and fundraising.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Representative Caroline Douville from Montreal visited the CB-VRSB on May 2 & 3 to visit schools that they are sponsoring for Breakfast.

Mary Lou Andrea
Active Healthy Living Consultant

For the last month, lunch and learns were held in the majority of junior high schools in the board for Healthy Living teachers. This has been a joint project with the school board, Cape Breton Sexual Health Network and Addiction Services. The team would visit the school and spend the lunch time discussing resources available for the teachers to help implement the Healthy Living curriculum. A resource kit was put together which included a variety of resources including sexual and mental health, addictions, and personal safety. This was left at the school so every teacher teaching Healthy Living would have access to the resources. The reviews for this were very positive. Resources for this kit will be ongoing.

Several professional development days have taken place for physical education teachers. With accountability as a priority, all teachers were instructed on the grade book and assessment ideas. To facilitate this, all physical education staff were given iPads. This tool will enhance the use of technology in the gym and the new web based fitness assessment tool. The fitness log was development by our technology department in consultation with some physical education teachers. This will enable PE teachers to test and track students in four fitness areas. This data would then allow our board to have benchmarks for the fitness levels of our students.

Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights

Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

April 14, 15, and 18th

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board had Dr. Randall Lindsey and Dr. Delores Lindsey providing in- servicing to staff. The dynamic couple from The Robins Group in California concentrated on the importance of Creating Culturally Proficient Learning Communities. The message delivered was “Cultural Proficiency is a frame through which team or group members view the context of their work. Cultural Proficiency is an inside-out approach for effective cross-cultural interactions. In other words, members of culturally proficient learning communities are willing to explore and assess their knowledge about the diversity of their communities, recognize the assumptions one makes about the cultural groups within their communities, and become more informed in order to be a more effective educator.”

Over the three days, Central Office Administration, Consultants, Mentors, Guidance Counsellors, RCH Lead Team, RCH Diversity Committee, RCH School Liaisons and Student Support Workers examined their practices through a Cultural Proficient Lens. Strategies were provided to share with fellow staff to assist in creating Culturally Proficient Learning Communities. Feedback from the sessions was very positive.

Student Support Worker Program

New Student Support Worker Marie Green is a welcomed addition to our team. Marie will be servicing the Glace Bay and surrounding areas and will be a great asset to our team.

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