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PSS Report: June, 2011
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 06/14/2011 (3849 reads)
PSS Report: June, 2011


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Audrey Kyte-Murphy

Six teachers were invited to a 2-day session to create a bank of report card comments for the four strands within the area of Language Arts. The comment bank will support teachers as they transition to the new reporting system in Powerschool.

Audrey Kyte Murphy attended the Annual Planning Session for Literacy Consultants from all areas of the province. With the cutbacks at the DOE level they were informed that the printing of the ELA guide P-3 is on hold. However a new P-3 Reading Assessment Resource is to be distributed in 2011-2012. The Young Writers In Action 2-3 initiative and the ELA Guide Revision 4-6 is tentatively moving forward.

Audrey Kyte Murphy, with Sharon Boudreau, co-facilitated the 3-day NSELC Module 2 Strategies for Teaching and Learning. A majority of the group who attended were principals. They appreciated the opportunity to discuss issues regarding assessment and research regarding best teaching practices.

The Early Literacy Intervention planning has been ongoing. A committee of six has been meeting regularly to plan the implementation for September 2011. Funding for Early Literacy Teachers, resources, and professional development sessions will be provided through the Department of Education and supported at the CBVRSB level. An information session regarding this new intervention took place on June 1, 2011, for principals. When the ELT teachers are seconded, there will be a full day session with these teachers on June 20th.

Audrey Kyte Murphy has been informed that her job responsibilities have been extended to include P-12 as of September 2011.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

May Review

Math Website

Based on feedback we received from teachers during the Conferencing Sessions, we will be reorganizing the tracking and organizational ideas to set up a user-friendly framework. This will still allow teachers the flexibility to select from a variety of templates. The website is constantly being added to and revised, based on the requests of teachers.


Ron Muller, Tara Colbert, and Pam Van Dommelen are available to mentor teachers P-6. The various roles of the mentors are listed on the board math web page

Math Buddies

Math buddies continues at both Harbourside, grades 4 and P/1, and Rankin, grade 5/6 with P/1. It is a very positive approach to teaching math where both groups benefit in many ways.

Primary Orientation

Ron Muller supported Tompkins and Ashby schools with their primary orientation. During this session, parents were given a list of suggestions that would help their children get ready for primary and reinforce their number sense.

Report Card Comments

A group of elementary math teachers met and developed a comment bank for the new report cards.

EEMLA Conferencing Sessions

As a replacement for the MDRs, our board had decided to have conferences with grades 4-6 teachers including between 20-25% of the grade 4-6 teachers. Those schools randomly selected this year were Harbourside, MacDonald Elementary, Robin Foote, Sydney River, Cusack Complex, Jubilee, and St Joseph’s which included 23% of the elementary teachers in the board. These conferencing sessions took place in early May. Data collectors visited the schools to record the evidence each teacher has to support students in his/her class who are “Not Yet Meeting Expectations” on the EEMLA.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Many students had their art work displayed at the annual PierScape exhibit held at Whitney Pier Memorial School.

Lots of spring concerts/exhibits/events have taken place and are taking place throughout the CBVRSB. Many of these are listed on the Arts Education website at

Celtic Colours ran curriculum programming with concerts in 10 of our elementary schools to coincide with Gaelic Awareness month.

Thank you to our teachers involved in the Summertime Revue who came with the cast to perform at St. Agnes School in New Waterford. MacDonald and Mount Carmel Elementary students were also part of the audience. Teachers involved in this are Richard Burke, Dave McKeough and Stephen Muise.

The provincial Gaelic Conference for the Department of Education was once again hosted by Rankin of the Narrows School on May 26th and 27th. Thank you to Dawn MacDonald-Gillis for planning much of this conference for the Department of Education.

Teachers involved in the pilot curriculum for Band Instruments 9, Music 9 and Visual Arts 9 will receive professional development on June 9th and 10th. The majority of our schools are now offering some of these programs at the Grade 7 and 8 levels and will use the new curriculum for Grade 9 in the fall of 2011. Resources and professional development will be provided by the Department of Education for this roll-out. Music 7 – 9 continues to be an area that needs expansion.

Many of our students were awarded music scholarships through the Giant 101.9 FM radio station grant. Over 20 students will receive assistance with post-secondary music studies, summer music camps, honour music groups and instrument purchases.

Students involved in the art exhibit at Cape Breton University were official recognized in the Nova Scotia Legislature on May 12th with the reading of the following available at ... nsard/C81/house_11may12/:

RESOLUTION NO. 1621 anchor

[Page 2454]

By: Hon. Ramona Jennex (Education)

I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

Whereas the art exhibit entitled “it’s natural . . .” at Cape Breton University Art Gallery showcased artwork produced by 10 senior high advanced visual arts students from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board; and

Whereas student artists Jill Ellsworth, Tyler Green, Michael McIntyre, Alana Murphy and Kristen Rockwell from Glace Bay High School, Kayla Cormier and Sean Murray from Holy Angels High School, and Kaitlyn Cann, Olivia Mersereau and Patricia Murray from Riverview High School, explored impressions about nature and what is natural and presented an intriguing set of ideas, ranging from healthy skepticism to bold, joyful optimism; and

Whereas teachers Sally Capstick, Elizabeth Lalonde, and Ryan Hawboldt support and challenge their students to engage in the process of artistic inquiry, to investigate the vast range of creative possibilities in the visual arts, and to pursue excellence in the arts;

Therefore be it resolved that the members of the House of Assembly recognize the innovative and creative work of these students and their teachers, as we celebrate the vital role the arts play in a child’s education.

Reading RecoveryÒTeacher Leaders, Susan MacDonald & Joy Cookson

May has been a very busy month for Reading Recovery®. Ongoing professional development sessions took place on May 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th. The emphasis for these sessions was ‘Integrating Reading Recovery Strategies/Procedures into Classroom Practice’. These sessions were well received and our teachers had a lot of ideas and experiences to share with each other. In addition to providing ongoing professional development for our Reading Recovery® teachers, daily lessons were provided for three children at Mira Road Elementary and three children at Bras d’Or Elementary.

On May 18th, an after school ‘make-up’ session was offered for Reading Recovery teachers who trained last year but missed more than one training session during the year. Because of these missed training sessions, several teachers had not fulfilled their training commitment and had not yet received certification as a Reading Recovery teacher. During this session, material from the missed training sessions was covered and, as a result, these teachers will now receive their Reading Recovery course completion cards.

During May, planning meetings were held for ‘Succeeding in Reading’ which is the new early intervention for literacy that will be implemented as a replacement for Reading Recovery. Ongoing professional development sessions took place on June 1st, 2nd, and two more are scheduled for June 8th and 9th. By popular demand, ‘Integrating Reading Recovery Strategies/Procedures into Classroom Practice will be continued. At these in-service sessions, teachers are asked to bring samples/examples of the Reading Recovery strategies they have adapted for classroom practice. It is our intention that each teacher will be able to take away many activities that they can include in their work with children in the future.

Throughout June, work will continue with children in Mira Road and Bras d’Or Elementary Schools. The process of data collection as mandated by the Reading Recovery Program’s Standard and Guidelines will be ongoing. Completion of the end of year site report is also a big part of this year end review.

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins


The "WOW" warehouse was officially opened on Friday, May 20, 2011, with the ribbon cutting ceremony. Honourable Ross Landry, Minister of Justice, cut the ribbon with many distinguished guests in attendance: Mr. John Astephen, Director of Programs, CBVRSB; Honourable Mark Eyking, MP, Sydney-Victoria; Chief Peter McIsaac, CBRPS; Mayor John Morgan, CBRM; and Inspector John Ryan, representing RCMP Commanding Officer.

Students at Florence Elementary, carrying small flags stating "Love to Read", escorted all guests to their seat and listened intently at the words of wisdom from the guests. Approximately 65 people then entered the facility and saw the numerous books, materials, etc., used as prizes for this program. A special "book cake" was cut by the Minster of Justice as well, and refreshments were enjoyed. The Cape Breton chapter of the Adopt-A-Library program is the first location in the province of Nova Scotia to have it's own sorting and distribution location in addition to the facility in New Glasgow. Many
departments of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board were involved in seeing this project come to fruition: Programs & Student Services, Operational Services, etc.


Plans are underway for the removal of library books to various schools; students will be heading to other schools next year and the library books will be distributed to several other high schools where these young ladies will attend. The resources, both fiction and non-fiction, remain within the CBVRSB boundaries and will enhance the existing library collections who will receive the Holy Angel's resources.


David Brennick, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

Due to provincial cutbacks our Writer's in Action provincial implementation event scheduled to happen in early May was canceled. This was very unfortunate as our local teams gather information there to share during our board-wide shut down day.

An assessment Primer has been created to be sent out to schools and will be given to principals in the near future.

Diane Brennick attended a two-day debrief meeting in Halifax. The 7-9 and the 10-12 meetings were held on the 12th and 13th of May. Some of the documents created here in our Board will be shared with other boards in the province.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

From May 9-13, Math Circles took place in the CB-VRSB. Math Circles is an event for high school math students and teachers. The presenters, Angela Siegel, Rebecca Keeping and Danielle Cox, are from Dalhousie University. The event had students engaged in math activities for one class period. Each math department head made the scheduling arrangements at their school. Students from Glace Bay High, Breton Education Centre, Cabot High, Baddeck Academy, Rankin School of the Narrows, Memorial High, and Sydney Academy participated. Feedback from students was very positive.

On May 19, mathematics teachers, new to Grades 7-9, received professional development for the new three dimensional geometry outcomes. Sharon McCready, Mathematics Strategy Consultant, Department of Education, facilitated. Teachers were engaged in a number of activities they could use in their classrooms. Feedback was very positive.

On March 29, 2011, 41 Nova Scotia junior high schools participated in the Math On Olympiad Competition. The top seven school teams with the highest overall scores determined by the most problems solved with the best time qualified for the provincials. Whitney Pier Memorial Math Olympiad Team qualified and competed in the Math-On Olympiad Provincial Competition in Halifax on May 7, 2011. The team finished fifth of the seven participating teams. Congratulations to the team coached by grade 7 math teacher, Chris MacDonald.

To further support teachers in the implementation of appropriate follow-up for students that are not yet meeting expectations on the EMLA, Arlene Andrecyk has met with each grade 7 math teacher in their school. Discussions focused around monitoring student progress and effective instructional strategies to activate prior knowledge and to support student learning.

English Second Language (Patsy MacQueen & Millie George, Teachers)

The Nova Scotia International Student Program reports have been completed. Students are preparing for exams and completing assignments, and support for them will be available as necessary. A second version of the Oxford Cambridge placement test will be administered to the students in early June, which will allow students to compare their score at the beginning of the program to the one at the end.

The board continues to see an increase in the number of English Second Language students to various schools, including Harbourside Elementary, Sherwood Park Education Centre, and Shipyard Elementary.

Science & Technology Fair (True Burke, Chairperson, Science & Technology Fair)

Ms. True Burke, Chairperson, Science & Technology Fair, is pleased to announce that Team Cape Breton won two bronze medals at the Canada Wide Science Fair held last week in Toronto. Kendra MacCuspic, a grade 12 student from Baddeck Academy, won a bronze medal for her project Liberation Determination. Kathleen Orrell, a grade 12 student from Riverview High School, also won a bronze medal for her project on Lady beetles: Spotting the Difference. Each of the girls also won a $1000 scholarship to each the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario for a total of $4000.

Kathleen was also awarded the Canadian Society for the Weizmann Institute of Science Scholarship. This was awarded to two outstanding senior finalists who will now have the opportunity to participate in the summer science program at the Weizmann Institute in Israel this July. The total scholarship for this program is valued at $9,400. This is quite an accomplishment.

Once again, the students had an extraordinary experience at the National Fair, and Ms. Burke is very proud of all four participants who attended. Ms. Burke thanks Board Administration for everything they have done to help promote science and to allow such successes.

Community-Based Education/Options & Opportunities (Rhonda Smith, Consultant)

O2 Graduates: There are 35 O2 students graduating this year. Sixty percent (60%) are attending the Nova Scotia Community College in September 2011. In addition to receiving their high school diploma, each graduate will have an O2 completion certificate, many workplace safety training certificates, and a minimum of four co-operative education credits which equals 400 hours of work experience in our community.

O2 Sydney Academy: Preparations are being made to transfer the O2 program to Sydney Academy for September 2011. The Community-Based Learning Consultant has been working with Administration, the new O2 teachers, and Guidance Counsellors, to set up the program in grades 10, 11 and 12. The O2 students from Holy Angels who will be attending Sydney Academy will continue the program together in their grade 11 and grade 12 year. The Community-Based Learning Consultant and the new O2 teachers have been making presentations to grade 9 students about the program for the new cohort of students for grade 10. A parent information session was also held on May 19 at Sydney Academy. The Department of Education will provide a two-day workshop for new O2 teachers across the province in August.

Co-operative Education 2011-2012: English Program Services will once again provide funding for the expansion of co-operative education in the high schools that do not offer O2. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has identified three high schools for this funding: Memorial High, Riverview Rural High, and Baddeck Academy. Baddeck Academy has been identified for the first time and administration has agreed to further discussion about the possibility of a co-op program in one semester.

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH): During NAOSH week May 1-7, six Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board high schools heard a presentation by Nick Perry. Mr. Perry shared his story of his workplace injury. By focusing on young worker education NAOSH hopes to prevent injuries in the workplace and to encourage a culture of safety.

Workit Grant Funds: This year nine schools from the junior/senior high level have accessed Workit Grant Funds for projects in their school that promote student awareness and exploration of careers in the skilled trades. The grant is administered through the Community-Based Learning Consultant and will continue next year.

Vocational Education (Ken Collier, Consultant)

The Skills Nova Scotia Competitions were held previously throughout the province. Memorial Composite High hosted eight competitions in Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Graphic Design, Prepared Speech, Job Interview Skills, TV Video, and Workplace Safety. Competitions in Welding, Auto Service, and Baking were held in Dartmouth. The following Gold Medalists will attend the National Competitions which will be held in Quebec City, Quebec in June. Good luck to all competitors.

Electrical: Steve Marsh

Graphic Design: Brandon MacDonald

T.V. Video: Rhianon Peters & L.J. Postlethwaite

Workplace Safety: Justin Haley

Baking: Kirsten Longva

The Construction Association of Nova Scotia “Building Futures for Youth” program began their training on Tuesday, May 24th. Two students, Catherine LeBlanc and Jesse Bray were successful in obtaining employment for the summer, and will participate in the training. This project hires a number of students from our board for summer employment and is designed to provide Grade 11 students the opportunity to explore a career in the construction industry. Congratulations to Catherine and Jesse.

Representatives from the Apprenticeship Division of the Department of Labour and Advanced Training were in our school to meet with students in the apprenticeship programs. The procedures and guidelines as to the next step in the process to become a journeyperson were outlined. This was a very informative session.

The Annual Vocational Barbecue will take place on Thursday, June 9th. This gives students and staff a chance to enjoy a meal and discuss the accomplishments of the year. This is a very well attended event as many look forward to it each year.

Registrations for the Skilled Trades/Technical Programs for September are continuing and applications are being received regularly from schools. We hope to have acceptance letters mailed out in the near future.

French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant)

The provincial Concours d'Art oratoire competition (French Public Speaking Contest) took place at Mt. St. Vincent University on May 7th. Students from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board delivered an exceptional quality of speeches.

Winners from our board include:

Grade 6 Intensive Core French

Silver- Robyn Shibinette (Glace Bay Elementary)

Grade 5/6 Middle Immersion

Gold- Annette MacLellan (Coxheath Elementary)

Grade 11/12 Late French Immersion

Silver- Beth MacLellan (Riverview Rural High)

Oral profiency interviews are currently being conducted by Laurie MacIntosh, French Consultant, with students from Core French Experimental classes from Greenfield Elementary, Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High and MacLennan Junior High. The experimental classes use a literacy-based approach to teaching Core French using Intensive Core French strategies during regularly scheduled periods of one hour every second day. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will send three more French Second Language teachers to Halifax for training in this method the first week of August.

The "Mon Monde" website is up and running. Grade six students from three pilot schools are participating. These schools include Greenfield Elementary, Sydney River Elementary and Mountainview Elementary. Mon Monde is a new interactive French language website for students. They can practice their French language skills and learn how French is used in Canada and all over the world. The website was developed to encourage students to continue with their French studies beyond grade nine. Students learn that if they learn to speak French, they will have many advantages after graduation.

Nova Scotia International Student Program (Tammy Sampson, Program Manager)

The semester is quickly winding down. Many of our students are busy preparing for end of year activities, prom, and graduation. Many of the schools are planning end of year activities for our students including visits to the Miners’ Museum and Louisbourg. Ms. Patsy MacQueen, English Second Language Teacher, feels that all of the Nova Scotia International Student Program students whom she had the pleasure of teaching had a successful, as well as an enjoyable Maritime experience. They make great ambassadors for our province, and our region.

We are also happy to report that the Nova Scotia International Student Program received the first two students from Africa thanks to the bridging program agreement with St. Francis Xavier University. The students, placed in the Halifax Regional School Board and the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, are both here for one semester. They will then attend the summer camp in Truro before beginning their studies at St. FX.

Staff of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board International Student Program traveled to Antigonish for a two day conference.

Tammy Sampson, Program Manager, and Ron Shaw, Homestay Coordinator, represented the Nova Scotia International Student Program with a booth in the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union – Something for Everyone Expo on April 29th to generate awareness of the program.

Tammy Sampson attended the CAPS-I conference in Quebec City, May 1-4.

Tammy and David also attended the CBIE Atlantic Chapter Conference at Cape Breton University, May 16-17.

The cultural potluck for students and host families took place on May 15th. We had a great turn out and some fantastic student entertainment and food!

The host parent appreciation dinner took place on May 26th. Rachel Yang, an agent from China, spoke to our host parents regarding the student experience.

Our end of the year `Blow Out` will take place June 10-12. Students will spend the weekend in Halifax and also spend time in Truro for the Provincial Nova Scotia International Student Program Year End Event.

Eleven of our students are planning to return next year. We are also well on our way to growth and expansion in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board International Student Program as the numbers for the province are up 20% for this time of the year. We are excited to have received our first applications from Australia and France.

As always, we continue our recruiting campaign for new host families. Our targeted growth areas are North Sydney and Glace Bay. We are in the process of hiring a Homestay Coordinator for the Glace Bay area.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Community Education (Heather Patterson)

Adult High School

Interviews are continuing for the adult highs and will carry on until the end of the school year and will be also done in August. Seven girls from Holy Angels High School were interviewed and three have indicated they want to attend one of our sites for this September.

Twenty seven students successfully completed the Nova Scotia Food Handler’s & Education Training Level 1 on May 19th. This certificate is recognized across the country and is good for five years. We were able to offer this program through extra funding from the Department of Labour under The Canada Nova Scotia Labour Market Agreement (LMA). This funding is in addition to the funding received this year which allowed us to hire a job readiness teacher. Heather is in the process of re-applying to that fund for similar funding for the 2011-2012 school year and have had discussions with the department on whether they thought it would be funded again. Indications are that this will happen depending on the strength of the application and the final report for this year’s project.

Student trips are planned to the Highland Village in Iona, and the Fortress of Louisbourg for June and our Sydney site had a full day at the Police Fair held Friday May 13th at the Joan Harris Pavilion and visits to historic sites in the north end of Sydney as well as to the Centre for Crafts & Design. They were very well received by our students who have never taken the opportunity to explore such venues before. We also have planned an Open House for our retiring teacher Betty MacKinnon at our New Waterford site. Betty has been with this program since its inception and is a valuable member of staff who will be sorely missed. We wish her the very best in her retirement.

Adult Evening Classes

Night School classes will end on June 20th with the English 12 provincial exam. Registration is planned for the week beginning Monday September 12th and run to September 15th. Classes having sufficient enrollment will begin September 19th for credit courses and GED Preparation, September 26th for all others.

SIS/IT Professional Development Consultant (Kurt Kublek)

During the month of May, a great deal of training has been provided on the provincial SIS (School Information System), Powerschool. This training was done for various groups for various purposes. A session was held with lead teachers from the board’s nine mid-year conversion schools. This training was done with the train-the-trainer method. These lead teachers were then responsible for training their individual staffs. People have also been trained for the September 2011 launch (Phase–Two) of Powerschool implementation. This training has been conducted with lead teachers, secretaries, and administrators from nearly 30 new schools involved in this fall’s rollout of Powerschool. Furthermore, work has been done to not only begin new implementation but to support the schools that started Powerschool in Phase-One. These schools mostly comprised of the board’s junior and senior high schools, have needed support with scheduling, report writing, data validation, etc.

Assistive Technology/ESP Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

Along with performing assistive technology assessments with students, the Assistive Technology / ESP consultant has been actively involved in student transition planning for the 2011-2012 school year. For new students entering the school system, assistive technology may be a requirement and must be part of their transition plan. For existing students, follow ups on the use and effectiveness of hardware and/or software is required at the end of each year. It is also necessary to ensure that the hardware and/or software transitions with the student from grade to grade or school to school.

The Assistive Technology / ESP consultant had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Memorial High School which was hosted by IAA. The workshop consisted of sessions to provide programming and support for individuals diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) across the lifespan. Many individuals whom attended the workshop were personnel from agencies outside of the school board, such as, Haley Street, Autism Society of Cape Breton, Autism Intervention Program, etc.

IEI Consultant (Tracie Collier)

The IEI Consultant discussed Netbook use in elementary schools. The feedback was positive in relation to use as supplements to classroom desktops.

The IEI-E funding for the 2011-2012 School year was finalized in the Provincial Budget. Grade 5 is the focus of next year's roll out.

Preliminary discussions regarding hardware and software for Grade 5 classrooms have begun.


Susan Kelley, Coordinator

All elementary schools are in the midst of writing the provincial math assessments at the grade 3 and 6 levels. In the fall, these results will be used in conjunction with classroom assessment to inform instruction. High schools will be writing the grade 12 Nova Scotia Provincial Exams in Math and English during their scheduled exams and a regional marking session is planned for the Math exams.

Next week, three junior high Math teachers will join 20 of their colleagues from across the province at the DOE to work on items for the upcoming provincial grade 8 Math Assessment that will be written next May. It has been our experience that teachers have welcomed this professional development opportunity to network with their counterparts from other boards.

Junior High schools have received the results of the Junior High Literacy assessments and student results will be sent home to parents/guardians during the week of June 6-10th.

Accreditation plaque presentations are planned for Baddeck Academy, Sydney Mines Junior High and Jubilee Elementary School in early June.

Literacy Support Lyn McInnis

During the month of May, work continued with on-site professional development with grades four to six on Word Study. Teachers had the opportunity to explore the Nelson Word Study Kits and think about how this resource could be used to support reading and writing within the classroom.

Grade nine English, Science, and Social Studies teachers at Malcolm Munroe Junior High received on-site professional development on creating Whole Class Plans. Reading comprehension and writing strategies were highlighted.

All teachers in grades three to nine, who have students identified as “not yet meeting expectations on the ELLA/ELA, will begin to complete the Summary of Student Progress for these students. This report will be placed in the cumulative report.

Craig Seward continues to work with teachers, on-site, at the junior high level introducing the Stepping Up with Literacy Place kits. Teachers are encouraged to continue to model the reading strategies for their students and allow them time to practice what they have learned.

The final Literacy Support Advisory Group meeting took place in Halifax on June 1st.

Mary Lou Andrea, Active Healthy Living Consultant

With the year coming to a close, things are heating up with the physical education staff. Many teachers are training their students for the Doctors Nova Scotia youth run taking place June 11. The teachers are also preparing for the track and field events and sport days happening at the schools throughout the board.

Thirteen secondary physical education teachers were certified in the National Archery in Schools program.

Debbie Madore, Nutrition For Learning

Breakfast Funding

Some schools have had problems with losing volunteers as the school year approaches June. All programs are receiving some suggestions for menus that allow for quick grab and go ideas for breakfast.

Professional development

Debbie had the opportunity to attend the “Waisting Away” inservice on weight management and obesity at CBU May 12 with Dietitian Helen Charbois. It was excellent.

Golf Tournament

Plans are well underway for the June 24 tournament. Businesses continue to be solicited for sponsorship and prizes to support the event.

School Adoptions

Glace Bay Kinsmen have renewed their sponsorship of Glace Bay Elementary with a donation of $3500.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Caroline Douville visited our schools in May and was well received by students and staff. She encouraged us to ask for an increase in sponsorship for the upcoming school year. Final reports will be sent in early July.

Jim McEachern, Sports Animator

Find below highlights of activity over the past month.

· The Grade Five Swim @ School Pilot Program has commenced with nine schools participating.

· The Grade Four Swim @ School Program offering swim instruction to every grade four in the School Board is moving in to its last section of schools finishing up in late June.

· Soccer in the Community Program continues with most schools in the Board receiving the soccer themed fitness hour of drills offered through the partnering of Soccer Cape Breton.

· A call for “registration interest” has gone out to the elementary schools offering a Bike Racing Festival for the middle of June, should enough interest be indicated.

· The Track & Field In-Class Sessions have commenced across the School Board with partnering through the Track & Field Association.

· Plans are being finalized for the Annual Junior High Boys and Girls Baseball / Softball Festival, which will run from June 7 – 13.

· Partnering with Golf N.S., the in-class Clinics are to commence on Monday, May 31st, and run for two weeks in 16 schools across the Board.

· Plans are being finalized for the pilot Elementary Mixed Baseball Festival scheduled for early June.

· Registration preparation for a Summer Baseball Camp for elementary children is on-going. The Camp is free of charge, with registration to take place in the schools.

· NSSAF has just announced that Sydney Academy partnering with the Track & Field Association will host the Provincial NSSAF Track & Field Championships in June of 2012. This is a first for Cape Breton.

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