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School Board Meeting Minutes: March 5, 2012 - Special
Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 03/27/2012 (2132 reads)
School Board Meeting Minutes: March 5, 2012 - Special

Central Office
Sydney, N.S.
March 5, 2012



A Special Board meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board was called to order today beginning at 5:48 p.m.


Present: Lorne Green, ChairJoan Currie, Barb Mercer
Fred Tilley Darlene MorrisonDarrell Flynn
Steve ParsonsCathi Pierrard(conference call)
Charlie Keagan Jackie Organ
Absent: Kevin Ruelland (sent regrets) Darren MacNeilSandra Margettie
Darren Googoo Gary Fraser(sent regrets)
Also Present:Susan Kelley, Director of Programs and Student Services
Paul Oldford, Director of Operational Services
George Boudreau, Director of Financial Services
Michelle MacLeod, Board Recording Secretary


Mr. Paul Oldford, Director of Operational Services noted that the Board has expressed concern over criterias for selecting schools for review.

Mr. Boudreau encouraged the board to become more engaged in the process for determining the criterias and identifying schools for review.

Commissioner Keagan questioned the impact on programs in the forthcoming budget.

Commissioner Parsons noted that the Board members need to be in agreement when establishing a criteria. He also noted that values may need to be added to each criteria.

Commissioner Mercer expressed her support for small rural schools and the community support which exists at these schools.

Commissioner Keagan reiterated the pressures on the Board due to declining enrollment.

Commissioner Pierrard questioned funds for isolated schools. Those schools identified were the three schools North of Smokey along with Baddeck Academy and Rankin School of the Narrows.

Commissioner Currie sympathized with staff and noted that staff needs cooperation from the Board or the process will not work. She spoke regarding the cost involved in maintaining buildings in our Board. She was also concerned re: the costs involved over the past year with regards to the School Review.

Board Chair Lorne Green reiterated the Board’s participation in the development of the criterias. He also noted that we have too much real estate and we need to address the problem.

Commissioner Parsons again expressed his disappointment in hiring a consultant for the New Waterford area which was unfair to other communities in our Board.

It was suggested that the Board form an ADHOC Committee to develop the criterias.

It was noted that five Board members will be on the Committee and will meet and return with a criteria for school identification.

The Board decided that for the 2012-2013 school year the Board will not be participating in a School Review process.



(5) Adjournment of the meeting. . .

the meeting adjourned at p.m.

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