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Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, April 30, 2012
Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 05/03/2012 (1690 reads)
Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, April 30, 2012

APRIL 30, 2012

The meeting began with a presentation from the Riverside Elementary School Advisory Council. They wish to express their concern with recent cut to their classroom staffing. This reduction will create a double grade setting at the school which will be the first one at this school. They advised that when the school was being constructed a commitment was made to them that their would be no double grades. They also highlighted other commitments which were made to them through the School Study Committee in 1996 that have not been fulfilled.

They also offered to assist the Board in working towards positive change in curriculum and the need for lower class size caps.

Commissioner Pierrard expressed her concern with regards to the recent rash of bomb scares and fires in our local high schools. She highlighted issues such as safety, cost and loss of class time. She advised that those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions.

The Board accepted correspondence from the Department of Education regarding the following:

  • Kids and Learning First
  • Two amendments to the Education Act which pertain to School Boards

Correspondence was also received from the Board of Directors for Heritage Cape Breton requesting that the Heritage Fair be reinstated during the 2012-2013 school year. They expressed the importance of such an event not only for the students but also for our communities.

The Superintendent’s Report was provided by Mrs. Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resources. Regrets were received by the Superintendent who was attending meetings in Halifax.

Two teachers with our Board were winners of the Education Week award which was April 20th – 28th. The theme for the week was “Educating Students for Life.”

Darlene Bereta, teacher at Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High was recognized on behalf of the Northside-Victoria local. She is relentless in engaging struggling students and keeping her students focused and motivated.

Donna Sawlor, Grade 3 classroom teacher at Brookland Elementary School was recognized on behalf of the Cape Breton District local. She is an example of the Debbie Miller quote, “Real classroom communities flourish when we bring together the voices, hearts and souls of the people who inhabit them”.

The Board presented their Education and Management Reports approving the following:

  • Retirements/Resignations
  • Leave of Absences
  • Sabbaticals
  • Flexible Pension Options
  • Deferred Salary leaves
  • Term positions
  • Decrease in Administrative staffing at the school level
  • Decrease in Consultants
  • School Calendar for 2012-2013
  • French Special Projects
  • Addition to the Casual Clerical list
  • Sale of the former Northside Staff Development Centre

The Board further approved motions to eliminate two teaching positions at the Adult Day while maintaining four sites for the 2012-2013 school year. The Northside Learning Centre will be combined with the Southside Learning Centre while maintain one teaching position on the Northside in conjunction with the YIP program and Senior High STEPS for 2012-2013 school year.

The following policies were approved by the Board:

  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Student Services Programming
  • School Libraries
  • School Library Collection Development
  • Replacement of Lost, Destroyed or Damaged Library Materials

Commissioner Fraser provided his NSSBA report requesting that everyone where a black ribbon and dress in black on Friday’s for the remainder of the school year to highlight the mourning of Education funding reductions.

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