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PSS Report: April, 2012
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 05/31/2012 (3408 reads)
PSS Report: April, 2012


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Language Arts Consultant P-12, Audrey Kyte-Murphy

On March 1st and 2nd all high school English teachers participated in professional development focused on the new DoE resource “Teaching in Action 10-12”. The sessions were facilitated by Audrey Kyte Murphy, Lyn MacInnis, and Craig Seward. Four teachers, Jacqueline Poirier, Clara Wadman, Erin Connors, and Anita Hardy Williams also presented sessions reflecting on how they incorporate the teaching practices in this new resource in their classes. All teachers received this new resource for their classrooms, and each school received a resource entitled Texts and Lessons for Content Area Reading.

A team of grade 2-3 teachers enthusiastically agreed to be members of the Young Writers in Action CBVRSB Team and later in May will attend workshops developed by the Provincial Lead Team. As part of the provincial team, the language arts consultant and P-3 mentor are planning sessions for presentation at this event.

The Early Literacy Intervention will be moving into grade primary to support students who have been identified as needing support to consolidate their reading behaviors before they end their first school year. To support this change, the Early Literacy teachers met as a team on March 29th to prepare for this shift into grade primary. On April 3rd and 4th all the primary teachers will be brought together to focus on the Early literacy Intervention in grade primary and to also focus on teaching strategies for phonemic awareness and guided reading. The teachers will receive a resource called Thinking It Through which emphasizes the importance of play in the learning development of 4 and 5 year olds.

The 35th Annual Public Speaking Event for grades 4-12 has been organized. It is scheduled to take place April 11-19th at Memorial High School, Sydney Mines. The language arts consultant is chair of the event with Lyn McInnis and Carmelita Cousins working with her to plan the event. Many schools throughout the board will be represented at this event. Various teachers have volunteered to host an evening.

Mathematics Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk

At the principals’ meeting on February 29, Principal Maxine Hardy of Cape Smokey presented an overview of ways to prepare students for the EMLA to elementary principals. The session focused on examining best practices that support student learning. Also highlighted was how principals could begin conversations with a Grade 6 teacher to ensure the teacher feels supported.

On March 1, Marlene Urquhart and I worked with three Grade 3 teachers: Evelyn Cooke of Robin Foote Elementary, Susan Ward of Glace Bay Elementary and Stewart Marsh of Shipyard Elementary. Such topics as yearly plans, instructional strategies, mental math, appropriate use of technology, varied forms of assessment and valuable resources were discussed. The group also explored ways to support students writing the EMLA. In the afternoon, the group planned for a full day professional development day for Grade 3 teachers. On March 29, Evelyn, Susan, Marlene and I co-facilitated a session with grade 3 teachers. Evelyn and Susan shared very valuable information and material with the participants, and all participants were actively engaged in classroom activities. The feedback was very positive.

On March 7, Marlene Urquhart and I participated in an activity day at Jubilee Elementary. We conducted nine 25 minute grade specific math sessions. Students were engaged in fun activities and math games both on the computer and in math centers. All activities were curriculum related.

Grade 4 teachers attended a full day in-service on either March 20 or March 30. Marlene Urquhart, Susan Ward of Glace Bay Elementary, Stewart Marsh of Shipyard Elementary and I co-facilitated the day. Teachers were engaged in hands-on activities for a large part of the day. There were also discussions about mental math, appropriate math resources including technology resources, best instructional practices and varied assessment. Teachers also examined the format of the EEMLA and discussed how they are supporting students that did not meet expectations.

On March 21, I attended a meeting of the Provincial Mathematics Team. The team reviewed and discussed curriculum documents for Grade 2 for the new curriculum.

The Student Math Support Programs at Greenfield Elementary and Harbourside Elementary finished on March 9th. The nine week program provided additional math support to students in grades two and three. This intervention was a short term, intensive support program designed to build confidence and provide deeper understanding for students who may have some mathematical misconceptions. Tara Colbert of Harbourside Elementary and Alyson Colford of Greenfield Elementary worked with students at their respective schools. They provided support for a total of 50 students. Both Tara and Alyson reported that students’ confidence in math greatly improved and students’ skills in number sense and operations deepened. The students enjoyed and thrived in a small group setting. Parents also were enthusiastic and appreciative of this program. Tara and Alyson have done a wonderful job and should be very proud of the work that was done with the students.

Mentoring continues to go well with more teachers requesting support. Geometry seemed to be the focus for most teachers this month. Cumulative testing, mental math across the grades and report cards were also discussed by teachers.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Malcolm Munroe students presented the musical “Malcolm the Musical” from March 2-4, 2012. They received rave reviews and congratulations are extended to all students and staff involved, under the direction of Ken Howatson, Delynn Reid, and Penny Steele.

A team of teachers is meeting with Ardith Haley, Provincial Arts Consultant, to review and revise guidelines for the “Challenge for Credit” process in the arts subject areas. This review should make the process clearer for students, parents and staff.

Celtic Colours is offering a professional development session for teachers interested in learning about Gaelic culture and programming. This is a lead-up to Gaelic Awareness month in May, where Celtic Colours will also have concerts in elementary schools throughout the board.

Ardith Haley will be providing band workshops to several schools in the area during the first week in April. She will be working with students and teachers from Glace Bay High, Memorial High, Oceanview Education Centre, Riverview High, and Sydney River Elementary School.

Baddeck School will be presenting a musical to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. This took place at the school from April 15th to the 18th at 7 pm each evening.

The “Dare to Dance” challenge takes place in schools from April 22-29, 2012. Schools that participate are eligible for prizes from the NS Department of Education.

Visual arts teachers are busy preparing for the annual art exhibit, which will open at the Mayflower Mall on Tuesday, April 24th at 7 pm. The exhibit will be in place from April 24th – May 23rd.

The national broadcast for Music Monday will take place in Sydney at the “Big Fiddle” on Monday, May 7th. Stay tuned for exciting plans!

Active Healthy Living Consultant, Mary Lou Andrea

The Physical Education assessment team led professional development days for all P-9 physical education teachers. Power School and the grade book were reviewed and time was spent on setting up various aspects of the grade book at both levels. Pause and think self assessment posters were also distributed to teachers to post up in all gymnasiums. Many teachers left that day with a renewed sense of confidence. Also, it must be noted that one of the lead teachers, Roy Dawson from Bras D'Or Elementary, has been asked to mentor some non physical education teachers from another school on creating a grade book for itinerants.

Sports Animator, Jim McEachern

Youth in Motion @ CBU Program, continued through March with Ferrisview, Seton, Sydney River, Boularderie, Florence, Marion Bridge, Bras d’Or, Baddeck, Middle River, Rankin, and Donkin-Gowrie participating.

Soccer in the Community Program, coordinated by Soccer Cape Breton Technical Director Mike Whyatt and leadership students from Glace Bay High, Sydney Academy and Riverview High continued with Cusack and Ashby Schools participating in March.

Harbourside completed their Curling is Fun Pilot Program at the Sydney Curling Club. This is the third year that Kathy Johnston and her Programming Committee at the Sydney Curling Club have partnered with the CBVRSB to offer a valuable instruction Program of Curling. Special thanks to Kathy Johnston’s committee.

The Swim @ School Grade Four Program at the Kiwanis and YMCA is in full swing with Mount Carmel, St. Agnes, Riverside, St. Anne’s, MacDonald, Brookland, Harbourside, Greenfield, Cusack, Mira Road, Robin Foote, Marion Bridge and George D. Lewis participating to date.

The Registration for the 6th Annual Skating Races Jamboree took place on Saturday, March 31st at Centre 200, with a record number of schools registered and over 800 Grade Primary to Six students.

The “Fair Play CBVRSB Junior High Hockey League” completed another successful season of play. Thirteen teams participated in the League.

The St. Theresa’s Men’s Club in Sydney put on another successful full week of March Break Physical Activity Programs, keeping students from the Ashby / Southend area schools active over the Break.

Library Support Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

Reading Challenges:

Over 6000 students (including approximately 500 staff) are involved in this year's Words of Wonder Reading Challenges, both at elementary and junior high. Final results are to be announced in mid-April and the awards ceremonies in Cape Breton will take place around April 20 and 23 with Cst. John Kennedy, Coordinator of the Adopt-A-Library program in attendance. Top readers in each school (at both levels) will receive a basket of prizes. Banners are also going to be given to winning schools. A great amount of work has been done by teachers, library staff, and organizers of this program, but in the end, the results usually speak well of the continuation of this program. Statistics/data will be provided in the next month’s Library report.

School Re-organizations:

Several schools have requested assistance in the re-organization of their school libraries. School Advisory Councils at these schools have voiced an interest in making their library a focal component of the building. Coxheath Elementary is awaiting the construction of new shelving and have approximately 30 Parent Volunteers prepared to continue to have the library program available in their building. A session was held on March 27, 2012, with eight volunteers and Vice-Principal Juanita Romard where CBVRSB Library Consultant Carmelita Cousins met with the group to discuss moving forward and provided the group with an orientation of the library world. Glace Bay Elementary is just beginning the process and hope to make their library more functioning.

Nutrition for Learning, Dietitian Debbie Madore

March is nutrition month with this year’s national theme, “Dispelling the Myth”. The target audience was 25-40 year olds, which are the parents of our school aged children.

The CB-VRSB kicked off the month by celebrating “The Big Crunch” on March 1. At this time, all elementary students received apples and took a “bite out of winter” at 11:00 a.m. Staff was encouraged to make it a day of nutrition education, getting back to the basics of cooking and meal planning. The lead school was Harbourside Elementary, and it was caught on camera by Live at 5 and the Cape Breton Post.

In addition, dietitians across the area have given two hours to local grocery stores to talk to community members about the importance of healthy eating, menu planning and getting back to the basics of cooking.

This month, I had the pleasure of completing the NSCC course on Working with People. It was a great opportunity to learn and reflect on communication skills and conflict management.


Debbie McIsaac, Coordinator

Math Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk


On February 27, the Senior High Math Committee met for the day at Sydney Academy library. Debbie McIssac attended the morning session. She informed the committee of the implementation schedule for the new mathematics curriculum. She also stressed that math department heads must ensure that teachers are addressing all the curriculum outcomes and that there is consistency among the math teachers teaching the same courses. Sydney Academy math teacher, Leanna Campbell-MacDonald, did a presentation of the mimeo and how she uses it to enhance learning. The group was very impressed with the capabilities of this technology. Debbie McIsaac encouraged teachers to use peer visitation to learn more about integrating the mimeo in the classroom. I reviewed the results of the January 2012 NSE Advanced Math 12 and Math 12 for the province and the board. Each Math Department Head received the individual school results and analysis and was asked to discuss the results with the teachers. Each department head also received the exam average and class average for each teacher in their department.

In the afternoon, Sandy Urquhart presented a geometry unit that Sandy and I had developed. The unit provides teachers with instructional strategies that focus on the geometric proofs found in the Math 12 Advanced course. Teachers discussed having a common board Math 10 exam in 2012-2013. Teachers also began developing common formula sheets for the Math 10, Math 11 and Advanced Math 11 examinations. Teachers also discussed the capabilities of gradebook. The teachers found the day to be very informative and productive.

At the principals’ meeting on February 29, Kevin Deveaux , Principal of Sydney Academy, and I led a discussion with junior and senior high principals that focused on supporting Grade 9 students that are unsuccessful meeting the grade 9 math curriculum outcomes. In 2012-2013, most high schools in the CB-VRSB will be offering Math 9 Bridging first semester. For a student that is not successful in Math 9, this course will strive to develop in a student, a stronger math foundation. The course will focus on the specific areas that are critical for the student to be successful in high school mathematics.

On March 26, I met with Barbara MacDonald , vice-principal of Baddeck Academy. We discussed the planning that is currently taking place regarding the math courses that will be available for high school students at this school in 2012-2013. I also met with the Advanced Math 12 teacher, Susan Baird, and went over the NSE 2012 school math results.

CB-VRSB Math League Game 2 took place from 3-6 pm on March 1 in the Sydney Academy library. Memorial and Sydney Academy entered teams. CB-VRSB provided a nutritious break. The game went well. A team from Sydney Academy placed first. A student from Sydney Academy won the random draw for a graphing calculator.

The Math Olympiad Committee is busy preparing for the competition which will take place at Whitney Pier Memorial on May 3. Participating schools are having school based competitions to practice problem-solving skills.

Vocational Consultant, Ken Collier

Two students have been successful in obtaining employment with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) for the summer. This program allows students to have summer employment in a skilled trade and be able to count their hours worked towards apprenticeship training hours. Morgan Canning and Grace McEvoy were the successful candidates, and Keller MacInnis is presently on a waiting list. Congratulations to all involved.

Grade 9 students are presently attending Memorial High and completing Test Drives in vocational programs. A number of schools have taken advantage of this opportunity and the response has been very positive. Students get to spend a day in one of our vocational programs and experience the shop and its environment.

We hosted six Nova Scotia Skills Competitions on March 29, 2012. Competitions were held in Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Graphic Design, TV Video, and Worksite Safety. Students were looking forward to the competitions and excitement was growing as the date got closer. The medal winners are as follows:

Carpentry Bronze- Devon Graham (South Colchester)

Silver- Dallas Moules-Memorial

Gold- Craig Watson-Memorial

Electrical Bronze- Alan Edmunds-Memorial

Silver- Adrian Robinson-Memorial

Gold- Nathan Sampson-Memorial

Plumbing Bronze- Trevor Ayres-Memorial

Silver- Peter Vince-Memorial

Gold- Mike MacDonald-Memorial

Graphic Design Bronze- Brooke LeBlanc-Memorial

Silver- Renee Verschuren-Memorial

Gold- Robyn Slade-Memorial

TV Video Bronze- Tie- Team of Mitchell Knight & Alexandra Garnett (Lockview) and Jake Rains & Broady Nelson (South Colchester)

Silver- Team of Megan Proctor and Jacob Johnson (Amherst High)

Gold- Team of Kayla Evans & Mitchell McGean-Memorial

Worksite Safety Bronze- Melissa Dawe-Memorial

Silver- Adam Sampson-(Sir John A.)

Gold- Courtney Mills-(Cobequid)

This event was very well attended by students throughout our board and our own students here at Memorial High. Most Gold Medalists will compete at the National Competitions which will be held in Edmonton in May. Congratulations to all the winners and competitors.

The registration process for September 2012 has begun. Students have been steadily submitting applications to enter Vocational Programs. Indications show that our programs are becoming even more popular than before.

NSISP Program Manager, Kevin Linden

Currently, we have enrolled 72 students this term and have been looking at increasing our numbers for September 2012. The NSISP has projected a five percent increase. To date, we have 12 students who have expressed interest to extend and their study permits have been renewed. We are allotted 68 new students for September and are actively seeking additional homes. The applications have been reviewed and the placement process began on Monday, April 2nd. The NSISP office has pointed out that the application process is up in numbers and that our board is 15% above where we were last year at the end of February.

One of our mandates will be to do a promotional Host Family mailing around various school communities with the assistance of our Internationals. These Host Family Flyers are provided through the NSISP. The international students have taken on many leadership roles within our community and have been actively involved in promoting healthy living.

Alara Cetin of Sydney Academy worked on a Project Lead with the school. It was on substance abuse in partnership with Health Authority and CBVRSB. She completed her training and will do presentations to the grade seven students in our region. A vast majority of the internationals students have joined various fitness facilities in the city and are making a volunteer effort in working with younger children.

At BEC, Lindsay Thiel and Eri Shirakawo did an assignment for their French class in three different languages. The Canadian students and the French Teacher were very impressed and the presentation was enjoyed by all.

Two of our Asian students, Jejin Choi & Sujung Koo, volunteered to do a presentation to the Sydney Forks Girl Guides Group and spoke about their lives in Korea and had the children actively involved with origami. We are very proud of many of our graduating students who have been applying for Universities here in Canada. Fengbang (Aaron) Yang of GBH has been accepted into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. He received a $5000.00 Entrance Scholarship.

Currently, I have received two Scholarship and Bursary applications from students who are looking to renew for financial assistance through the NSISP. These students are determined to gain access to this source of revenue to ensure their continuation of the program.

In March, the NSISP hosted a Cultural trip to Ottawa and Montreal. A total of eight attended this trip from our board. Due to the large number of applicants and limited seating, there was another trip scheduled for April 4-9th over the Easter Weekend. We also have eight students from Cape Breton which partook in this venture. I was also asked to accompany the group as a chaperone. While in Ottawa, students visited the Canadian Mint, Museum of Civilization, as well as Parliament Hill. They too attended an NHL Hockey game one evening. While in Montreal the students had a guided tour of the city, attended a Biodome Garden and then had a historical look at Maple Sugar Making and its industry.

In April, the students will host an international pot luck supper for all students and their families. This will take the place of the Parent Appreciation evening that we once held in May.

In June, we have booked a Cultural Trip to Halifax for those students this term who have not been. The agenda includes the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Citadel Hill, Pier 21 as well as the Science and Discovery Centre. The highlight for the trip will be Peggy’s Cove. Students have been asked to pay for their hotels and bussing on an individual basis as we have arranged group rates.


-Student Movement- Only one student has moved to another host family this term.

-Seeking hosting families for upcoming year and looking at breaking into the Baddeck Area and increasing student placement in Glace Bay.

-Ensuring that medical information is disclosed before a student is placed.

- Budget being set according to the events scheduled each year.


- Supporting families

- Homestay Coordinators dedication to their students

- Constant support of Director and accountability to Debbie McIsaac

- School Liaisons and their efforts at each school

- Community Support in welcoming students.

- Partnership through the CB Community Health Centre and the students Insurance.

- Dedicated Secretarial Support

- Few Discipline Issues as students are readily aware of consequences.

English as an Additional Language /English Second Language, Millie George

The English second language students continue to work on individual programs. The teachers assist with the preparation of the individual programs. High school and junior high students continue to work on writing skills and oral communication skills. High school and junior high students receive support in preparing school assignments and tests. Many of these students write their tests during the EAL/ESL class. This support is well-received by teachers.

A professional development day was held at the Halifax Regional School Board on March 23, 2012, with Sonja Grcic-Stuart (ELA Consultant). The session was well received by EAL teachers along with the classroom teachers. The focus was on resources and support for newcomers/international students. There were presentations on assessment both formative and summative. Much discussion was held around the topic of additional things a teacher can do to support EAL teachers. At the session, there was an opportunity to view the resources available for EAL teachers. We had an opportunity to view some new science resources which would be very beneficial to EAL learners, as well as all learners in the classroom.

Community-Based Learning/ Options & Opportunities (O2) Consultant, Rhonda Smith

Co-operative Education

Fifteen co-op students from Memorial High, Sydney Academy and Riverview will attend Holland College Atlantic Police Academy April 25-27. In partnership with Cape Breton Regional Police, the co-op teachers and school administrators have arranged for these students, who have an interest in policing, to experience first hand the police program at Holland College. This is the first year for such an opportunity and the hope is to expand to other schools next year.

The interviews for the Building Futures for Youth program have been completed. Ten students have been chosen with two additional students placed on a waitlist. Students must confirm their acceptance in the program or waitlist by March 30. The Community-Based Learning Consultant, Rhonda Smith, and the Building Futures Coordinator, Alain Lefebvre, from the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) will hold a family information session on May 1 at NSCC Marconi Campus. The first week of training at NSCC is scheduled for May 22-25 and the second week is in June after final exams. This program will offer our students 5-6 weeks of paid pre-apprentice work placements during the summer. Students will also earn up to three co-op credits.

Options & Opportunities

The O2 teachers are planning for their visits and presentations to the grade 9 classes in preparation for new students entering O2 in grade 10 next year. Information sessions will also be held for parents/guardians.

Professional Development

On March 8, the Community- Based Learning Consultant attended the Women in Business luncheon and a career showcase “Women in the Trades” held at NSCC Marconi campus. Many career opportunities for women were highlighted, along with the opportunity to hear from women working in the trades and professional occupations. The Community-Based Learning consultant completed the five week PD session “Working with People” provided by CBVRSB and NSCC.

French Second Language Consultant, Laurie MacIntosh

The 2012 annual French Public Speaking Contest (Concours d'art oratoire) once again proved successful. This event, sponsored by the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and Canadian Parents for French, witnessed 32 students from nine categories participate at our local competition on March 27th/28th, 2012 at Malcolm Munroe Jr. High School. All local winners will now go on to compete at the provincial competition at Mount St. Vincent University on April 28th, 2012. Local winners include:

5/6 Core French
1st Naomi Colford Brookland Elementary
2nd Morgan Lunn Sydney River Elementary
3rd Christine Southwell Donkin Elementary

5/6 Early Immersion
1st Faustina Amoako St. Anne's Elementary
2nd Annette MacLellan Coxheath Elementary

6 Intensive Core French
1st Taylor Strong Glace Bay Elementary
2nd Payton McPhee Glace Bay Elementary

9/10 Integrated Core French
1st Ashna Asim Sydney Academy
2nd Jessica Hardy Oceanview Ed. Centre

7/8 Late French Immersion
1st Rebecca Bennett Sydney Mines Jr. High
2nd Joyce Sseguya-Lwanga Malcolm Munroe Jr. High
3rd Brooklyn Etheridge Malcolm Munroe Jr. High

9/10 Late French Immersion
1st Lauren Turner Malcolm Munroe Jr. High
2nd Natasha Kochhar Sydney Academy
3rd Elzbieta Wawer Sydney Mines Jr. High

11/12 Late French Immersion
1st Sara March Riverview Rural High

9/10 Francophone
1st John Oliver MacLellan Sydney Academy

11/12 Francophone
1st Ranee MacIntosh Sydney Academy
2nd Lynne Morris Sydney Academy

Over 65 grade 12 French second language students from Riverview High, Memorial High and Sydney Academy underwent DELF exams (Diplôme d'études en langue second) from April 16-20. The DELF exam is offered in 53 countries and is awarded by the French Ministry of Education and is internationally recognized.

A follow-up session for DELF examiner/markers was held in Halifax on March 27th/28th. Also, the DELF Symposium was held on March 23 in Dartmouth. Participants from the CBVRSB included Susan Kelley, Brendan Dugas, Michelle Coleman, Laurie MacIntosh and Hélène Crane.

The French Language Arts PLC from Riverview Rural High met on March 8th to develop comments reflecting FLA outcomes to enhance Power School/Gradebook. A copy of the French Immersion teacher's great work on assessment has been sent on to Jean-Claude Bergeron of the N.S. Dept. of Education to share with provincial colleagues.

Upcoming initiatives for French Second Language:

Virtual meeting with the Dept. of Ed and Core French (4-9) classes expérimentales teachers of the CBVRSB on April 3rd.

OPI- (Oral proficiency interview) training session for provincial French Consultants and Coordinators in Halifax on April 25, 26 and 27.

Core French (4-9) classes expérimentales teachers to participate in a full-day inservice on May 3rd in Mulgrave.

Inservice with Dr. Katy Arnett on May 9th (Elementary Core French teachers) and May 10th (Jr. High Core French teachers) on differentiation and analysis of differentiated activities for Core French.

Inservice for grade six Intensive Core French teachers on May 16th facilitated by Celeste Foisy and Laurie MacIntosh.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Assistive Technology/TIENET Consultant, Sheila Kublek

Throughout the last month, the following groups of people received training with TIENET: all high school Student Services teachers (resource, learning centre and learning strategies), IPP Lead Team, guidance counselors, school psychologists, speech language pathologists and school social workers.

Our five high schools are now “live” with TIENET. As of the end of March, the high schools have provided training to all classroom teachers on accessing student information, such as diagnosis information and services provided. The classroom teachers have also been trained on completing student documented adaptations. The response to the TIENET system at the high school level has so far been overwhelmingly positive! A great start to the implementation of TIENET within the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

With the assistance of Melanie Dolan and Sherry Power-Jessome, I was able to complete 24 assistive technology assessments throughout the month of March.

I was able to participate in a webinar provided by Barbara Welsford, South Shore Regional School Board on the use of the iPads with students diagnosed with a learning disability. Ms. Welsford focused on apps to support productivity and output for students with learning disabilities. It was a very informative and useful webinar.

SIS/IT PD Consultant, Kurt Kublek

During the past month Mr. Kublek has been working with schools in preparation of the next school year. Mr. Kublek and his team were busy helping High Schools in the early part of their schedule set up. This work involved such things as setting up request screens so that students in grades nine through eleven will be able to select their courses through Power School’s student portal. Also, Mr. Kublek worked with schools to set usernames and passwords for the students to go on the portal (from grades 7-12). Once students have the access to register, we hope that they will continue to use the portal to take part in and track their own learning. Mr. Kublek and Brad MacNeil have started and will continue to visit the schools throughout the registration process to help in any way possible.

Moreover, in preparation for next year Mr. Kublek and his SIS team have been assisting with new primary registrations, examining new grade book configurations, new school calendar formats, and any other possibility that will make processes easier for teacher and schools next year.

Mr. Kublek also had the opportunity to take part in provincial conversations of two new SIS related products. School net and Equella are two Pearson products that have many possibilities for teachers, schools and boards as we look to not only make use of the data that that we collected (currently in Power school and TIENET) but also to make it easier for teachers to find and use outcome related resources within their classrooms and apply it to their lessons and formative/summative assessments.

Principal Adult High School / Facilitator for Community Education, Heather Patterson

The semester is well underway. We had a very successful career fair on March 7th. Information booths were set up by eight different post secondary training schools including: NSCC Marconi, Cape Breton University, Island Career Academy, METI Safety Training, Cape Breton Business College, New Dawn College, Canadian Armed Forces Recruitment, and Ann Terry Women in Trades. The presenters were very impressed by the turnout of students and the level of interest and questioning. The event was also attended by the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton’s students and instructors, career councilors from the Department of Community Services and representatives from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. A reception was held following the presentations with prizes and refreshments. The presenters were very generous in their donation of prizes.

I met with Michelle Thomason from the Dept of Labour and Advanced Education on Tuesday, February 21st to discuss some issues around the program. My number one concern is that fact that our funding has not increased at all in the time that I have been in charge of the program which is now six years. We talked about where the Adult Highs fit into a provincial focus on preparing a workforce to meet the demands of the future. She indicated that there will be increased participation rates sought under the strategy but at this point does not know how that will translate into budget changes. We met provincially in Halifax on April 3rd and on the agenda were Power school issues that relate to the Adult High Schools as well as a presentation from Peter Smith on Career Carts. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education has provided us one complete career cart which we currently have in our Sydney location.

Adult Evening Classes

Adult evening classes are ongoing. I had a conversation with Susan Kelley about moving the program to another location next year which will be accessible to all. Currently I have booked the community room in the Southend Community Centre for our registrations for next year to ensure the registration process is accessible. I have spoken with Bernie McVeigh at Sherwood Park about the possibility of holding our classes on his first floor and he is open to discussing how that would work. We are planning to meet in early April with Paul Oldford and staff on a plan that would deal with Bernie’s concerns and allow us to offer a program that meets the needs of the public. I must say I fully understand the need to move this program to an accessible site but I cannot stress enough the fact that it puts great stress on me and my staff to make it happen. We will strive hard to find a way to make the transition an easy one for everyone involved.

IEI-E Consultant, Bradley MacNeil

The IEI-E yearend report has been submitted to Rick Simm, Coordinator Program Services (Instructional Support.) The professional development program was developed to respond to priorities identified by discussions with classroom teachers, lead teachers, curriculum consultants, and school administrators. Grade five teachers attended school-based PD and sessions at the Staff Development Centre where they had a chance to collaborate with each other and explore what strategies were working or not working well in their classrooms, in reference to effective integration of the ICT outcomes in alignment with the Technology Integration Indicators Charts (grades four to six. A Moodle course was created as a home-base where these teachers could return and reflect upon the topics discussed and reviewed. They were also introduced to various provincial projects which are becoming available to them in the form of software and web-based resources. Based on initial results and teacher interest, grade five teachers were able to participate in professional development sessions that focused on:

  • Comic Life, Photo story 3 and Windows Movie Maker software. Basic functionality and application in a classroom environment. Digital camera functionality was reviewed. Sample projects and lesson plans were created by IEIE teachers in a variety of subject areas. There was a focus on the Images Project and copyright issues in relation to images being used and or presented.
  • Training on Moodle, EBSCO, File Management, Web-Based tools /resources with a focus on the effective integration of the ICT outcomes in a classroom environment.
  • Teacher driven technology lesson plans were developed and posted on our subject/grade level Moodle resource spaces and
  • Moodle continued to be a major focus for our IEI teachers this year. Elementary teachers learned how to use Moodle as a classroom resource and support space. The teachers took a collaborative approach, helping each other build and share resources. Many gave permissions in their course to other grade five teachers so they could easily share resources in the future.
  • Elementary teachers wishing to learn how to manage their school or classroom websites were able to attend training on Xoops content management system at the Staff Development Centre. This was mainly to learn how to manage and update school websites. Teachers were encouraged to use Moodle for individual classroom needs.
  • Smart Board functionality, software and classroom application.
  • The technology Mentorship program continues to be a successful way to get teachers more comfortable in its implementation at the classroom level.
  • Lead teachers reviewed Mighty Math Number Heroes software and created a teacher reference guide aligned with grade five ICT outcomes.
  • Use of Net book computers. Exploring ways to integrate the use of Net books into regular classroom practice. Through collaboration, Lead teachers reviewed positive and negative experiences during the pilot phase. Negatives were more related to external factors such as wireless capabilities and printers, as opposed to the functionality of the net books themselves.

Infrastructure, hardware, software and professional development for grade five classrooms, as far as the current funding allowed, was provided.

Summary Totals 2011-2012:

IEIE Hardware Orders

124 Basic Pc

124 LCD Monitors

3 Mac Computers

10 Laptop Computers

38 Net book Computers

2 HD Video Cameras

30 LCD projectors

$124, 081.30

IEIE Software Orders

168 Inspiration licenses

3 Mac Office licenses

103 Microsoft Office Pro licenses

132 (6 usersX22) Mighty Math Number Heroes licenses

4062 Renewable Microsoft Office licenses

$28, 090.00

Professional Development

Approximately 250 PD days were delivered to classroom teachers.

Data Managers , Jim McNeil, Tom Baker

· Aesop Payroll reporting nearing completion of database/application changes to enable for pilot beginning in April 2012.

· Programming and database amendments where developed for the following applications:

o Principal Site

· Ongoing support for Blackberry/Exchange services, web hosting, Aesop, Support for Students.


Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

Literacy Support Consultant, Lyn McInnis

All of the resources that were ordered to support struggling readers within the classroom have arrived, and were distributed at the Principals’ Meeting on March 29th. The books include both fiction and nonfiction titles. The books were ordered after several discussions with classroom teachers about what they felt was needed most in their classrooms. Overwhelmingly, they requested more books at varying levels to engage all readers within the classroom. We targeted grades two, four, and eight this year.

This year’s Annual Public Speaking event was held on April 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, beginning with junior and senior high schools and ending with elementary.

All high school English teachers received in-servicing around the Teaching In Action 10-12 Document in March. Not only did teachers receive a wonderful resource to take back to their classrooms, they also received many very useful strategies, shared by their colleagues. Teachers were also given Kelly Gallagher’s book, Readicide . Teachers were very interested in Gallagher’s ideas in using an “article of the week” to enrich their classroom reading programs. Teachers engaged in great conversations about what’s happening in their classrooms, this time to share is so important!

Our Literacy coach, Craig Seward, continues working within the junior high schools. Plans are now underway to offer teachers at the junior high level support with completing reading records. Craig will continue working for two week intervals at schools.

I have also continued working with MacDonald Elementary and Bras d’Or Elementary in developing writing continuums for their schools. This has been a very positive experience. Using their own students’ work to produce the piece has certainly proved to be an inspiration!

Mi’kmaw Consultant, Marjorie Graves

This month I attended the Mi’kmaw Kina’matneway symposium at the Dartmouth Ramada Inn. Being new in this position, attending this symposium helped me to make the necessary connections to the MK School Board. I got to see all the highlights from each community and what they were doing to include the Mi’kmaw culture in their schools.

I have also been working on the final touches of the Survey that I will be conducting at Sherwood Park. I am planning to have this survey completed by the end of April. I am hoping to use the results to help me see where I should help the teachers go with their instruction for the rest of the year and also for the following September.

Lastly, I attended the Schooling and Social Justice, Module 8 training through the NSELC, in Berwick. This training was a three day session, discussions centered on topics such as poverty, LBGTQ, gender and racial issues.


Cathy Viva, Coordinator

The work of the staff of Student Services continued with Lead teams providing workshops and inservices for schools. Transition meetings continue and student need assessments continue. The summaries below outline the work of the past month:

Behavior Support

Consultations with students and staff continued in March. The majority of these were students who required ongoing/follow-up support. Services were provided to students at Brookland Elementary, Glace Bay Elementary, Oceanview Education Centre, Breton Education Centre, St. Agnes Elementary, Ferrisview Elementary, John Bernard Croak and Bras d’Or Elementary. I completed the NSCC Professional Development workshop series.

On March 5, 2012 along with Louise Smith, Shauna MacKeigan and Michelle Finigan, a TTAP room was constructed at Breton Education Centre. Looks great!

The ASD Lead Team met on March 26th to continue to develop the Visual Supports binder for every school in the board.

On March 28th, the Student Services Department presented to parents and Early Intervention (EI) staff at a meeting hosted by All Kids Early Intervention.

On April 4th, the behavior specialist teacher attended the APSEA Workshop in Halifax. Louise and I were facilitators for the breakout group sessions.

ASD Consultant, Louise Smith

Members of the ASD Lead team met again in March to continue work on the resource binder for schools: "Visual Supports for School Success". The team has made excellent progress and the flash drive containing examples of visual supports for Daily Schedules, Work Systems, Classroom Supports, Behaviour Supports, Routines, Social Stories and Communication Aides was completed. The accompanying binder containing resource information for teachers in each of the areas was also completed. The team scheduled a final day in April (16th) to duplicate the materials. It is hoped that the binder will be introduced and distributed to principals at the April Principals' meeting.

The ASD consultant provided an information session on Autism to the North Sydney Rotary Club on the evening of March 7th and participated in the CBVRSB student services session for parents of new primary students entering school in September (AllKids) on the evening of March 28th.

The ASD consultant continued to provide site based support for students and staff using the STAR program at Rankin School of the Narrows, Mountainview, Boularderie, Sydney River Elementary and St Agnes Elementary. Currently in CBVRSB we have 11 elementary schools that are successfully using the STAR program: North Highlands Elementary, Rankin School of the Narrows, Boularderie Elementary, St Joseph Elementary, Jubilee Elementary, Sydney River Elementary (demonstration and training site), Coxheath Elementary, Mountainview Elementary, Riverside Elementary, St. Agnes Elementary and Glace Bay Elementary.

Two new TEACCH transition programming (TTAP) sites were established. Dedicated spaces were developed at Breton Education Center and Riverview High School. Administration and teacher support at these two sites was exemplary. Currently CBVRSB has 10 junior and senior high schools that are effectively using TEACCH transition programs (TTAP): Breton Education Center, Cabot Jr/Sr High, Dr TL Sullivan Jr High (demonstration and training site), Glace Bay High, Memorial High, Oceanview Education Center, Riverview High, Sydney Academy, Thompson Jr High and Whitney Pier Memorial.

The ASD consultant provided an overview of the Ziggurat Model for staff at Whitney Pier Memorial. The Ziggurat Model is a framework for designing comprehensive interventions/programming for individuals diagnosed with ASD. Currently within CBVRSB, this model has been piloted with program planning teams at 2 junior high schools and 3 elementary schools: Dr TL Sullivan Jr High, Whitney Pier Memorial, Sydney River Elementary, Mountainview Elementary and Greenfield Elementary.

The ASD Consultant continued to provide site based support, training and programming for students, teachers, teacher assistants, parents and program planning teams. This included direct work with students, classroom observations and program implementation, program planning team meetings, IPP development and review meetings and transition meetings (elementary to junior high): St Joseph Elementary, Dr TL Sullivan Jr. High, Sydney Academy, Brookland Elementary, Sydney River Elementary, Greenfield Elementary, St Agnes Elementary and Sherwood Park Education Center.

The ASD Consultant participated in and completed the "Working with People Professional Development Series" for Coordinators and Consultants at the Northside Staff Development Center and attended the CBVRSB legal sessions for Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Students Services Team at Memorial High School.

Student Services Consultant, Mike Mombourquette

The Student Services Consultant was involved in the following initiatives:

· The Gifted Lead Team presented the Gifted and Talented document to schools.

· The Learning Disabilities Lead Team in-serviced schools on the Learning Disabilities Guidelines.

· The Learning Disabilities Lead Team worked with schools to develop strategies and discuss programs to support students with learning disabilities.

· The IPP Lead Team met to prepare roll out of the Adaptation Modules which begins April 5 and continues for the 12th and 13th.

· The Student Needs Audit was completed at schools.

· Transition meetings were completed with AIP, Allkids and daycares to discuss transitioning for primary students entering in September 2012.

· An evening Parent Information session with Allkids was completed.

· Assistance onsite for Program Planning teams continues.

· Non-Violent Crisis training for Learning Centre teachers was held on March 22nd and 23rd at Brookland Elementary.

· The transition contacts directory continues to be updated.

Head Psychologist, Cathy Boudreau

Since February’s PSS Report, school board psychologists have participated in the following professional development sessions:

· Non-Violent Crisis Intervention with Chad Tobin on February 20, 2012.

· TIENET Training with Sheila Kublek on February 24, 2012.

· Collaborative Problem-Solving model with Laura MacNeil, Psychologist with Child & Adolescent Services on March 6, 2012.

· LD Lead Team presentation to school board, SLP’s, Psychologists and Learning Disabilities Teachers regarding provincial LD document on March 8, 2012.

· Currently, 4 psychologists are co-facilitating “Leaky Breaks” therapy groups (Angela Hull, Alison Lewis, Francine Burke and Susan MacLean).

· As Head Psychologist, I have completed the NSCC Course “Working with People” assisted in the development and delivery of the Gifted Education and Talented Development Document In-Service on March 6, 2012 and began to work on the evaluation process for chosen psychologists for the 2012 year. The School Psychology Team met on April 3, 2012 (AM).

· I and my school psychology colleagues are working diligently to address caseload needs. We continue to provide consultative support to our schools and behavioural support upon request.

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