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PSS Report: September, 2012
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 10/03/2012 (2635 reads)
PSS Report: September, 2012


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Early Literacy

Language Arts Consultant P-12, Audrey Kyte Murphy

The literacy development of the P-1 students receiving support through Succeeding in Reading has been compiled and the growth of the students has been significant. The Early Literacy Teachers and their coach Susan Mac Donald are very committed to the program and are to be commended for their efforts during the first year of the intervention. Planning is underway as to how to move forward with the intervention for grade 2 students in 2012-2013. The end of year primary reading results have been submitted to Audrey Kyte Murphy and will be used as a guide to determine the students needing support as we continue the intervention in grade one in September.

The Department of Education funded a two day professional development session in May for all teachers of grade 2 and 3 students as they introduced and provided a Reading Assessment Resource to support classroom assessment practices. Audrey Kyte Murphy, Geraldine Beaver, and Donna Sullivan represented our board as members of a provincial team developing the resource. The P-1 teachers will receive PD regarding this resource on September 20-21, 2012.

Development of the CBVRSB writing continuum at school sites has been a continued focus this month. The feedback from teachers and principals regarding this site based work has been very positive. It is a goal to move this forward into junior high next year.

Audrey Kyte Murphy and Geraldine Beaver have been working on a revised board wide writing map, developed a conventions framework for school wide planning, and aligned school grade level writing goals with the CBVRSB writing continuum. This information is intended to support teachers as they help their students grow as writers. Schools not involved yet will develop their continuum early in 2012-2013.

A summer literacy institute is tentatively planned for late August for teachers new to P-6.

Mathematics Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk


Grade 6 teachers have informed parents/guardians of the results of the EMLA which was written on May 22-23. On June 18, Marlene Urquhart and I analyzed the results. We reviewed the data with Cathy MacNeil on June 26 and discussed ways to further support students and teachers.

Grade 3 students wrote the EEMLA on May 22-23. These results are expected in September.

On June 5-6, Marlene Urquhart and I attended Provincial Math Team meetings in Halifax. The focus of the meetings was the new P-3 mathematics curriculum which will be implemented in the 2013-2014 school term. The team continued to develop professional development sessions for principals and early elementary teachers.

Marlene Urquhart has been providing support to Marion Bridge School with school accreditation goals involving mathematics.

This year three schools have been involved in an Early Math Intervention Program to further support students in their mathematical development. Support was given to students in grades 2 and 3 through a pull out program that provided extra support in a small group setting. Harbourside Elementary, Greenfield Elementary and Ferrisview Elementary were the participating schools. This was a board initiated program that received funding from the Department of Education. Early Math Intervention teachers met with Cathy MacNeil, Marlene Urquhart and me to discuss the program. Most students involved experienced some level of improvement in mathematical comprehension and self-esteem.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Twelve students were awarded scholarships totaling almost $6000 from the Giant 101.9 music grant. These students are receiving assistance for summer music camps and post-secondary study in music. Thank you again to the Giant!

It is with great sadness that our music staff mourns the loss of music teacher Dave McKeough. Dave taught band and guitar programs at MacLennan, Coxheath and Robin Foote. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and co-workers. Plans are underway to establish a scholarship in his memorial.

Recruitment for beginner band students to start in September has been taking place throughout the month of June.

An “arts” PowerSchool team is being established to ensure successful implementation and use of GradeBook at the elementary level for 2012-2013.

Five students are graduating with successful completion of the Fine Arts certificate. This certificate started at Holy Angels High School. These five students started the certificate there and have completed the requirements at their current high schools which include Glace Bay High, Riverview and Sydney Academy. Congratulations!

Here’s to a wonderful summer for everyone whatever your plans may be!

Library Support Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

ANTEC (Atlantic Native Teachers' Education Conference:

The success of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board’s “Adopt-A-Library” program was presented as a workshop at the ANTEC conference in May, at Cape Breton University. Carmelita Cousins, Library Consultant CBVRSB along with Cst. John Kennedy (RCMP) and Adopt-A-Library Founder/Coordinator shared their experiences in developing the Reading Challenge competition for students P-9, both the elementary and secondary categories. Delegates heard about the development of this program from aboard perspective and various highlights were provided.

Celebration: St. Agnes Elementary:

On May 29, 2012, a celebration of reading was held at St. Agnes Elementary School, New Waterford. Various dignitaries were in attendance to join with students and staff in celebrating this school’s accomplishments in the 2011-2012 WOW Reading Challenge: Superintendent Walter Rutherford and Cst. Hank Lamond (Cape Breton Regional Police Services), Gord Hankin Adopt-A-Library Provincial Committee Chairman, and Kim Desveax Cape Breton Regional Municipality Councillor. St. Agnes received the Silver Banner for placing second in the world in their division (Fiddlers 0-250 students) as well as being Silver overall in the elementary competition (both divisions). St. Agnes also has the distinction of being the gold banner and trophy winner for the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board in the elementary schools. Students at St. Agnes read an average of 332 books per student in a 5 month period. Trophies, banners, and prizes were awarded to cheers of happiness among those in attendance, especially the students who were delighted at their success.

New Location/New Resources:

With the Teachers’ Resource Centre at its new location, there is much to cheer about in terms of services being provided to CBVRSB staff. The spacious facility now includes a reading and work area where small groups can work if either the other rooms in the Staff Development are being utilized or if a small area is required. The reading area allows for a spot to read in comfort and be near various professional and classroom resources, hence enabling that person to take time and decide if they wish to borrow the item(s) for use in their classroom. The Teachers’ Resource Centre will be opened during the summer months.

Active Healthy Living Consultant, Mary Lou Andrea

Track and field was the big event this month with three different meets taking place at the Cape Breton Health Recreation Complex. The first one was the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation provincial championship which was hosted for the first time by Sydney Academy. Over 900 athletes from 100 schools competed in 110 events, in everything from running, hurdles, high jump and discus. Our board also hosted both the elementary and junior track meets. Both events saw a great deal of skill and determination by all students involved.

Doctors Nova Scotia Youth run took place June 2. Incredibly, 1455 youth from across the island took part in the run which was the climax of great running programs held at many of P-9 schools throughout the board.

Nutrition for Learning, Dietitian Debbie Madore

On June 22, The Lakes Golf Course was the host to the ninth annual golf tournament in support of Breakfast program. Denise Gallant joined me as the co-chair from CU Wealth & Insurance and Sydney Credit Union were the partner organization for the last 3 years and brought 18 teams with them!

Each team enjoyed 18 holes of golf, followed by a Prime Rib supper, and all teams left with a prize. The silent auction was a big hit, and participants were able to bid on items at the holes. Advertising was sold for silver and gold hole signs to raise the profits for the event and games were played on several holes which also contributed to the pot!

The event raised an impressive $30,600. Along with it being a great fundraiser, it provided an increase in awareness about the program.


Debbie McIsaac, Coordinator

Math Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk


The Grade 8 Mathematical Literacy Assessment was written on June 5-6. These results are expected in September.

On June 7-8, Marlene Urquhart and I attended Provincial Math Team meetings in Halifax. The focus of the meetings was an examination of the new high school math curriculum. Math courses at the grade 10 level will be implemented in the 2013-2014 school term.

On June 19-20, Grade 12 Math Teachers participated in the NSE Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics regional marking session at the Staff Development Centre, North Sydney. The session went well.

On June 4, Debbie McIsaac, Marlene Urquhart and I did a session with guidance counsellors. Debbie explained that in the 2012-2013 school term, support will be provided to grade 10 students that were not successful in Math 9 in the 2011-2012 school term and want to take Foundations 10, Math 10 or Math 10 Plus. The support will be given in the first semester. Marlene and I explained the support program. A similar session was done with junior and senior high principals at the Principals’ Meeting on May 30.

On June 28, Susan Kelley, Marlene Urquhart and I attended a provincial meeting in Halifax to discuss the implementation plans for the new math curriculum.

Students from grades 7, 8 and 10 in the CB-VRSB, that were not successful in mathematics in the 2010-2011 school term, have the opportunity to attend a Skills Building Program in July 2012. This program provides support to a student in the specific areas that are critical for the student to be successful in the next year.

Vocational Consultant, Ken Collier

Transition meetings with the junior high schools were completed in May. These meetings are vital for the success of many students entering our building. Staff from the feeder schools were very helpful as we prepare for the arrival of these students.

Applications for the various skilled trades/technical programs are still coming in as we prepare for the next school year. We are seeing a number of the core programs being filled with students that are currently in Grade 10. This means that there are fewer spots, if any, for post graduates.

Our annual Awards Night was held on Tuesday, May 29th. This banquet was well attended and students and staff were very pleased with the result. Awards were given out for academic achievement, sports accomplishments, and skills competitions medalists. A good time was had by all.

Graduation is fast approaching and plans are well underway. Students are anticipating the end of the school year and enjoying the summer break. Projects in the various shops are being completed and the cleanup for the start of the school year in September is underway.

The dust collection system for the carpentry shop has finally arrived, with the second system arriving in the near future. Next step will be the installation and commissioning of the units. Plans are for everything to be operational by September 6/12. Our fingers are crossed.

The annual Vocational Barbeque for the students was held on Wednesday, June 13th. This event is always anticipated and enjoyed by the students. Staff prepare and serve the food to the students, and this event is very well attended. A lot of laughs are evident that day as the staff and students enjoy some quality time to decompress and discuss the year.

2011-2012 has been a very productive year. The vocational programs are busy with a lot of learning taking place. Preparing our students to go out into the world and make their mark is something that we are very proud to be a part of. When we hear from a former student who is working in their chosen profession, it is very gratifying. Many students feel that the vocational programs are a very big part of their school life. The fact that students can complete a vocational program along with completing their high school diploma is something that we can be very proud of.

NSISP Consultant, Kevin Linden

Applications are still coming in to our school district and are being placed with the families with have remaining. As mentioned in last months report, we are pleased to secure a homestay family in Baddeck for one Junior High Brazilian student. We have been very busy seeking other homes in the area for this upcoming fall.

As applications for new students come in, the homestay coordinators are busy matching families to the students. This year we have had several of our senior families take a break after hosting for many years. This has caused us to look closely at other ways of promoting hosting families. The Community Press, in New Waterford, have donated a full page advertisement to our NSISP students and families. The Community Press, plan on highlighting the events and activities that these students have partaken in, as well as promoting the family hosting component and how these students have added to our positive school climate. Millie George has been instrumental in organizing this on behalf of our program. We are looking at the potential cost of doing the same in the Cape Breton Post to help promote the need of future hosting families.

The following students achieved honors and were presented their pins and certificates at the awards banquet at SA. (Highest Honors: Duoduo(Catie) Xu, Leonie Delfts, Adam Cizmar, Sultan Alara Cetin Honors: Tianyi (Oliver) Zhao, Nino Sidell, Maya Nagahara, Cem Monus, Alberto Herrera Castillo, David Fleschig, Viktoria Benedickt, Carmen Melissa Ayala Ramirez, Jose Pablo Aguilera Duenas)

Alberto Herrera won “The Rookie of the Year” for the boy’s division 1 soccer team and Paul Kim won the Most Valuable Player on the boy’s Rugby Team.

Riverview was instrumental this year in including the International students in their Awards night. There were a number of students in their school playing on school teams, community teams, involved in outside organized sports or groups.

1.) The following students received Academic Honour status, Xizhi (Bella) Li, Mads Norgard, Samantha Pichon, Charlotte Habermehl, Leticia Romero, Melisa Fernandez, and Mathilde Bouillot, Karen Nagamine,

2.) Mads Norgard was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for Boy’s Division 2 soccer at RHS Sports Awards Night.

3.) Both Mads Norgard and Luis Tisner received their red Varsity Athletic R at Sports Award Night

4.) Karen Nagamine was awarded the Most Valuable Female Golfer award for her performance at the CB Regional Championships in the fall, where she placed second overall. She also received her red Varsity Athletic R.

June brings with it an abundance of work for both the internationals and staff. Returning students are busy renewing study permits with the help of our homestay coordinators and summer camp begins for three of our internationals this week. The summer camp is being held in Truro this year before returning back to school in September. Millie George has been busy in developing an ESL assessment component to include with the students final reports. Millie reported that the NSISP has asked her to look at this from a provincial perspective and bring the possibility of a universal ESL component at their next planning meeting in August.

June 10th Volunteer and Farewell BBQ.

The volunteer BBQ and student farewell field day went extremely well with activities in Petersfield before hand and a Barbecue held at the Westmount Fire Hall.


Student Departures began on June 26th and will conclude on July 3rd. Kevin Linden is present in Halifax to ensure that students arrive safely at the airport and are placed on their flights either the same day or the next. This chaperoning process has been an instrumental part of the success for our program here in Cape Breton. We pride ourselves in how well our arrivals and departures are handled with very few issues.

Behavioral Contracts

Pleased to say that there have been none for us this month.


Fall Orientation has been booked for September 14-15th and we are meeting to complete the details this upcoming week.

French Second Language Consultant, Laurie MacIntosh

· Oral proficiency interviews have been completed by Laurie MacIntosh, French Second Language Consultant for students in grade six Intensive French at Greenfield Elementary School, students from Riverview Rural High who participated in the Nova Scotia-Québec Exchange Program as well as students from the five official Core French “classes expérimentales” (Greenfield Elementary, George D. Lewis, Brookland Elementary, MacLennan Jr. High and Rankin School). Results were very positive and have since been sent to the Nova Scotia Department of Education, French Language Services for analysis and compilation.

· Professional development sessions have wrapped-up for another academic year in June. The final in-service for Core French (4-9) “classes expérimentales” teachers from the CBVRSB, the Strait Regional and Chignecto Regional Board took place in Mulgrave on June 1, 2012. On June 11 and 12, Celeste Foisy Lahey ( Mentor) and Lindy Oliver (Whitney Pier Memorial) met as part of a PLC focusing on the alignment of French outcomes for Jr. High” classes expérimentales” with grade book. On September 20 the first in-service of the year will be held in Halifax for the pilot teachers of “Littératie en Action”, Suzanne Aucoin (Malcolm Munroe) and Laurie MacIntosh (French Consultant) will be in attendance.

• Hélène Crane (Glace Bay High), Jacqueline Lewis (Glace Bay High), and Laurie MacIntosh (French Consultant) will be part of a fourth cohort of DELF examiner/markers this summer. Previously trained examiner/markers include Jennifer Moss and Laura Dunlop from Riverview High, Brenda MacNeil and William Sampson from Memorial High and Craig Buckland from Breton Education Centre. The responsibility of the examiner/marker is to administer and correct the oral and written components of the spring session of the DELF exam. (Diplôme d’études en langue française). The purpose of the DELF exam is to give students international recognition for their accomplishments in French Second Language learning. Approximately 60 grade 12 French Second Language students from Riverview, Sydney Academy and Memorial High recently undertook the DELF exam. For further information on DELF, please visit

English Second Language, Millie George

The English as An Additional Language program/English as a Second Language assessment reports were completed and will be sent to the student’s individual country with their report cards. This assessment was based on the Oxford Cambridge Placement as a pre-test and post-test. Students were also assessed on samples of age appropriate writing topics. Students continued to work on grammar lessons which they incorporated into their writing tasks. This assessment was an on-going process based on the needs of the student and their level of English proficiency.

My goal is to work on an outcome-based assessment modeled from on the Newfoundland ESL outcome curriculum, but I will use the Nova Scotia outcomes. This assessment will be a check-list based on the Nova Scotia English Language outcomes which can be noted as the student reaches that level.

Community-Based Learning/Options & Opportunities Consultant, Rhonda Smith

O2 Graduates

There are thirty-nine O2 students graduating in this year. In addition to receiving their high school diploma, each graduate will have an O2 completion certificate, a number of workplace safety training certificates and four c-operative education credits which equals 400 hours of work/career experiences in our community. Forty-one percent of the graduates have taken advantaged of the NSCC seat and will attend in September 2012. Five of the graduates are former Holy Angels students who were able to complete the O2 program along with receiving their high school diploma.

Summer Co-op

English Program Services of the Department of Education has once again provided a co-op summer grant to support students who are completing a co-op credit during the summer months. This grant supports students whose schedule does not allow for co-op during regular school, the Building Futures for Youth students and for students interested in careers that are best explored in the summer. This summer there will be approximately 24 students completing their co-op credits under the supervision of three co-op teachers and the community-based learning consultant.

Skilled Trades Centre Expansion

John Drish, Coordinator of Trades Integration, Department of Education has recommended Glace Bay High as an expansion site for Skilled Trades. He has indicated that all requirements have been met and that the Director of Programs can now make an official request to Ann Blackwood, English Program Services. The request was made in early June.


Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

The final assessments for the year were completed in the month of June, and included: Grade 8 mathematics Assessment, NSE Mathematics 12/Advanced Mathematics 12 and the NSE English 12 and English/Communication 12. Final math marks were received from the Department of Education on Friday June 22nd, and were immediately distributed to schools.

The Student Support Worker Program co-sponsored with Community United for Black Education (CUBE) a night to Honor the Class of 2012. The evening recognized all students of African descent who participate in the Student Support Worker program. Students were presented with a personalized Kente scarf to recognize and honor their academic achievement. Following the presentation a small reception followed. This year marked the largest group of African Nova Scotian graduates ever in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.

The RCH November 30th Professional Development Day Committee has begun meeting in preparation for the day. Several presenters have been contacted and planning is well underway. The Keynote speaker will be Dr. Enid Lee, educator and author of over 30 publications including the resource Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development. In preparation for this session Ms. Lee sought input from principals in our board, the information will help shape her session with teachers. Principals have provided some wonderful insight and Ms. Lee is appreciative of the feedback.

On June 4th, I presented to a class of Bachelor of Education students at Cape Breton University. The presentation focused on my role as Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights Coordinator, the Black Learners Advisory Committee (BLAC) Report, Reality Check Report, and the Provincial Racial Equity Policy. The session encouraged the future educators to be cognizant of the biases we sometimes posses and impose in our pedagogical practices. The session allowed for some great questions and class discussion.

Literacy Support Consultant, Lyn McInnis

All of the schools that I was working with on developing writing continuums have completed their work. These schools include: Macdonald Elementary, Bras d’Or Elementary, St. Joseph Elementary, Jubilee Elementary, and Ferrisview Elementary. I am so proud of the fine work and dedication of all teachers and principals in embracing such a worthwhile school initiative. The value of using the writing continuums with students in the classroom will be significant. Follow-up with the writing continuums will continue in September. Lead team members are in place to offer support to their staff members.

Teachers in grades three to nine have worked very diligently this month in completing their Summary of Student Progress Reports for students identified as “not yet meeting expectations” on the Early Language Literacy Assessment and the Elementary Literacy Assessment.

At the junior high level, spreadsheets containing the Junior High Literacy Assessment data were given to the principals to take back to their schools and share the ‘big picture’ with their staff. Principals were asked to share, with all teaching staff, areas of strength as well as areas of need as seen through the data.

Craig continued to work with teachers through the month of June, assisting with end of year assessment notes and developing some plans for September.

Plans are underway for September to provide on-site support for new to grade three and grade six teachers prior to the writing of the Literacy Assessments.

At the Junior high level, we are planning to develop writing continuums to assist students and teachers with the writing process.

We are also planning to develop “matters of correctness” lessons/strategies to be used on site, at all levels, as this was an area in need of some support as identified on the Literacy Assessments.

One of our hopes for next year is to bring the vice principals together and build capacity around the various literacy support initiatives. We can certainly see the many benefits in having this extra support on site.

Next year we will continue to provide classroom teachers with their ELLA/ELA data in spreadsheet form. Teachers always appreciate this overview; it certainly helps them to plan future instructional pieces. Many thanks to Jim MacNeil for all his expertise in this area!

Mi’kmaq Consultant, Marjorie Graves

This year in the Mi’kmaq Consultant position I have been in contact with Mi’kmaw Kina’matneway school board, Bruce Hearney, Educational Social Worker at SA, Marsha Googoo, Educational Social Worker at SPEC, Mi’kmaq Resource Centre at CBU and the Schools Plus program. I have met with each of these organizations and plan to continue to keep in contact with them to help me support both the students and teachers of the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

I have attended many different events that include a presentation at Cape Breton University by Gerald Gloade on Glooscap’s Legends, Mi’kmaw Kina’matneway symposium and a Powwow at Shipyard. I also attended the Show me you’re Math Fair in Antigonish, Atlantic Native Teacher Education Conference held at CBU in May and the Lecture Series at the Wagmatcook Cultural Center on Indian Residential schools. I am hoping to use all the information and contacts that I acquired to enrich and assist any teachers looking for support in the upcoming school year.

I have completed two modules from the Nova Scotia Education Leadership Consortium: Module 13, Schooling and Social Justice and Module 13, Assessment. I feel both these modules are very beneficial for the position that I currently hold as the Mi’kmaq Consultant. They allowed me to network with many individuals and make the connections necessary to fulfill this position to the fullest. I also found the material taught was very informative to my line of work.

I have also have had the opportunity to visit many different classrooms throughout the school board. These included grades P-6, presentations on different aspects of the Mi’kmaq culture and making dream catchers. In the following year I am hoping to have the chance to visit more schools and also to work more with the teachers to see where they would like support with the curriculum.

This month I was in contact with Jeff Ward, the Curator for the Membertou Heritage Park. He did a presentation for the students and teachers at SPEC, and also organized a Powwow for the school. This was a very successful event and was received well by all.

Four Plus Program, Rebecca Walcott

This month the class has completed the letters W, X, Y, and Z. They have completed their booklet on the numbers 8, and 9; and on Dinosaurs as well.

For Father's Day, the class also made a mini book craft and coloring.

The class completed the unit on Community Helpers. They discussed what they were, the importance of their jobs and how they help in our community.

They also worked on the Five Senses Unit. For each sense, the students did a coloring where they could only color the objects that had to do with that particular sense, drew examples of it and made a craft.

African History scrapbooks were filled with all the inventors and important people they have learned about all year, as well as their alphabet scrapbook and scribbler.

On Davis Day the school had a Fun Day. Every class took turns in 15 minute intervals for each activity/game outside. The morning ended with Home and School Association sponsored lunch and ticket draws.

Graduation was a success. The students were proud of their accomplishments from all year. They have come a long way from not being able to hold a pencil in October to being able to spell and print their name on their work now in June.


Cathy Viva, Coordinator

Student Services staff have been continuing to attend transition meetings for new primary students and for students moving into our communities.

End-of-year reports have been completed and submitted to the Department of Education and plans for professional development for the upcoming school year have been discussed.

Student Services Consultant

· Learning Disabilities Lead team presented new end-of-the year reporting forms.

· The Learning Disabilities Lead team provided an information session for the Learning Disabilities teachers on the Angling for Words reading program.

· Learning Disabilities Lead Team reviewed and ordered materials for the Learning Disabilities programs.

· Responded to phone calls from parents, schools and outside agencies.

· Transition meetings with schools, A.I.P, Allkids and daycares to discuss transitioning for primary students entering in September.

· Discussed many day-to-day issues with principals, parents and teachers .

· Completed Teacher Assistant requests.

ASD Consultant

On June 4th and 5th, Annamarie Talbot, Student Services Teacher Leader for the Strait Regional School Board, accompanied by Louise Smith, ASD Consultant CBVRSB, visited STAR and TEACH Transition Programming (TTAP) sites in CBVRSB to collaborate and share information regarding best practice and programming for students with ASD. It was an excellent opportunity to talk with teachers and discuss the challenges and successes experienced at their respective schools. It was clear that teachers valued the programs, saw the benefit for their students and had a clear understanding of programming to meet specific needs of individual students. It was great to hear about the progress and success experienced by students participating in these specialized programs. It is definitely worth acknowledging the hard work and expertise of our teachers in CBVRSB. Sites visited included:

June 4th
Breton Education Centre- TTAP Program- Teacher- Michelle Finnigan
Glace Bay Elementary- STAR Program- Teacher- Lorna Fraser
Oceanview Education Centre - TTAP program- Teachers- Janice Donovan and Annette Boutlier
Glace Bay High- TTAP Program-Teacher- Cindy MacDonald

June 5th

Riverview High School-TTAP Program- Teachers- Lee Ann Astephen and Lorna Gillis
Sydney River Elementary-STAR Program- Teacher- Brent Wadden (Lisa MacIntosh)
Memorial High School- TTAP Program-Teacher- Tara Ivey
TL Sullivan Junior High-TTAP training and demonstration site

Visits to schools highlighted "ASD Initiatives in Action" within CBVRSB. Feedback from Annamarie was extremely positive. It was two great days of sharing resources and best practice that will benefit students in both CBVRSB and SRSB.

June was a month filled with program planning and materials making (visual supports) for new students entering primary in September and for students transitioning from grade to grade/school to school. The ASD consultant participated in IPP/PPT meetings at Sydney River Elementary, Brookland Elementary, Mountainview Elementary, Sherwood Park Education Center, Rankin School of the Narrows, Boularderie Elementary, Baddeck Academy and Jubilee Elementary. Visual supports and home programs for the summer were provided for many families as requested.

ASD Consultants representing boards across the province met via video conference on June 15th. The meeting was facilitated by Susan Jozsa, Autism Consultant with the Department of Education. Information was shared regarding the APSEA ASD initiative and website, potential training opportunities for the 2012-13 school year (PEERS), cost sharing PD opportunities for Boards utilising SEIRC funds (Healthy Relationships/Sexuality-Isabelle Henault), completion of SEIRC Autism grants and Department of Education ASD Document.

ASD consultant, Louise Smith and ASD lead teacher, Lorna Fraser provided a PD session (Understanding Autism) at the YMCA of Cape Breton for summer camp coordinators and counsellors. The YMCA is one of the few organizations locally that provides summer opportunities for children and youth with special needs. Feedback regarding the session was extremely positive. Visual supports were shared and discussed with the group.

ASD Consultant, Louise Smith and ASD Lead Teacher, Sherry Jessome will facilitate an ASD Summer workshop again this summer, August 21 and 22 at the Staff Development Center in North Sydney: " I See What You Mean": Using Visual Supports and Structure to Support Classroom Success for Students Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Currently the session is filled with permanent contract teachers from a wide variety of teaching assignments and a waiting list has been developed. It is great to have such a strong expression of interest in this PD opportunity.

Behaviour Specialist

As always, June is an extremely hectic and stressful month, consisting of transitioning meetings, development of materials (e.g. visual supports, communication sheets, data forms) for the upcoming school year, and planning of behaviour support for newly referred students. The following summaries my services throughout the month:

1. Transition Meetings

Transition meetings for primary students starting school in September were held at the following schools:

- Mountainview Elementary
Robin Foote Elementary
Harbourside Elementary.

Transition meetings for students transitioning from grade to grade were attended at the following schools:

- Oceanview Educational Center
Harbourside Elementary.

2. Primary Orientation

A new primary student with special needs attending John Bernard Croak missed the primary orientation. However, the School PPT, Early Intervention, and Autism Intervention Program felt that it would be extremely important for this child to experience some time in a primary classroom prior to September. The school made arrangements for this child to attend for part of a school morning. With the support of the AIP Interventionist, the school-based S-LP and myself, the student had an extremely successful orientation day.

3. New Referrals

Consultations were completed for two new referrals at St. Agnes Elementary and Harbourside Elementary.

4. Preparation for September

Given the number of students starting school in September, an extensive number of supports (e.g. “Starting School” social stories, classroom visual schedules, individual visual schedules, choice boards, home-school communication sheets, token systems, etc.) needed to be developed for these students. These supports required hours to develop (e.g. taking photographs, writing social stories, laminating, velcroing, etc.)…and I probably have about another weeks work to complete these supports. In addition, teachers and TAs unfamiliar with these supports will need training to implement appropriately and consistently.

5. Student Services Meeting on June 25th

A Student Services meeting was held on June 25th. This past school year was reviewed and responsibilities for the upcoming school year were outlined.

TIENET Facilitator

By the middle of June all elementary Tienet lead teachers and school administrators received their second day of training for Tienet. As well, all resource, learning centre, learning disabilities and STEPS teachers at the junior high and elementary levels received one day of training for Tienet. The guidance counselors from junior high and elementary participated in a half day of Tienet training. All schools were required to complete the Special Needs Transportation document in Tienet for the 2012 – 2013 school year for all students requiring special transportation. All schools successfully completed this document in a timely manner.

The third week of June was spent in Halifax with the provincial Tienet facilitators and representatives from Maximus. During that week the facilitators continued to explore security roles in both PowerSchool and Tienet, developed additional reports for extracting data from Tienet and made minor adjustments to the current documents in Tienet. We also participated in a joint meeting with the PowerSchool Project Managers to discuss the flow of data between PowerSchool / PowerTeacher and explore indicators of Tienet activity within PowerSchool / PowerTeacher.

A meeting took place in June with Lynn Lalonde, the assistive technology supervisor for APSEA (Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority). Ms. Lalonde was meeting with assistive technology representatives in each school board around the Atlantic Provinces to discuss the availability of assistive technology to students and the process involved in implementing software and hardware. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue to forge the working relationship between the itinerant teachers at APSEA who support programs for students within our school board.

Head Psychologist

Since the May 17, 2012 PSS Report, all school board psychologists participated in the two-day Assist workshop with school guidance counselors. We thoroughly enjoyed this PD session and it helped us to develop and extend current skills in the area of suicide intervention. We wish to thank Cathy Viva for having our team participate in school board PD sessions with our guidance, learning disability and speech-language colleagues throughout the year. This allowed for networking and a collaborative approach to addressing professional topics/concerns. We also continued our role on various lead teams within the CBVRSB.

I facilitated a school psychology team meeting on the morning of June 4, 2012. The team finalized the job description for school psychologists at the request of the Coordinator of Student Services and this was forwarded to the Coordinator.

As Head Psychologist, I have completed the evaluation process for Alison Lewis (write up to be completed during the summer with the Coordinator's approval). Alison has readily become a full participant on the school psychology team and has enjoyed a productive, successful year with CBVRSB. The evaluation process has begun with Kathy Braunmiller and Nicole Forgeron, and will be completed by December 31, 2012.

A review of the year in school psychology revealed that psychologists are very pleased with the revised school circuits we had this year. Psychologists have engaged in a consultative-collaborative approach to working with school personnel via improved attendance/participation in the program planning process, providing behavior support, engaging in Leaky Brakes therapy groups, and providing PD (anxiety session during the November in-service). We also continue to engage in psycho-educational assessments as part of our direct services and continue to see the trend of complex learning profiles. Currently, wait lists are reasonable in most areas of the school board, with the exception of the Glace Bay area. Francine Burke and I have volunteered to help out with the caseload in Glace Bay in the Fall of 2012.

We are concerned about the reduction in assessment office secretarial support for the New Waterford and Glace Bay areas for the 2012-2013 school year and will require direction as to how to deal with this reduction in secretarial support.

The Ashby Assessment Office will be relocating to the Sydney River Assessment Office in September. We have been preparing for this move in recent weeks and expect to make the move some time in September, once office construction is complete.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Assistive Technology/Tienet Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

By the middle of June all elementary Tienet lead teachers and school administrators received their second day of training for Tienet. As well, all resource, learning centre, learning disabilities and STEPS teachers at the junior high and elementary levels received one day of training for Tienet. The guidance counselors from junior high and elementary participated in a half day of Tienet training. All schools were required to complete the Special Needs Transportation document in Tienet for the 2012 – 2013 school year for all students requiring special transportation. All schools successfully completed this document in a timely manner.

The third week of June was spent in Halifax with the provincial Tienet facilitators and representatives from Maximus. During that week the facilitators continued to explore security roles in both PowerSchool and Tienet, developed additional reports for extracting data from Tienet and made minor adjustments to the current documents in Tienet. We also participated in a joint meeting with the PowerSchool Project Managers to discuss the flow of data between PowerSchool / PowerTeacher and explore indicators of Tienet activity within PowerSchool / PowerTeacher.

A meeting took place in June with Lynn Lalonde, the assistive technology supervisor for APSEA (Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority). Ms. Lalonde was meeting with assistive technology representatives in each school board around the Atlantic Provinces to discuss the availability of assistive technology to students and the process involved in implementing software and hardware. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue to forge the working relationship between the itinerant teachers at APSEA who support programs for students within our school board.

IEI Consultant (Brad MacNeil)

70 IEI Net books have been distributed to grade six classrooms within the district. Each elementary school with grades p-3 in the building will also be receiving Mobile Technology centres (Net book carts with 10 Net books) and with the roll out these carts, our Elementary Schools will be in good shape. There has been some very positive feedback from teachers who have already received Net book carts. They have been telling us that the students love the Net books and are looking to use them for their work all of the time. Teachers have also been sharing them among the various grade levels.

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