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Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, February 25, 2013
Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 03/11/2013 (1184 reads)
Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, February 25, 2013

HELD AT Northside Professional Development Centre, North Sydney
February 25, 2013

On February 25, 2013 the Board met for their Regular monthly meeting.

The meeting began with a correspondence report presented by Mr. George Boudreau, Board Secretary.He noted that the Minister of Education forwarded correspondence regarding a significant investment in the students of our province.The province is investing over $95 million for new schools, additions and alterations, buses and expansion of IT projects for 2013-14.The second piece of correspondence from the province was an invitation to submit an application to expand the SchoolsPlus within our Board.

During the delegations and petitions agenda item the Board was pleased to have Ms. Krissy Forrest and Ms. Erin Murrin make a power-point presentation with regards to African Heritage Month.

Superintendent White followed up with his report. Highlights of his report included celebrating African Heritage Month.This year’s theme is “Then and Now: Our Journey Continues”.He noted that all our schools have engaged in activities, guest speakers, field trips, performances and school based projects.

He further noted that we have had an influx of severe weather during the month of February causing school closures throughout the month.It is the hopes of the Board that the weather is behind us and less closures will occur.

The Board have amended the Board meeting schedule for the remainder of the school year to travel to varying schools throughout the Board in order to obtain a better understanding of the geography of our Board.

Work continues with the Strategic Procurement Project and the Shared Services committee.

During the Education Committee report the Board approved the following French Special Projects:



Literacy Support / Mentoring – Core French (4-9), Intensive Core French grade 6.Full time mentor to be cost shared with the Strait Regional School Board.


Literacy Resource Teacher Late French Immersion (7-9)


Professional development and support for Literacy-based French Second Language Experimental classes (4-9) and Core French (7-12)


Linguistic and socio-cultural enrichment opportunities outside the classroom for French Second Language Students (grades 4-12)

Commissioner Mercer provided the Board with the highlights of the recent meeting.Highlights included; Hank Middleton was acclaimed as 2nd Vice President and Gin Yee was acclaimed as Treasurer.

NSSBA will be sent boards a detailed outline of the proposed changes to the association’s governance and structure.These changes aim to increase the engagement of the BOD by eliminating the executive committee and expanding the participation of more board members in standing committees. At the same time, the association will increase the utilization of video conferencing to minimize costs. Boards will be asked to review each item individually and provide a written response back to the NSSBA so that the BOD can make a decision at their March meeting on how to proceed.

The Executive Committee met with the Minister of Education on January 8, 2013, to discuss the NSSBA resolutions from the 2012 AGM.

The following NSSBAcommunications initiatives are underway:

  • The new NSSBA website will be launched in the near future.
  • A membership directory is being developed. All school board members are encouraged to return their “Let Us Get To Know You Forms” to NSSBA as soon as possible.
  • The President, Executive Director and Communications Manager are in the process of visiting each board to share current NSSBA initiatives and hear feedback from board members.

A motion was passed to engage Gunn’s Leadership Consulting Services to develop a process to conduct the annual appraisal of the Executive Director.

NSSBA’s strategic plan will be reviewed around the time of the next BOD session and the review will be a 1-day session including the BOD and the Leaders Advisory Committee (Board Chairs & Superintendents).

In central purchasing matters, NSSBA has been designated as the conduit between school boards and the treasury board.

Feedback obtained about the School Board Member Orientation Seminar was very positive.

A motion was passed that the NSSBA will host the Atlantic Conference in Halifax in the fall of 2013, with the caveat that the other provinces must commit to ensure there is adequate representation from their province in order to mitigate any financial risk. The above will be consolidated with a fall PD initiative for Board members.

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