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School Board Meeting Minutes: March 25, 2013 - Special
Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 04/30/2013 (1171 reads)
School Board Meeting Minutes: March 25, 2013 - Special

Central Office
Sydney, N.S.
March 25, 2013



A Special Board meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board was called to order today beginning at 6:00 p.m.


Present: Lorne Green, ChairJoan CurrieJack Toomey
Stewart MathesonJoyce LindYvonne Kennedy
Steve ParsonsJohn BerkKevin Ruelland
Gary FraserDarrell FlynnSandra Margettie
Jackie Organ

Absent:Barb Mercer(sent regrets)Jack Toomey
Fred Tilley(sent regrets)Darren Googoo
Also Present:Ambrose White, Superintendent
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resources
George Boudreau, Director of Financial Services
Susan Kelley, Director of Programs and Student Services
Paul Oldford, Director of Operational Services
Michelle MacLeod, Board Recording Secretary

(3) Human Resources Report:

a. NSTU Retirement(s):

Moved by Commissioner Parsons
Seconded by Commissioner Fraser

That the Board accept with regret and thanks for years of service the following retirement(s). . .

Employee #






Andrew Culligan

Robin Foote Elementary

March 31, 2013



Jean Anne MacDonald-Farrow

St. Anne Elementary

June 28, 2013



Karen Bray

Whitney Pier Memorial

May 1, 2013

Motion carried

b. Request for a One year Leave of Absence:

Moved by Commissioner Currie
Seconded by Commissioner Margettie

That the Board approve the second request for a one year leave of absence as follows:

Employee #






Debbie McIsaac

Administration Coordinator of Secondary Programs 7-12

August 1, 2013

Motion carried

c. Long Term Sub Hires:

Moved by Commissioner Margettie
Seconded by Commissioner Organ

That the Board approve the following recommendations for long term sub hires. . .

Employee #






Melissa Bartlett

Glace Bay High

Computer Tech 11/12, Math 11 and Math


April 1, 2013



Ryan DeGiobbi

Sydney Academy


April 1, 2013

Motion carried

(4) Tender for Notre Dame Elementary:

Moved by Commissioner Margettie
Seconded by Commissioner Fraser

That the Board approve the tender received from the lower bidder for the purchase of Notre Dame Elementary. . .

Motion defeated

Moved by Commissioner Parsons
Seconded by Commissioner Currie

That the Board approve the tender received from the higher tender for the purchase of Notre Dame Elementary. . .

Motion carried

(5) Commissioner Matheson - Alternate Use of Schools Under Review- A Proactive Approach:

Commissioner Matheson spoke of the recent meeting re: School Review, the meeting with the Minister of Education and articles in our newspapers. He would like to see, if we have other uses for our buildings such as provincial or municipal governments using part of our schools, daycares and doctor offices as examples.

He would like to see someone dedicated to go into communities to assist them in forming partnerships with other avenues for the use of the buildings. Commissioner Parsons expressed his concern regarding the Board hiring someone and noted the onus is on the communities to come up with ideas.

Board Chair Lorne Green noted that any buildings on the Northside are owned by the Board. The buildings which exist on the Southside must be turned back to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality when no longer needed for educational purposes.

Superintendent White noted that in the past we have entertained and welcomed organizations which have approached the Board wishing to obtain space in our buildings.

Commissioner Kennedy noted that the library is presently renting space in Donkin School which is a proactive arrangement with the Cape Breton Regional Library and the Board.

Commissioner Berk noted that we need to look at the whole Board and we need to work collaboratively to address our capacity issue. He advised that it is a concern when you review the excess capacity in our schools and we should keep an open mind in terms of coming up with ideas for school utilization.

Commissioner Fraser noted to new Board members that the communities will surprise us through the review with ideas and suggestions for the use of our excess space.

Commissioner Currie noted her concerns and the cost of capital construction projects to amend buildings for external use.

(6) NSSBA Request for representation on the Nominations and Resolutions Committee:

Commissioner Parsons noted that he is unable to attend however Commissioner Fraser, Ruelland and Margettie expressed interest.

The meeting adjourned and 7:00 p.m. and reconvened at 7:50 p.m.

(7) Commissioner Berk - Baddeck Academy Sports Field:

Moved by Commissioner Berk
Seconded by Commissioner Organ

That the Board rename the Baddeck Academy Sports field to be called “the Steve MacDermid Sports Field”. . .

Motion carried

(8) Commissioner Fraser – Response from the Minister’s Meeting:

Commissioner Fraser expressed his disappointment in the meeting held with the Minister. He also felt that we are not in great shape financially. He also noted that he has concern about any assistance the Board may or may not receive from the Department of Education.

(9) Correspondence:

Mr. George Boudreau, Director of Financial Services advised that correspondence was received from the NSSBA regarding nominations for the executive of the NSSBA. They also requested a list of voting delegates for the Annual General meeting scheduled to take place from May 30, 2013 to June 1, 2013.

Moved by Commissioner Margettie
Seconded by Commissioner Organ

That Commissioner Mercer represent the Board with the NSSBA along with Commissioner Parsons being the alternate.

Motion carried

The following Board members were identified as voting delegates at the Annual General Meeting:

Commissioner Berk
Commissioner Currie
Commissioner Margettie
Commissioner Green
Commissioner Fraser
Commissioner Parsons
Commissioner Mercer
Commissioner Kennedy

(10) New Business:

Commissioner Kennedy - School Review/Looking Inward – Commissioner Kennedy requested another meeting to discuss the role out of the Board’s plan. She noted that she would like to see more clarity on the various stages of the communication strategy for the Looking Inward document.

Commissioner Matheson noted that he felt strongly that the Board disclose year two and three of the Board’s plan.

On the question several Board members expressed concern with the role-out of the communication plan.

Further clarification was requested by Commissioner Kennedy with regards to school reconfiguration.

(11) Adjournment of the meeting. . .

the meeting adjourned at 8: p.m.. . .

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