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Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, October 30, 2005
Published by Norma Baxter [Norma Baxter] on 11/01/2006 (3804 reads)
Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, October 30, 2005

Greenfield Elementary School, New Waterford, NS

  • The Board met with Mr. Elliott Pazant, President of the Nova Scotia School Board Association and Mr. Ken Meech, Executive Director of NSSBA. Mr. Meech delivered to the Board a presentation on the review of the Education Plan/Priorities. Highlights of the presentation included addressing the number of items covered under targeted funding, develop a plan for measuring and reporting progress, review of the Lead Achieve goals and objects, SAC, diversity, budgeted funds and evaluations.
  • The Board, through Human Resources, provided an orientation day for new principals. Overviews of each department were provided, with a question and answer period following.
  • The Board, through Human Resources, is coordinating training for Central Office staff and site administrative staff for the Board′s new Payroll system. The ‘go live’ date for full implementation is January 1, 2007.
  • The Board celebrated Mi′Kmaq History month in October. Many schools in the Board celebrate the contributions of the Mi′Kmaq people through various forms, including speakers, works of art, music and speech.
  • The Board will be in-servicing all high schools on November 7 and 8, 2006, on the Provincial Racial Equity Policy.
  • The Board was very excited that our students were able to view the Anne Frank Exhibit recently held at Victoria Park Garrison in Sydney, from September 11 – October 15, 2006. The exhibit was visited by over 58 schools and saw a total of over 8,000 students view the exhibit (from the CBVRSB and the Strait Regional School Board) As a follow to this exhibit, Mountainview Elementary School will be holding a Holocaust Museum on November 6-10, 2006, at the school and the event is open to the public.
  • The Board continues to provide appropriate technology and related support to all learning spaces in Grades P-12. The most recent ‘Secondary Resource Project’ has been finalized, with computers and necessary and appropriate software having been placed in all resource rooms and/or learning centres in secondary schools within the Board. There are plans to continue the Resource Project into the elementary grade levels. The provincial IEI funds in 2006-2007 are targeted to provide technology, PD and infrastructure to all grade 9 classrooms. Significant Board funds are provided in order to respond to needs for all other grade levels.
  • The Board passed a motion recommending that the site of the present St. Mary′s Elementary School in North Sydney be the site for the new P-6 school in that community.
  • The Board continues on the development of a new policy for security in schools. In preparation of the policy, all Operations Staff are now wearing ID badges, and are presently reviewing tenders for additional video surveillance systems for all schools.

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For more information, contact Superintendent of Schools, Ed Davis, at (902) 564-8293

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