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PSS Report October 2006
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 11/23/2006 (6489 reads)
PSS Report October 2006


Ambrose White, Coordinator

The Coordinator of School Services attended a meeting of new principals on September 28, 2006. At this meeting, topics such as suspensions, field trips, budget allowance, SIP, etc were discussed. A question and answer session followed and, hopefully, the principals went away more informed on day-to-day issues in their schools.

A secondment for PEBS facilitators and behaviour support facilitators was posted. This person will help implement PEBS, work with the lead team and assist schools in supporting students with behavioural difficulties.

The first Occupational Health and Safety meeting was held on Wednesday October 3, 2006 at 1:15 PM.

A High Risk Youth Conference was held on September 20th, 2006 at the Delta Hotel in Sydney. Representatives from the School Board, Health, Children′s Aid Society and other stakeholders discussed strategies to support youth at risk.

Mr. White attended a session in Halifax on September 27-28, 2006 on sustainable environment concerns. Representatives from various government sectors participated with school board representatives to create ‘answers’ and ‘next steps’ on this issue.


Brenda MacIsaac, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Donna Robson

Department of Education

Teaching in Action is a primary-to-three document that supports and supplements the English Language Arts Guide. All primary to three teachers, resource, guidance and assessment personnel received professional development surrounding this document on September 7th at Brookland School. A Teaching in Action document will be released for grades four to six teachers in 2007.


Teachers newly hired or those transitioning from one level to another took part in a one-day session focusing on the components of a Balanced Comprehensive Literacy Program. The session was designed to model whole, small group and individual instruction as an essential component in achieving student success. Many individually initiated mentoring requests resulted from the experience.


Last year, the initiative, Curriculum Mapping, was introduced in twenty-six of our sites; and, this year, we will continue the implementation in the remaining nine schools. We gathered data surrounding the experience from most of our schools and were able to see several patterns emerge. Planning as a staff provided schools with opportunities to share, discuss, plan and initiate their own professional development needs and requests.

LIFT (Literacy Initiative for Teachers)

Last year, several schools in our Board were involved in an Early Literacy initiative. The goal of the project was to develop a professional learning community in order to support classroom practice and encourage school based planning and collaboration. This year we will move into a phase two process for the following schools: Harbourside, St. Anne′s, Riverside and George D. Lewis.

We will begin initiation this fall with four more sites entering year one of the initiative and introduce four more by mid-January, 2007. Phase one schools are as follows: Glace Bay Elementary, Greenfield, Bras d′Or and

Mira Road
. Participants will include grades primary, one, resource, and reading recovery teachers, as well as the school administrator.

On Site – Harbourside Elementary School

Beginning in October, Donna Robson will be spending one day a week at Harbourside School working hands-on with learners and Michelle Solazzo who was recently trained as a literacy mentor.

Site Mentoring

Two days were spent in the North area addressing individual teacher needs and requests. The structure of the day included modeling, conferring and hands-on classroom set-up. These site opportunities provided data that will drive our professional instruction over the next couple of years.

Supporting Primary

This year there will be a deliberate focus on unifying the primary program: What it looks, sounds and feels like in our schools. This will require site visitation. Administrators have been notified and are encouraged to request Donna Robson to visit their sites.


Consultant Donna Robson′s goal is to model practice in professional development experiences that reflect our expectations for classroom practice.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

September Review

Grade five teachers have received the new text book, ‘Math Makes Sense’. On September 5th, there was a professional development session around that new resource, which was very well received despite the cramped space. On September 18th and 19th, grade three teachers were provided an information session on the Assessment which will take place in June. One group of grade three teachers received a Math workshop at Boularderie School on September 28th; and, one group of grade one teachers received a Math workshop at Boularderie on September 29th.


Three teachers from our Board attended the Mentoring Module in Halifax this summer. A number of teachers have expressed interest in mentoring; and, we will accommodate as many as possible. Teachers interested in mentoring are encouraged to contact Sharon Boudreau at Brookland School.

Department of Education

The Lead Teacher sessions will focus on Mental Math this year. The lead teachers will have three days of professional development where each day contains the staff information session. It is recommended that the school sessions be completed before the next lead teacher professional development session. The intent is to provide more information for the lead teachers to support their school presentations. There will be Mental Math booklets for all grade levels.

October Plans

Lead Teachers

Lead Teachers and principals will have the first of three professional development sessions on October 4th, 5th, and 6th. The second group of grade three teachers will receive a Math workshop at Brookland on October 11th. The second group of grade one teachers will receive a Math workshop at Brookland on October 12th.

The grade two teachers who did not receive the session last year will come to this session at Brookland on October 18th.

After-School Module

There will be four ′Using Math Manipulatives′ Workshops on October 4th, 11th, and 18th. The last session will be in November.

Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders / Early Literacy Consultants,

Paula Muise & Susan MacDonald

(Paula Muise, Ongoing Professional Development - Two Groups

Susan MacDonald - Teachers in Training)

All-day in-service sessions were provided for teachers on August 23. The sessions, ‘Let′s Talk About Writing’ and ‘Talking, Reading and Writing’, were held at the Staff Development Teacher Resource Centre, North Sydney. Both Teacher Leaders presented.

On Staff Development Days (September 6 & 7), all teachers were present for the initial Reading Recovery meeting and were introduced to the new texts: ‘Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals’ (Parts One and Two), and ‘Introduction to the Record of Oral Language’.

Ongoing Professional Development in-service sessions continued in September with Groups A&B.

Teachers in Training:

September 7 - Assessment Training (One and Two)

September 13 & 15 - Assessment Training (Three & Four)

During the month of September, Teacher Leader visits were made to Cape Smokey & Donkin/Gowrie Schools. On September 26 & 29, Assessment Training was held for newly hired teachers.

Teacher Leaders:

Teach children daily

Attended the Growing through Reading, Acting, Discussing and Sharing (GRADS) Consultants meeting on September 11

Presented to the new principal group (SNAP) on September 20

On September 15, Paula Muise traveled to North Highland School (Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement)

A Planning Meeting was held on September 20 with Literacy Consultant, Donna Robson, regarding Early Literacy Initiative

On September 22, our Teacher Leaders attended a Teacher Leader Regional Meeting and a Professional Development session in Halifax.

Proposed Activities for October, 2006

Teachers in Training:

September 11 & 25 - In service Session 1 & 2

Teacher Leader Visits to schools/TBA

Ongoing Professional Development:

September12 & 19 - In service Sessions, Groups A & B

Begin school visits as needed

Teacher Leaders:

Teach children daily

October 2 & 23 - GRADS meetings

October 3, 10, 17 & 24 - Observation Survey Training (3:30-5:00 p.m.)

October 5 - Literacy Initiative, Year 1 (all day in-service)

October 13 - Literacy Initiative, Year 2 (all day in-service)

October 27 In-services: Teaching Struggling Readers & Transitioning Children into the Classroom.

Planning for Regional Meeting of Teacher Leaders on Nov.10

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

School Highlights:

Mountainview, Cusack and Middle River Schools have requested assistance with reorganization of their school libraries.

Canadian Children′s Book Week:

CB-VRSB has applied to the Canadian Children′s Book Centre to host children′s author Sharon Jennings during the month of November. This year, Ms. Jenning′s book was selected as the give-away to all grade one students in Canada through the TD bank reading program. School readings will be selected upon notification if the Cape Breton-Victoria School Board is successful in receiving this program. Notification will be sent in mid-October to the winning applicants. Keep your fingers crossed! It would be a first for Cape Breton and our Board!

International School Libraries Day

October 23 is International School Libraries Day. Library technicians are busy preparing for various activities and events at their schools. This day is celebrated around the world and helps to promote reading and literacy within the curriculum. For ideas and more information, check out the website which offers a wealth of information.

Arts Education Consultant, Cathy MacNeil

Arts educators began the year with two professional development days which took place at Sherwood Park Education Centre on Sept 6th and 7th. During the first day′s presentation, teachers were asked

to reflect on their practice, examine current research regarding qualities of a good teacher, along with receiving an overview of differentiated instruction and understanding by design with application to arts delivery. Day two involved a separation of the various arts disciplines: visual art teachers assembled at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery for a presentation by Art Gallery Coordinator Suzanne Crowdis and a session of ′sketch and reflect′; drama teachers worked with the film and video equipment at Sydney Academy; instrumental music teachers brought instruments and played through various musical scores, while classroom music teachers were involved in sharing ways to develop the young child′s singing voice, and sense of beat and rhythm.

There have been many changes in the school assignments of arts educators for the 2006-2007 term. Having qualified music substitutes, particularly for instrumental music, proves to be an area of concern.

Glace Bay High School Senior Band, under the direction of Barb Stetter, started the year with a performance in the Morien Community Fair Parade on Saturday, September 16. On Monday, Sept. 25, there was a Beginner Band Blast when thirty Glace Bay High Band students tutored beginning grade four band students and gave them their first official lesson on their band instrument. Parents attended a meeting and were invited to join their children in their music class.

Six drama and dance teachers from senior high will be attending Drama 10/11 and Dance 11 refresh sessions in Debert, N.S., on October 5th and 6th. It is anticipated that information/learnings from this experience will be shared with peers.

Visual art teacher Nancy McLean and the grade six students from Sydney River Elementary are involved in a very unique exchange of an artistic nature. Nancy and her class have been communicating with textile artist Deidre Nelson, who lives and teaches art in northwestern Scotland. She has been researching the birds of Handa Island, a bird sanctuary off the coast. Many of the species there are also found on Cape Breton′s Bird Island; hence, the interest in connecting with students from our Board. Ms. Nelson has created a series of knitted sea birds which tell the history of Handa Island and shared this work with the Sydney River students who are presently conducting similar research into the various Cape Breton bird species and are using their artistic skills to recreate birds using a variety of mediums. A mini art display, via the internet, is planned.


David Crane, Coordinator

Program Services (7-12)

Nutrition for Learning (Debbie Madore, Nutrition for Learning Coordinator)

Food and Nutrition Policy

The Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools was reviewed and an in-service was provided to Public Health Dietitian′s on August 31, in Halifax. It was well received. The Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools was officially launched on September 12th by Premier, Rodney MacDonald. Schools are aware of the policy and the implementation plan.

*Funding has been received to implement the food policy – approximately $30,000.

Health Promoting Schools

Health Promoting Schools funding was received, in the amount of $80,000. We are disappointed in the amount; and, we will make some inquiries about the level of funding received. The Health Promoting Schools budget for this year has been discussed by the Committee. A copy has been sent to the Health Promoting Schools subgroup, and copied to Mr. Astephen and Mr. Crane. The budget was adjusted to accommodate the level of funding received.

Applications for schools to receive Health Promoting Schools money are being developed and should be out to schools in October. It was decided to ask all schools to have a school-based Active Healthy Living Committee if they are applying for funding.

The funding issued last year for Health Promoting Schools is being reviewed to ensure all schools received their approved funding.

Breakfast Program

*Funding, in the amount of $91,000, has been received to implement the Breakfast program P-6.

Adoption of Riverside has been renewed (anonymous). Kiwanis have renewed their adoption of Brookland. The adoption is a donation of $3500. Denise Gallant′s association MDRT has provided funding once again to Memorial High in the amount of $1930.

Most Breakfast programs that were established last year are starting up again for this year. They should all be up and running by the middle of October. Schools that never had programs will be approached during October and November.

Chartwells are in five school cafeterias. Ms. Madore met to review the menu and make some healthy changes. Two other schools may also be considering Chartwells: Cabot and North Highlands. There is a meeting planned for this week to put the menu in place before they sign on.

Ms. Madore attended a Food Show in Halifax on September 19th. The food industry needs to be pushed for new food products that are consistent with the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Pubic Schools.

Last June′s Annual Nutrition for Learning Golf Tournament was very successful, raising $15,000. The 4th Annual Tournament is booked for June 22, 2007, at Bell Bay, in Baddeck.

A notice was sent to all schools regarding the Walk to Breakfast Program. The Week of October 2-6 was Walk to School Week. Many schools have registered their activities on-line. Glace Bay Elementary hosted a Walk to Breakfast on October 4th, a feature event of the board.

English Language Arts (Secondary) (Diane Brennick, Language Arts Consultant, 7-12)

The board lead team went to Halifax to prepare for the provincial Literacy Success 10 Implementation Session. This session will be held this month at Oak Island Inn.

Literacy Success 10 was introduced to all secondary teachers in September. The focus was reading

across the curriculum. Susan Martin OBrien shared the history of all of the literacy initiatives with the teachers. This in-service will be followed up by sessions at staff meetings to share the information from Oak Island. Teachers were given numerous strategies to help them help their students to read more effectively. The team responsible for this day worked very hard and very well to provide the teachers with a number of teaching tools.

At the junior high level the teachers were exposed to a variety sessions about writing across the curriculum. The board Writers In Action 8 (WIA8) team did an outstanding job of organizing and presenting the information. The poetry session presented by Barry Wilson from the Department of Education was very well received.

A Social Studies in-service was held for all Grade 8 Social Studies teachers. The board lead team did a phenomenal job of sharing insights on the new text with fellow teachers. A presentation by Tom Henderson from the Department of Education was extremely valuable.

A session on facilitation skills will be held for the board Literacy Success team on October 3/06. This session will provide lead teachers with the necessary skills to present workshops for other teachers.

Sports Animator (Jim MacEachern, Sports Animator)

Mr. Jim MacEachern, Sports Animator, is looking to follow-up on some projects initiated last year with the thought of rolling them out this year.

Mr. MacEachern is putting together a list for Public Health/Screaming Eagles on possible Player Visitations Promoting Healthy Living into the Elementary and Junior High Schools.

He is also working with Cape Breton University Organizing Committee to incorporate Day-Long Nutrition/Physical Activity with classes visiting Cape Breton University facility.

Mr. MacEachern is working with Track and Field Association of Cape Breton to expand exposure of Track and Field sport.

He is setting up schedules to do school visitations with reference to Physical Activity initiatives. He is hoping to meet one-on-one with as many Physical Education Staff as possible.

A rough discussion draft of ‘No Cut – Full Participation Policy’ is being developed for the Board.

Active, Healthy Living (Physical / Health Education) (Cynthia McCormick, Active, Healthy Living Consultant)

The month of September was a transition period for Cynthia McCormick, Active Healthy Living Consultant. Time was spent tracking the expenditures of the Health Promoting Schools funding of last spring and preparing the new application for this year. Ms. McCormick was, also, busy preparing

for conferences and activities which will be held in October.

Addiction Services will host a conference for PDR teachers, administrators and guidance counsellors in the board on October 12-13. Registration is ongoing at this time and final details are being addressed.

The NSELC is hosting a Health Symposium October 13-14 and Ms. McCormick will be attending this with a few teachers from the board to present our experiences with the Health Promoting Schools activities from last year.

The month of October will wrap up with the provincial TAPHE conference which will be hosted by our board at Sherwood Park Education Centre. Regular meetings have started and will continue through the month in preparation for this conference.

Ms. McCormick has been in contact with several High School Principals and teachers to offer her services as True Colors Facilitator for students. This is a tool which she has used with Leadership and Physical Education Classes which she found very useful in helping students develop a better understanding of themselves and others. Ms. McCormick is presently compiling a few follow-up classes to offer for Leadership Skill Development in areas of Team Dynamics and Communication. Discussion also took place with Principals concerning girls′ participation rates in High School Physical Education which is an area the Active Healthy Living Consultant will continue to monitor.

Mathematics (Secondary) (Arlene Andrecyk, Mathematics Consultant, 7-12)

Lead Mathematics teams have been formed at junior high and senior high schools. In junior high, the committee is made up of the math leaders for their respective buildings, and in high school names were called for a committee.

The high school committee met to discuss the results of the provincial math exam and ways to improve student performance on the exam. The province has expanded the item bank (online questions for high school math courses) and has it available to teachers. The math league will begin again this year in November. This is a math competition for teams of high school students.

Dynamic Classroom Assessment workshops for secondary math teachers will begin soon. Last year DCA was offered to 1/3 of the junior high teachers. This year we hope to expand this initiative to include high school teachers.

Discussions have begun with St. Francis Xavier University on the possibility of starting a mathematics cohort for elementary and middle school teachers. This is in the preliminary stages.
Workshops are offered for junior high mathematics leaders on mental math so that these leaders will be able to support mental math at their schools. Principals have been invited to the first meeting so that as educational leaders in the building they will be aware of what is expected of the math leader in their building.

Professional Development

The two-day Regional Professional Development Session, September 6-7th, was very successful. The junior high school classroom teachers were in-serviced in Writing Across the Curriculum, and senior high school classroom teachers were in-serviced in Reading Across the Curriculum, facilitated by Diane Brennick and her team. French, and Physical Education Staff, also, participated in two-day sessions, facilitated by Laurie MacIntosh, and Cynthia McCormick, respectively.

Plans are being finalized for the two-day Professional Development Session for Guidance Counsellors, PDR/CALM teachers, and administrators, in partnership with Addiction Services. This in-service will focus on Substance Abuse Prevention, Translating Research Into Classroom Practice.

Joanne Chabassol, Addiction Services, has received correspondence from each of the 21 Secondar Schools, and two Learning Centres.

Nova Scotia International Student Program (Tammy Sampson, Program Manager)

We now have 70 students attending Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board schools who are part of the Nova Scotia International Student Program.

Things are off to a busy start with our students settling in to home and school very well, and experiencing many new things. It all began with a ‘rush’ of arrivals late August to early September. Our first event was a barbeque, hosted by Ron Shaw, Homestay Coordinator. Everyone had a great evening getting to know one another and left with full stomachs.

Orientation Week went well, at the Margaree Lodge and Lakes Resort. The International Students enjoyed kayaking, canoeing, bumper boats, mini put, and swimming.


Janice Hanna, School Liaison, hosted the students for a meet and greet, tour of the school and some lunch. Course registration took place this day as well. This set the stage for the first day of school where all Nova Scotia International Students were introduced at the opening school assembly! Ms. Hanna has also hosted our first birthday party, as we celebrated the birthday of Jose Escalante with pizza and birthday cake. At Riverview we have the flags of all participating Nova Scotia International Student Program countries hanging in our cafeteria. Just recently we added the flag of Columbia, to welcome our first students from that country to our school. Our students really like to see their flags on display, it certainly adds to the cultural feeling in the school.

Students have been busy experiencing many new things about life in Canadian schools and society. Attending school dances and sporting events, trying out for sports teams, looking into various school clubs, joining the local fitness centre, horseback riding, trips to Halifax and Cape Breton historic sites, such as Fortress Louisbourg, are just some of the things that have been happening. Next up is Riverview′s tour of the Cabot Trail. With the leaves turning color nicely, this trip, organized by Ms. Hanna, will be taking place very soon.

Following are some activities individual students are taking part in:

Moe Matsumoto, Japan, Holy Angels – school Volleyball team

Natalia Salmon, Mexico, Malcolm Munroe – member of local Gymnastics club

Thilo Kirsch, Germany, Riverview – school Tennis club and school Soccer team

Thirawat Konkaew (Oak), Thialand, Riverview – will be attending Dalhousie University open house for prospective students Oct. 20th

Carlos Calle, Columbia, Riverview – joined a local fitness center

Paulo Cassol, Brazil, Riverview – joined a local fitness center

Jos Escalante, Mexico, Riverview – joined a local fitness center

Cintia Kozonoi Vezzanni, Germany, Riverview - school Tennis club

Sara Echeverry, Columbia, Riverview – both Sara and house sister Cintia have traveled with their host family to Halifax to see NHL exhibition game featuring Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penquins. They have also been to Fortress Louisbourg with their host family

Esteban Oliverca, Columbia, Sherwood Park - school Soccer team – Top Scorer!!

Glace Bay High

Maja Ramadani is offering Salsa dancing to her fellow students at Glace Bay High. The students at Glace Bay High attended the monthly get together for pizza and pop as well as a cake for Majas birthday. Martin Pyra is volunteering at the local hospital.

Evelyn Sissingh is attending soccer and volleyball at Holy Angels.

Jae Eun Lee is busy fitting in at MacLennan Junior High. She has joined the choir and volleyball team.

Felipe Jaramillo is a member of the Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High soccer team.

Daniela Gomez is not only very involved in gymnastics but is practicing to tryout for the girls hockey team. Memorial High has been busy holding an orientation for these students, taking them out to dinner and planning Halloween trips.

Sherwood Park Education Centre

We have four students presently at our school and they have all tried out for different sports teams. Two Grade 8 students attended a field trip at a sports fair at Cape Breton University, the last week of September, and will be attending Anne Frank showing on Friday, October 6/06. The boys all seem very comfortable and the school also raised the Colombian flag in our foyer, to be seen as everyone enters the school. Also, a Welcome Message was announced to all of our international students. All is going well so far!!!!

Sydney Academy

Several students are involved in soccer. Felipe Amaral is playing division one and Gil Kim and Nicolas Velling are playing division two. Alex Chouchair is in key club and will be the International rep on student council.

Several students are involved in dance class outside of school - Daniela Grimaus, Vikki Fernandez, and Marie Jansen, along with a lot of the other students - are finding the various gym facilities around town and taking up programs there. Caroline Groner is doing some horseback riding as well as going to the gym. The first pizza party went well at Sydney Academy, with guest visits from the new English Second Language teacher, Stephanie Hynes, and the Colombian visitor, Jairo Gomez. Next week Jairo will be teaching a Salsa class at lunchtime Friday with one of the other Colombian visitors.

Science & Technology Fair (True Burke, Chair, Science & Technology Fair Team)

Work is currently being done on the Science Fair Website for the Board. This update is being facilitated by True Burke, Chairperson, Cape Breton Science & Technology Fair Committee, with the help of Jennifer Moss, and other representatives from the committee. Please visit this ongoing project at


Rick Simm, Coordinator

The ‘Information Technology Team’, consisting of Sheila Kublek, Bill Tenant, Dorothy Tenant and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of instructional support/technology

initiatives. The IT-Team report follows:

Assistive Technology Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

The Secondary Resource Project has been finalized with computers placed in Resource rooms and/or Learning Centres at Sydney Academy, Glace Bay High, Holy Angels, Memorial High, Thompson Junior High, and Morrison Junior High. The necessary and appropriate software accompanied these computers.

Assistive Technology assessments were performed at Shipyard Elementary, St. Joseph′s Elementary (N.S), Glace Bay High, Breton Education Centre and Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High. Based on

the recommendations of the assessments appropriate hardware and software were implemented into students′ curriculum.

A Kurzweil lead team was developed in order to assist with teacher training at the junior and senior high school levels for Kurzweil 3000. As well, new members have been added to the existing Assistive Technology Assessment Team. These members participated in several days of assistive technology exploration and training.

School visitations to Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High and Whitney Pier Memorial were made in accordance with student transition plans. As a result of student transitions various teachers and teacher assistants required training with Intellitools. A request went out to all schools for other school personnel requiring training in Intellitools and Intellikeys.

A meeting with the Department of Education was held in Halifax on September 27, 2006 to discuss the release of the Assistive Technology Guide.

IEIE Consultant (Dorothy Tenant)

This new position for me as IEI Consultant provides a wonderful opportunity to work on challenging projects with a technology team committed to promoting and integrating technology in all classrooms. The month of August was a time of orientation, preparation, organization and research.

During the September 6 and 7 board-wide professional development days demonstrations and information on e-portfolios and digital interactive graphic organizers were presented with the purpose of showing how these tools can be integrated to achieve many curriculum outcomes at the elementary level. Also, teachers were invited to sign an e-portfolio interest sheet. Twenty-seven teachers expressed a desire to do follow up work on e-portfolios. This PD is presently in the development stage.

Planning and organizing for technology workshops targeted to all new to upper elementary teachers has been completed. These will take place on October 17 and 18 at the SDC. Forty-five names have been submitted by principals so far.

Because the technology team at the SDC realizes the efficacy of working cooperatively with coordinators and consultants in many other areas and departments, contributions to other department

professional development initiatives will be prearranged. Technological competence must be considered as an outcome in every curriculum area. Plans are being made for a technology component in Grade 5 Science Implementation Workshops (that will take place in December) and also for Junior High math.

Visitations have been made to 6 schools so far to address and/or solve technology issues. The forum on the Teacher Resource page of the board website has been further developed in response to teacher requests for a virtual meeting place online to communicate and share with each other at their own grade level or subject area.

We are working with the administration at Sherwood Park Education Center in a consulting capacity. We are developing an innovative technology initiative involving the use of PDA′s and science probes. It should be an exciting new project. The school will supply the funding needed for this venture.

PD Consultant (Bill Tennant)

During the month of August, preparations were made for the Reality Bytes Technology Institute held in Truro. This included gathering and loading proper software onto laptops, equipping cameras with the peripherals and providing other technology related items. Ten teachers from CBVRSB attended a very successful institute on technology integration by way of project based learning.

In regards to the Grade 9 IEI technology roll-out, visits were made to various junior high schools to make contact with the principals and see first hand the setup of the computer clusters in the classrooms. This proved to be a valuable experience. We also visited some elementary schools to address some of their concerns. Professional development for IEI is in the planning stage yet, but topics to be covered are web pages, Web mail, software training, online registration, databases, and mentoring.

Several PD days have been scheduled for the month of October with technology integration as the major focus of workshops. Grade 9 teachers are targeted for most PD because of the IEI Initiative.

In response to the concern of some principals regarding Canadian History 11 online registration, PD days have been planned. Support will be provided to classroom teachers in registering their students for the Canadian History 11 course.

Community Education Consultant (Rhonda Smith)

Adult High School Program

The first semester started September 11, 2006. There are 135 students on the registers as of October 1 at the four sites:

Glace Bay Adult Education Centre – 47

Sydney Adult Education Centre – 43

New Waterford Adult Education Centre – 24

Northside Adult Education Centre - 21

61 students are under the age of 21 or in continuous enrolment

74 students over the age of 21 are NSSAL funded (Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning).

The Department of Education′s Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) has granted funding ($250,000.) to the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board to deliver a minimum of 500 public school credits to eligible students (21 and over) in this school year through the Adult High School Program.

Adult Evening Program

The fall session of the adult evening courses began October 2, 2006. To date, there are 10 classes being offered in this session. There are approximately 160 participants for these classes. The classes are scheduled based on sufficient enrolment for classes in each area. The classes are Introduction to Computers, MS Excel, Simply Accounting, GED Preparation, Conversational French (2 classes), Medical Terminology (2), and Woodworking.


Cathy Viva, Coordinator

The Student Services Coordinator and Consultant have been completing school visits for the month of September. Schools with new programs and with students identified with special needs have been the priority for the visits. Intake meetings for newly identified students were also attended and program support provided.

Members of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Team and selected teachers who have students with ASD attended a workshop in Halifax on the new STAR curriculum which is being piloted in our school system. The STAR curriculum is a curriculum designed to use the best practices for children with ASD such as: Pivotal Response, Discreet Trial, Applied Behavioral Analysis, TEACCH and Picture Exchange. It addresses needs in the areas of communication, socialization, communication and behaviour. Our district has been chosen as a pilot site and as part of the professional development John Gill, professor at the University of Oregon visited our district for two days and helped the teachers being trained use the program with the identified students. Everyone involved in the training were more than pleased with the program and the support they received.

A presentation was made at the session for new principals on September 20th. Services provided by Student Services were reviewed and questions answered. Principals also received a review of the curriculum initiatives from Student Services.

The Student Services Website is being updated and information is being gathered for the site. It is expected the site will be completed by the first of December. With some of the proposed changes it is hoped the site will be interactive and that it will attract more interest.

Dates for meetings with staff from the various teachers within Student Services have been set for October and November and professional development for the meetings has been set.

The third cohort in Resource Programming began this summer and courses are being held for the second and third cohorts on weekends and evenings at the Northside Staff Development Centre. The response to the cohorts has been very encouraging and Mount Saint Vincent staff has worked hard to ensure that the needs of our District are included in their courses.


David Brennick, Coordinator

David Brennick attended the 6th annual general meeting of the Cape Breton District Health Authority which was held at Dalbrae Academy in Mabou, on Monday, September 25th. In its annual report, the CBDHA reference partnership linkage is underway between the CBDHA and CB-VRSB and provides a listing of school-based projects supported through the ‘Wellness Initiative Funds’ and the ‘Communities in Nation’ grants of the six Community Health Boards.

Guidance Department

Guidance Counsellors and Social Workers participated in a very successful Crisis Intervention Refresher Workshop with Registered Psychologist, Wayne Yorke. This enabled not only a revisit of our protocol, but provided opportunities for four teams to work together.


Tom Henderson provided an overview of the Grade Six English Language Arts Assessment, for administrators new to elementary, as well as new teachers and student services personnel to the grade six level. This meeting took place at Jubilee, September 29th at 1:00p.m. This assessment is being written during the week of September 11th.

An Orientation Session on next spring′s Elementary Mathematics Assessment was held for all grade three teachers in our region on September 18th and 19th. This will be followed up with a more detailed assessment protocol prior to the assessment next spring.

A number of teachers are participating on advisory committees initiated by Evaluation Services, Department of Education. These include: Nova Scotia Examinations, English Language Arts and Canadian History, and next spring′s Grade Nine English Language Arts Assessment.

Accreditation Project

Co-chairs and Principals from our current eight Accreditation Schools attended a two-day workshop with Department of Education personnel to support the data analysis component of their internal review process.

Literacy Support Plan (Susan Kelley, Literacy Support Consultant)

During September, junior high schools submitted the names of in-coming grade seven students with literacy support plans. These will be finalized and used to determine Literacy Support budgets for schools. Planning for a workshop for Grade Nine English Language Arts and content area teachers is underway. Schools have identified teachers who will attend this workshop.

An executive summary of last years literacy support was submitted to John Astephen, Director of Programs & Student Services. Three years of data from the literacy assessment was organized and presented in a table.

An excellent new literacy resource, Comprehensive Literacy Resource for Grades 3-6, by Mirian Trehearn, was reviewed and ordered for all grade six teachers. Also a copy will be distributed to all

junior high schools for use with their struggling readers and writers. Tom Henderson was here to give an update to new grade six teachers and administrators on the upcoming assessment.

French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh, French Second Language Consultant)

Two successful professional development days for French Second Language teachers took place on September 6-7 at the North Star Inn. Evaluations of these days were positive. Facilitators were Laurie MacIntosh, French Second Language Consultant, who presented a workshop on differentiated instruction in the French Second Language Classroom, and Gérald Félix, Consultant, Department of Education, who focused on Department of Education priorities and French Second Language teacher concerns.

Tina White, St. Michael Junior High, Brenda MacNeil, Memorial High, Margot O′Leary, Glace Bay High, and Laurie MacIntosh will attend a one-day training workshop on October 23rd, 2006, in Halifax, hosted by the Department of Education. The three French teachers will be piloting new French Second Language teaching materials for grades nine and ten Core French.

Grade Eight French Immersion and Integrated Core French teachers participated in an in-service on September 29th, to launch the new grade eight social studies program. Lead facilitator was Diane Brennick, Literacy Consultant 7-12.

Leah Hopkins, St. Michael Junior High, Marilyn McGillivray, Breton Education Centre, and Laurie MacIntosh participated in the NSELC module on mentoring during the week of August 21-25 in Halifax. They are now available to provide mentoring to junior high Core French teachers of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.

Gérald Félix, French Consultant, Department of Education, visited our board on October 6th. He met with Celeste Foisy-Lahey, Riverside Elementary, David Brennick, Laurie MacIntosh, and John Astephen to discuss the Grade Six Intensive Core French program and to share test results of our students.

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board now has a fourth site for grade six Intensive Core French. Scott Murchison, who was trained at Université de Québec ? Montréal, this August, will deliver the program to grade six students at Bras d′Or Elementary. The program has been well

received by the students, parents, and school administration. Oral pre-testing of the students at all sites was completed during the week of September 26. Intensive French is an innovative method of teaching French as a Second Language, while delivering the grade six curriculum.

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will once again participate in the Council of Minister of Education French Language Assistant Program. The aim of the program is to foster the use of Canada′s official languages by giving young people the opportunity to share their language and culture with students across Canada. Beno?t Chaurette is working with students and teaches at Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, during first semester, while Mireille Chartier is working with students and teachers at Glace Bay High School and Breton Education Centre.


Charles Sheppard, Coordinator

October is Mi′kmaq History Month with schools in the board celebrating the legacy and contribution of the Mi′kmaq people. It should be noted that the CB-VRSB espouses that recognition of these achievements and contributions should not be limited to only the month of October but should be celebrated throughout the school year.

Anne Frank Exhibit – September 11 through October 15

The Anne Frank Exhibit, Victoria Park, Sydney, has been visited by a number of students from the

CB-VRSB. The response to this exhibit from those who have attended has been described as very moving.

RCH National Conference

May 2007 will see the presentation of a National Race Relation, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights Conference to be held in Halifax, NS. It is expected that over 350 participants from the education and community sectors will be in attendance.

School Board members, Lorne Green and George Marshall along with RCH/Human Resource CUPE Coordinator, Charles Sheppard will sit on the planning committee.

Racial Equity Policy Implementation In-service

November will see the in-servicing of senior high schools on the implementation of the Department of Education Racial Equity Policy. This in-service will not only include school administrators and teachers but will, also, have the quidance counsellor and two students who are in leadership roles, present during the in-service.

Four Plus Program – St. Anne′s, Glace Bay

Preparations are underway for the 4th Four Plus Program to be held at St. Anne′s school, Glace Bay. An updated report is forth-coming.

Liaison Committees – Mi′kmaq; RCH

Expression of interest to sit on both committees have been sent out to community people. An invitation is extended to board members to sit on these committees.

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