Operational Services - Report: February 25, 2008
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Published by Cecilia MacDonald [CeciliaMacDonald] on 02/29/2008

Superintendent's Report - Operational Services - Maintenance - Feb. 25, 2008

Operational Services Report

February 2008


Glace Bay Jr. High


This report is an update to the January 2008 status report.

A) Site Selection – The drilling program on Wallace Road and the geotechnical report have been submitted. This report is being reviewed by TIR. Also, work to determine if the required building can fit safely on the area suitable for construction on the Wallace Road site continues.

No timetable for completion has been provided to us. It is a high priority item with DOE and TIR.

B) Design Development – As indicated in the January report, conceptual plans were presented January 2, 2008. These plans were reviewed and commented on by the SST and board staff.

There were a variety of correspondence and discussion during January as well as design meetings February 5 and 6. On February 5, discussions were held between Paul Oldford, Ambrose White, of the Board, Charlie Ritcey, and Don Lohnes, of the NSDOE. John Astephen and Jim Burton were present for some of these discussions. The critical issues were discussed at length and the difficult issues resolved.

At the present time, the standard program has been modified within the ability of the NSDOE′s facility management group′s limitations as set by the education department policy. The critical issues are summarized as follows:

t There was a perception of receiving a gym smaller than either of the two current gyms in Glace Bay and without bleachers. The outcome of the discussion is a gym with a floor space larger than either St. Michael′s or Morrison, bleachers provided from the FFE&T budget, and in addition, a 700 sq. ft Multipurpose Room. There are also four sets of change rooms rather than the normal two.

t This is not meeting the outcome hoped for by our Physical Education leaders; however, it is much better than originally conceived and is the maximum the education department facility management group can provide. It is the same as many similar buildings built across the province.

t The policy issue restricting the building planning group from expanding these spaces is being pursued by the Board′s senior staff. We all need to be aware any changes at this point will impact the project schedule.

t Learning Support – The conceptual plan would not meet the learning support needs. Following correspondence and discussion with Cathy Viva and DOE program planning group in Halifax, the need was demonstrated and the required additional space was added to the plan. Details regarding specific location will be sorted out during detailed design.

t Music Room – The needs for the Music Program were met through some rearrangement of the relationship between the Cafeteria and Music Room.

Although every issue was not completely resolved, the DOE department staff, the TIR staff and the architect, were very helpful and flexible in making many adjustments in response the comments provide by the large cross section of board staff who participated in this discussion.

Future Work

The planning team will now proceed to architectural detailed design. Mechanical and electrical system design will follow.

The board staff is now preparing a report for NSDOE to indicate board preferences for mechanical and electrical equipment and system for consideration by the design team.

There is considerable interest being express by both DOE and the Cape Breton Development Corporation to use a geothermal heating system in the building. This investigation and discussion continue.

North Sydney Elementary


This report is to update the report provided in January regarding the construction of the new school scheduled to open in September 2009.

Site Selection:

Challenges presented by the site continue to be discussed.

Design Development:

The conceptual plans provided in January have resulted in considerable discussion and correspondence between the board and DOE. On February 5 and February 7 more detailed discussions took place focussing on these issues:

The critical issues discussed are as follows:

Considerable discussion took place regarding traffic flow on the grounds. A number of options were discussed. The issues remain unresolved, however, DOE understands the seriousness of the board′s concerns and are reconsidering the traffic flow.

The relationship between the Visual Arts Room, the Gym and the Cafeteria. DOE has agreed to rearrange these spaces to move the Cafeteria closer to the washrooms and to enable the Cafeteria to be used as a viewing area for activities in the Gym.

Future Work:

The planning team will now proceed to architectural detailed design. Mechanical and electrical system design will follow.

The board staff is now preparing a report for NSDOE to indicate board preferences for mechanical and electrical equipment and systems, for consideration by the design team.


Work Complete or In Progress

January 21 – February 18, 2008





- Install new floor mop sinks

95% Complete


- New Gym under Construction

99% Complete

East Bay

- Install new sinks (4) for lunch room program


Etoile De L′Acadie

- Boilers – also, remove two old boilers/Insulation for new Pipes



- Painting interior corridor (Old Section)

- Renovation – Carpentry/Plumbing/Ventilation, etc. .(Old Section)

- New PA System (Old Section)

- Move model classroom to East Bay

- New Security System







- Preventive Maintenance on Ventilation Systems

- Regular Boiler Cleaning

- Replacing Broken Windows

- Checking Water Quality

- Install Door Bells for Security - Various Schools

- Change EMS Controls in Panels

- Wiring Project for Security (Various Schools)

- 2007/08 Fire Alarm Inspections

- Re-keying all entrance Locks and Building with Best Locks on Interior Doors

- Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections

- Pricing for new Dump Truck. (Required for salting/sanding and lawn equipment -need replacement ASAP)

- Controls (Technician attending training)

- In service – February 5, 2008





In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

93% Complete

In Progress

In Progress



Glace Bay High

- Pricing Lighting for Student Parking Lot - Installing new Light Poles (meeting set with NSP)

In Progress

Holy Angels

- Install counter tops in kitchen of Cafeteria


John Bernard Croak

- Remove Lockers

- New Security System

In Progress


MacLennan Jr. High

- New Heaters for Gym on order

- Install new PA System with Call Back Buttons

- Security System Upgrade (Door Contacts)

In Progress

85% Complete

85% Complete

Malcolm Munroe

- Fence Players′ Benches

Pending Approval

Memorial High

- Upgrade Training area with new Machines

- Working at Electrical for Vocational Equipment

- Construction of new Learning Centre

- Install new PA System with Call Back Buttons

- Install LCD Projectors

In Progress

In Progress

Being Planned

In Progress

95% Complete


- New Office for Nancy Florian in Purchasing


Rankin of the Narrows

- Install Parking Lot Lighting


Riverview High

- New Lobby Addition - Phase II Construction

97% Complete

Robin Foote

- Installing New Roof Fans

- Install new PA System with Call Back Buttons

- Security System Upgrade (Door Contacts)

In Progress

85% Complete

85% Complete

St. Anne

-Renovations to Library

In Progress

St. Mary′s

- Moving school to old section of Florence

- Stripping building and getting ready for demolition



St. Michaels

- New Security System


Sydney River Elementary

- New Security System (door contacts)

95% Complete

Sydney Academy

- Music/Change Room Addition

40% Complete

TL Sullivan

- New Heaters for Gym and Main Entrance (on order)

In Progress


- Security System Upgrade (Door Contacts)

- Install New Ramps off Parking Lot

- Ongoing painting ( start up again summer 08)

85% Complete

Pending Approval


Whitney Pier Memorial

- Renovations for extra Music Room storage (Needs to be painted)



February 15, 2008

8. Whitney Pier Memorial Jr High - upgrades

9. P2 - Project

10. Move from St. Mary′s to Florence

11. Bras d′or - Upgrades

12. CFS - 125 computers upgraded

13. Holy Angels - Lab dismantled and computers up in classrooms

14. Glace Bay High - Laptop cart re-configured

15. Baddeck - Clusters put into school

16. Glace Bay Elementary - Lab upgraded


January 17, 2008

Mechanical Preventive Maintenance Program

Our department has a documented Preventive Maintenance Program including the following:

Lubrication Schedule

Our lubrication schedule is based on bus mileage. The current mileage system has a schedule based on 5,000 km. There are no exceptions to this schedule and buses cannot go over 3500km before service is done. Lastly, some of the departments′ buses receive lubrication service based on time because of low mileages, especially the spare bus fleet.

Mileage reports are received weekly from each bus driver. Reports detail mileages from the start of each day for each day of the previous week′s run. These mileages are then input into the Preventive Maintenance Scheduling database. This database will then reflect the changes in mileages and report which buses are due for scheduling.

All buses within 3,500 km. to 5,000 km. range of mileage since last service will show a cautionary state. These buses will be listed according to the most advanced mileage and therefore an utmost need for servicing. This list is then given each week to Head Mechanics within each garage and scheduling is then planned. In the past year, buses have not exceeded the 3500km mark before service has been scheduled.

Service record forms are filled in by mechanics during servicing of buses. These forms are then received and entered into the database to reflect the new date of service and lubrication.

Driver Defect Report Procedure

Each week drivers submit a weekly mileage report as part of the driver trip inspection report of the Department′s Preventive Maintenance Program. These reports contain a defective items list which each driver is required to check to outline current problems within each bus. Drivers are instructed to report any defects immediately when detected to the garage that services that bus. These reports, once received, are then given to the Head Mechanics in each garage who ensure that the defects are repaired. Signed reports of repair are returned to the office for filing within each garage. In addition, during scheduled PM servicing mechanics sign off on overall checklists for buses to ensure complete repair maintenance.

Brake Inspection

Each garage maintains a schedule to ensure buses have their brakes checked within a year of the last check.

Repair/Replacement Schedule

Head Mechanics within garages are responsible for repair and replacement scheduling. Head Mechanics receive weekly reports with regards to Preventive Maintenance servicing to show buses that are in need of immediate servicing. Those reported by individual drivers are scheduled when reported.

These mechanics also receive copies of the weekly mileage and driver trip inspection sheets which they check for driver noted problems that may have been overlooked as a double check. The head mechanics then determine scheduling for buses and arrange replacement buses if necessary. All repairs are completed before the next trip of that bus as is currently required.

Driver Defects

Drivers defects are completed as soon as they are reported.

Lubrication and Inspection Schedule are completed: according to the weekly schedule produced by the technician who schedules in the buses for service.

Buses are not permitted on the road should they exceed the maximum mileage set for servicing. This maximum is set, and policy if strictly enforced by our department.

Defects are repaired during Service/Inspection intervals or as soon as they are reported.

Mechanics have to sign their names to service/inspection sheets to verify all items have been checked during current servicing.

Bus Body Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance Undercoating Program

The undercoating program commenced on May of 2003.

In the last four years, undercoating has been done of all our units at our service bay at Keltic Drive in Coxheath. All vehicles are now undercoated and a schedule is maintained to redo buses on a regular basis. A full time staff member maintains a schedule and does all the work during the year with help in the summer months.

Mid-life refurbishing on buses consists of replacement of all outside panels, sides and rear, as required. All windows are removed and re-caulked. Interior panels are checked and replaced as necessary. The fleet is reviewed monthly and mid-life refurbishing is scheduled as required. All floor panels and sills are checked and replaced as necessary. The board now operates a central body shop with four body men one as a foremen. All body work is scheduled through this shop.

The School Bus Replacement Plan is reviewed when the new units arrive yearly. The Manager of Transportation and Head Mechanics and Head Drivers discuss suggestions for placement of new units, relocation of units due to mileage or wear and determine what units will be removed from the fleet and put up for sale. For the past two years we have not had to purchase units from the outside to support out fleet.

Stops per Mile/Luggage and Passenger Loads

Drivers are instructed to report any stops they feel may be a safety problem or if they feel their run should be reviewed for the number of stops it contains. As recently as October/November 2007, runs were reviewed, updated and returned to the drivers to indicate any stops that should be looked at by our staff. This review was conducted by three bus drivers who traveled on every bus. All runs were reviewed and in some cases changes were made. Because of the new software for bus routing, all the runs have been reviewed several times for accuracy. In October/November of 2007, all drivers were asked to report any stops they may have a concern with including number of stops per mile and we had several requests to review stops which has been completed. In 2007 seven buses came out of the fleet.

Trip Inspection and Hours of Work Regulations

Hours of Work

Clerical staff maintains the hours of work as required under the regulations of the National Safety Code. They are recorded and kept in the office for review at any time. Daily logs are used for outside 160 km. Radius trips which are as few as one or two a year. It is not encouraged due to the fact buses cannot be taken out of the fleet during a regular day.

With the new regulations for reporting hours of work weekly sheets are passed in at the beginning of the week after work is completed and reviewed and filed by the safety officer. This is running very well.

Bus Cleanliness and Appearance


Our board has acquired a service bay to be used specifically for washing both the inside and outside of our buses and service vehicles. This bay is located on Keltic Drive in Coxheath. Buses are scheduled in once every three weeks so drivers can clean their buses. Drivers are also required to clean their buses at the site of storage. Buses get an additional cleaning at each servicing. One person is assigned full time to schedule and wash buses. This person shuttles the buses between the bay and garages during servicing to clean them. Periodically throughout the year, Head Bus Drivers inspect buses in their areas for cleanliness and report their findings.