Operational Services Report: April, 2009
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Published by Cecilia MacDonald [CeciliaMacDonald] on 04/29/2009

Operational Services Report

April 2009

1.       Capital Projects

On Tuesday, April 14, the government announced upgrades to 41 schools across the province.  The Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board has been approved for renovations to the following:        

Breton Education Centre                    $8.91 million
Dr.  TL Sullivan                                   1.03 million
MacDonald Elementary                       3.94 million
Malcolm Munroe Jr.  High                  2.58 million
Memorial High                                   8.74 million
Seton Elementary                               2.81 million
Whitney Pier Memorial Jr.  High         4.50 million

These projects are in addition to our two new schools - North Sydney Elementary and the Jr High  School in Glace Bay.

There are also existing projects at the following school:

Baddeck Academy
Cusack Elementary
Riverview High
Sydney Academy
St.  Anne Elementary
Sydney Mines Jr. High
Thompson Jr.  High

The cash flow for these new projects will continue on to 2015-2016.

2.       The Monthly Sponsor Group

The monthly Sponsor Group Meetings were held for Sydney Academy and Riverview on April 7.  Representatives from the school, Department of Education, Architect firms and Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board, Operations Department met to discuss old business and review on going plans for work at both schools.

3.       Radon Testing in the Schools

Over the next few years, all schools in our board and across the province will be tested for Radon.  We are currently doing phase II testing at Mountainview, East Bay and Middle River.  The following release from the Department of Education released the following information on the Radon Testing Program .  (See attached)

4.       Maintenance Report



Complete/In Progress


- Install Floor Mop Sinks (all cleaning closets)

- New Security System

96% Complete



- Installing new Windows in half the Building – Contracted to Stott Aluminum to install (spring)

In Progress


- Install Video Security – Needs Cameras

25% Complete


- Install Video Security – Needs Cameras

50% Complete


- Camera  Installation

75% Complete


- Preventive Maintenance on Ventilation Systems

- Regular Boiler Cleaning

- Replacing Broken Windows

- Checking Water Quality

- Install Door Bell for Security (various sschools)

- Change EMS Control in Panel

- Fire and Life Safety Inspections (2008-09)

- Sprinkler Quarterly Inspections

- First Aid for remainder of Custodians/Janitors/Supervisors/ Caretakers that could not make last In-Service






95% Complete

In Progress

In Progress

In Progress


Glace Bay High

- New security system


Memorial High

- Renovations to Electrical and Carpenter Shops

- Upgrade Emergency Lighting  and Exit Signs in all Vocational Shops

- Security System

95% Complete



Middle River

- Asbestos abatement of insulation on the vertical heating lines in classrooms


Mount Carmel

- Installing Mop Sinks

80% Complete

North Highlands

- Crew shoveling snow off roof


Riverview High

- New Learning Centre and Lab

- Gym Change Room Renovations

- Re-tile hallway, cleaning closet, and rooms leading into Boiler Room

85% Complete

In Progress


Robin Foote

- Installing Roof Fans

- Security System Upgrade (door contacts)

80% Complete

85% Complete

St. Joseph (NS)

- Cameras Installed

75% Complete

St. Michael  Jr High

Asbestos abatement in entrance of school


Sydney Mines Jr. High

- Installing New Windows (needs capping on exterior of windows – when weather permits)

- Asbestos abatement of insulation on the vertical heating lines in classrooms

94% Complete



- Install Ramps from Parking Lot

(Postponed  to Summer09)

5.       Technology Report

S.A.P. daily tasks

Since March 15, we closed 689 routine notifications. Major requests such as a computer lab upgrade at Holy Angles High, East Bay Elementary and the Correctional Centre.  We dealt with major virus issues at George D. Lewis, Harbourside Elementary and Greenfield Elementary.

Communication closet upgrades were done in many schools throughout the board. Wireless networks were also installed at George D. Lewis and Marion Bridge Elementary.

We also installed a server at St. Agnes Elementary.

Computers for Schools

Since March 15, the Technology Department and Computers for Schools installed more than 40 computers, seven laptops, one scanner and seven network laser printers in our School Board. We installed and delivered 18 computers and one printer in the community as charitable donations.