Superintendent's Report - June 15, 2009
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Published by Karen Delaney [Karen Delaney] on 06/16/2009

MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009

I am certain you will be happy to know that this is the last regular board meeting of the school year, and my report to you will be extremely short.

In fact, my report consists of two words – Thank You!  Thanks to the elected school board, our students, and our entire staff.  Thank you for this year that now draws to an end.  Throughout these months, I have come to know you as true professionals – capable, knowledgeable, dedicated and co-operative.

Thank you for sharing.  We have had problems, some of them seemingly insurmountable, but we have come through them; because we have worked together, shared our frustrations and worked out solutions together.

Thank you for caring.  Every day of this past year, I could travel from one end of the regional board to the other and feel – yes, feel – the care and concern that emanates from every school and every classroom.  I could feel the dedication to the knowledge and commitment on your part to provide the best education to every student.  Now we are ready to ‘pack it in’ for this academic year and take that rest to which we are all entitled.  I know in my heart that you have earned it every day of the school year; and I sincerely hope that this summer brings to each and every one of you the happiness and health you deserve.

Stay well, enjoy yourselves and rest up.  I will have the honour of welcoming you back in the fall; and I know we will enter another school year filled with knowledge, dedication and growth.  With this regional board and our entire staff devoted to our students, we can do no less.

Thank you again and have a wonderful summer!

This month’s theme is directed to our student body.  I wanted to say to you before you finish your exams schedule or other activities and are ready to leave for the summer that I am sure, while you may not be looking forward to exams or tests, you certainly won’t mind the summer that will follow.

We have been together now for almost ten (10) months and, over that time, we have grown to know each other a little better.  Throughout this past year, we have grown in knowledge, faced problems, solved problems, had our share of tears and laughter and here we stand – we have come through!

Now, the summer is calling us with its promises of warm and lazy days.  We all look forward to that because we can all use the rest.  Let none of us forget, however, that what we have learned and experienced during this past school year has become part of us forever.

When you start your summer vacation, the knowledge and experience you have gained here will go with you.  It is, we are sure, a rich heritage that will add to your lives.

So, study now for your final exams and year end tests, and then enjoy the summer.  The elected school board, as well as the entire staff and I, wish you health and happiness during the days that are to come.  Enjoy yourselves and we will see you in the fall – rested and ready for another year as great as the one we have just had.

Good luck on your exams and have a happy summer!