School Board Meeting Minutes: March 1, 2010 - Special
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Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 03/31/2010

Central Office
Sydney, N.S.
March 1, 2010



A Special Board meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board was called to order today beginning at 5:03 p.m.


Present: Lorne Green,Chair Darren MacNeil Darrell Flynn
Charlie Keagan Barb Mercer Kevin Ruelland
Joan Currie Sandra Margettie Fred Tilley
Absent: Cathi Pierrard(regrets)Steve Parsons(regrets)Darren Googoo
Jackie Organ(regrets) Darlene Morrison(regrets) Gary Fraser
Also Present: Dr. N.E. Davis, Superintendent
George Boudreau, Director of Human Resource Services
Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services
Ambrose White, Director of Operational Services
Paul Oldford, Coordinator of Facilities Management
Jim Burton, Director of Regional Educational Services
Michelle MacLeod, Board Recording Secretary


Commissioner Tilley entered the meeting at 5:12 p.m.

Moved by Commissioner Currie
Seconded by Commissioner Ruelland

That the French Special projects be approved as presented for the 2010 – 2011 school year as funded under the percentages provided (50% Heritage Canada, 20% Department of Education, and 30% Regional School Boards):


Total Amount Requested


Co-ordinator, French Second Language

$ 20,000.00


Consultant, French Second Language Programs

$ 60,000.00


Late French Immersion: Oceanview Education Centre

$ 32,900.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): Riverside Elementary School

$ 21,150.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): Harbourside Elementary

$ 21,150.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): Greenfield Elementary

$ 21,150.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): Bras d’Or Elementary

$ 21,150.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): Glace Bay Elementary

$ 21,150.00


Intensive Core French (grade six): New pilot site

$ 21,150.00


Linguistic and socio-cultural enrichment opportunities outside the classroom for French Second Language Students (grades 4-12)

$ 5,000.00


$ 244,800.00

Motion carried


Moved by Commissioner Tilley
Seconded by Commissioner Mercer

That the following additions be added to the agenda under new business. . .

a. Commissioner Keagan - NSSBA Meeting – Resolutions and Finance Meeting

Motion carried


Mr. Ambrose White, Director of Operational Services began the session acknowledging his managers and the Coordinator, Mr. Paul Oldford for their hard work compiling all the information which has been provided.

Moved by Commissioner Tilley
Seconded by Commissioner Ruelland

That the Board receive a facilities review for all non-school sites. . . .

Motion carried

Mr. Oldford advised that his department did not review the capital needs for P3 schools since they do not cost our Board. Statements were made throughout the report with regards to the general conditions of the buildings. He also advised that the tentative plan over the past number of years was to move the Professional Development Centre from the Brook Street site into the old St. Joseph, North Sydney site.

Commissioner Tilley highlighted the cost per square foot and cost per student which he found were alarming.

Mr. Oldford advised that the data speaks to only the property service cost – the costs related to the structures themselves as it pertains to heating, maintenance and custodial costs etc.. He again reiterated that the Board is responsible for a significant amount of excess capacity.

Commissioner Green requested clarification regarding the purchase of the Parish Property at St. Anne’s School in Glace Bay. Mr. Oldford advised that an agreement has been reached between the Parish and the Transportation Department, however; the Parish themselves want the money to go back to the parish however the owner is the Catholic Diocese.

Commissioner Tilley requested an identification of what schools are considered in each family of schools and the distance between each school.

Mr. Oldford also advised the Board that they are presently exploring moving the Primary and One students into the main building of Glace Bay Elementary allowing the Adult Day School in the area to move into the portables located behind the school.

Commissioner Ruelland felt the report is a very valuable report however very discouraging when you look at these numbers for the long term.

Mr. Boudreau advised that we presently service in excess of three million square feetour schools are utilized at fifty percent capacity which means we service 1,5000,000 square feet we don’t use. We have a capital provision of $725,000 which translates into .24 cents per square foot. To put this into perspective; it cost us $22.00 per square foot to replace a roof. He noted by closing buildings will not only be a cost saving for property service but you would also have a more efficient use of your classroom staff and better programming opportunities for the students in our Board. We are presently only at fifty percent capacity. He felt we should address this issue before the Department takes it upon themselves to address it.

Commissioner Keagan questioned the rationale of putting funds into our older buildings when our buildings are at this capacity.

Mr. Davis, Superintendent of Schools, advised that the Department have already given notice through correspondence that we have a tremendous amount of work to do with our physical plant. April 1st is the deadline under the Regulations. We have a responsibility to identify sites for review. He noted that the process creates anxiety – looking at our facilities including grade configurations. We have an obligation to conduct a facility review.

Moved by Commissioner Tilley
Seconded by Commissioner Margettie

That we ask Senior staff to review and bring forward a list of schools for potential review so that the April 1st deadline can be achieved.

Motion carried
2010 -03-05

Superintendent Davis noted that the Board may also wish to look at implementing a boundary review


Commissioner Keagan - NSSBA Meeting – Resolutions and Finance Meeting- He advised the Finance committee of the NSSBA that our Board would not be supporting the new dues structure. He also advised that we were the only Board who did not support this structure. He suggested that at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting if the Board still feels strongly about this, it will be the time to have this issue readdressed.

Resolutions were discussed. He advised that two resolutions may be brought forward by each Board no later than April, 2010. Mr. Ron Marks felt that you would be restricting Boards which was unnecessary.

(7) Adjournment of the meeting. . .

the meeting adjourned at 6:37 p.m.