PSS Report: November, 2011
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Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 11/28/2011


Director, Susan Kelley

Work continues with the Policy Committee to update our policies. Most recently, new and revised policies on Dress Code, RCH and Head Lice have been approved by the board. This is time consuming but necessary work and I would like to thank the board members who work with us on this committee.

Congratulations are in order for the four schools who have recently received Accreditation-Malcolm Munroe, John Bernard Croak, North Highlands, and St. Joseph's Elementary have all been recognized as 'improving schools' by the Department of Education.

We are working with Sgt. Tom Ripley on a presentation for elementary students focused on Internet safety. A group is coming in from Truro to give this 'Cybercop' display. If you would like to see a preview please follow the link below: ... ?v=2153887491#top+stories

Dr. Julie MacDonald presented to Principals and to the board on issues dealing with mental health in schools . This was well received by both groups.


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Language Arts Consultant P-12, Audrey Kyte-Murphy

As a result of the recent workshop on formative assessment practices by Sandra Herbst, meetings are being held with several schools to support the development of an assessment booklet for use by teachers. Ideas from the sessions are being implemented in many classrooms.

A presentation of books was made to students at St Joseph’s Elementary by the local chapter of Bell Aliant Pioneers. This group obtained a Heritage Grant and provided each grade four class with a set of five books to support their Language Arts program.

The Early Literacy Intervention is well underway. At this time, 195 grade one students are receiving daily literacy support delivered by Early Literacy teachers in 45 minute sessions. Feedback from the classroom teachers, Early Literacy teachers and principals has been positive. Student progress is being closely monitored.

As part of the Early Literacy Intervention, grade primary teachers attended a one-day professional development session focused on oral language development and successful literacy development. The day was facilitated by Janet Porter, Department of Education, Consultant Audrey Kyte-Murphy, and Jenny MacLean, primary teacher at Brookland Elementary.

A training session was held at Baddeck Academy, facilitated by Early Literacy Coach, Susan Mac Donald.

Audrey Kyte-Murphy and Geraldine Beaver-Vallis, Mentor P-3, continue to visit individual schools and support teachers as they plan best teaching practices to support their Literacy programs. A series of after school sessions at Mira Road Elementary will be offered to teachers during November and will focus on literacy practices which will inform future instruction based on student needs.

Mathematics Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk

On October 17, Arlene Andrecyk and Math Mentor Marlene Urquhart, met with the teaching staff and administration of Bras d’Or Elementary. This school is presently in accreditation and has identified mathematics as a goal. Providing ongoing support to staff as they develop initiatives to enhance student learning in math was discussed at the session.

At the October 26 Principals’ Meeting, the EEMLA and EMLA results were discussed. Elementary principals examined their individual site math results along with the results provincially and at the Board level. Administrators were then asked to discuss the school data with their staff at the next Learning Monday session. Discussion questions that principals could use to plan next steps in school focused around math instruction, were distributed. The aim is for improvements in math.

Information on the importance of daily Mental Math and cautions on calculator use was also presented to be shared with staff.

Math Mentor Marlene Urquhart continues to work with elementary teachers discussing effective instructional strategies, developing lesson plans and co-teaching.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Support has been put in place for students from Holy Angels High School who were in the process of completing the Fine Arts Certificate program so they can continue this program at their new high schools, providing the number of courses they require are offered there. The previous Fine Arts Department Head from Holy Angels will follow students and/or meet with staff to provide support to assist in their success.

Celtic Colours concerts took place in many junior and senior high schools across the island as part of the Celtic Colours International Music Festival. Further programming for elementary schools will take place in May 2012 as part of Gaelic Awareness month.

Nineteen scholarships were awarded to students to assist with instrument purchases, rentals and/or lessons from the Giant radio station music grant. This is a huge help to students and parents and we once again extend a thanks to the station for this support.

Several high school students and teachers met with Laura Schneider, curator of the Cape Breton University Gallery to discuss an advanced art exhibit at the gallery. This will take place in January-February 2012 and students will later be involved with another special exhibit to take place at the gallery.

The Glace Bay High School Marching Band played for the “Portraits of Honour” parade as the tour was in Glace Bay October 16. Further information may be found at

The Sydney Academy Choir, under the direction of Verne Lorway, performed as special guests at the gala banquet opening Nova Scotia Holocaust Education Week at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre on November 1, 2011.

Supplies to support visual arts in P-3 classrooms have been ordered and should be arriving in schools in the near future.

Many school choirs, bands and performing groups are busy preparing for Remembrance Day services within their buildings and within the community.

Professional development to support new grade nine curriculum in the arts will be offered by the Department of Education. This took place at Oceanview Education Centre on November 16 for Visual Arts 9, November 17 for Band Instruments 9, and Mulgrave on November 17 for Exploring Music 9. Extra materials to support this curriculum will be provided to teachers at this time as well.

Active Healthy Living Consultant, Mary Lou Andrea

Mary Lou Andrea presented at the provincial physical and health education conference on October 28th in Bridgewater. The topic was Physical Education and the IPADS: Using IPADS to enhance physical education learning and assessment.

Also the month of October saw the physical education staff working on the Fitness log assessment.

School visitations are an ongoing process that continued this month. The physical education team met and is working on Powerschool and a Professional Learning Community in the physical education subject area. This team will be part of the Nova Scotia Educational Leadership video on PLC.

Sports Animator, Jim Mac Eachern

Early planning and organizational meetings have commenced for the sixth Annual UCT Skating Races Jamboree, with the event date set for late March, 2012.

Plans for the popular “Youth in Motion at CBU” Program are ongoing, with tentative plans calling for a December 1 startup. The grade four program will be offered to all grade four classes in the School Board.

The “Curling is Fun” Program, Section 1, partnering with the Sydney Curling Club PA Instruction Committee, has commenced with MacDonald, Bridgeport and Jubilee grade sixes participating. It will run for four consecutive Wednesdays.

“Swim to Survive Program” for the grade threes of the Northside has started at the Northside Pool, offering an instructional Swim Survival Program .

The swim program for the southside of the Board has expanded with the addition of the YMCA facility in Sydney, being utilized on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Kiwanis Pool will also be used for scheduling the Grade Threes for their Swim to Survive program.

Initial meetings have taken place to commence the organizing for the “Soccer in the Community” Program for the grade fives. A Registration Call has gone out to all Elementary Schools, with a tentative start up of the Program for Wednesday, November 9, 2011.

Library Support Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

On October 3 and 4, Library Technicians attended sessions on various topics: Boys & Literacy, Insignia training, Creative Bulletin Boards, and review of the guidelines for this year's Reading Challenges. During these two days, the staff discovered some new ideas, learned more about automation, and had an opportunity to share ideas with their colleagues in other schools. They are looking forward to the next session on November 28.

NSALT Conference: Several staff attended the 2011 Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians' conference in Brookfield on October 28. They attended sessions on EBSCO (Ray Fernandez, DOE), Author Reading by Joanne Yhard, Collection Development, Graphic Novels, Boys & Literacy, and the AGM Meeting held at lunchtime. Over 90 delegates were in attendance and this allowed the staff to brainstorm with others from across the province. Next year's conference will be held in Halifax and hosted by the South Shore. In 2013, the conference returns to Cape Breton.

Library Budget: Schools have begun building their library collections for this year. Orders have been received and are being processed for approval. The funding amount per student was maintained this year. To further boost book availability, the Library Staff is examining the importance of Interlibrary Loans and the benefits it may have for the students. The Insignia program is being examined to see if there is a possibility of doing this.

Resource Centre: With the upcoming move of the Staff Development to a new location, the Teachers' Resource Centre has been a flurry of packing boxes with over 300 boxes ready for the move. Weeding of the collection has also been completed; hence, any weaknesses in the collection will be considered and new materials are being ordered to fill the gaps. This move provides an opportunity for a review of the collection with the goal of a more effective and solid collection of resources for the future. The move is certainly huge in magnitude but one that will benefit the system in the end.

Reading Challenges 2011-2012: The elementary reading challenge begans on November 14, and schools were requested to register by November 9. The first set of prizes will be distributed in mid-November and Cst. John Kennedy will be visiting schools shortly thereafter. This year, schools will be competing with others in Africa and India, as this reading challenge is truly a World level event.

Dietician, Debbie Madore

Breakfast Programs: All schools have their breakfast/snack programs up and running for this school year.

Health Promoting Schools: Applications have been reviewed for funding to support school based activities. Twenty schools were approved for funding to support HPS initiatives.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada: Rikki-Lee Andrews from Breakfast Clubs of Canada was in Sydney to visit five of the six schools they sponsor for breakfast. She was impressed by the board’s system of central purchasing and enjoyed the opportunity to view the sites and discussions on the breakfast program.

Provincial Breakfast Programs: A meeting was held in Tatamagouche around the new Provincial Breakfast Program Model for Nova Scotia. Debbie will sit on the intern board for the next two years as the model develops.

Food and Nutrition Policy: There are a number of schools continuing to have issues adhering to the food and nutrition policy, especially with the aspect of fundraising. Schools are dealt with individually as required. It is hoped that full compliance with the policy will soon be achieved.


Debbie McIsaac, Coordinator

Accreditation Visits:

Twelve schools are presently awaiting the final step in the Nova Scotia School Accreditation Program. On site visits will take place between November 3 and November 24, 2011.

The following schools will present their summary report outlining the evidence indicating growth in relation to the goals identified in their school improvement plans.

Brookland Elementary

Donkin/Gowrie Complex

John Bernard Croak

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High

Memorial High School

Mountainview East Bay

North Highlands Elementary

Rankin Memorial

Riverside Elementary

St. Joseph Elementary

Sydney Academy

Thompson Jr. High

Math Consultant P-12, Arlene Andrecyk

On October 6, 2011, the CB-VRSB Night School Program started a pilot course called Math Refresher. This is a 25 hour program offered over a ten week period. The program is designed to support students that have not taken high school math courses for a number of years and intend to take Math 12. The course focuses on the essential math skills needed for Math 12. Under the direction of Susan Kelley, Debbie McIsaac and Heather Patterson, Arlene Andrecyk has been working with math teacher, Jason Doyle, to develop the program. Jason is teaching this course.

Arlene Andrecyk is presently working with Sydney Academy math teacher, Sandy Urquhart, to develop a unit to provide teachers with instructional strategies that focus on the geometric proofs found in the Math 12 Advanced course.

At the principals’ meeting on October 26, Arlene Andrecyk spoke with the secondary principals. She and math mentor, Marlene Urquhart, discussed the mentoring program in junior high. Arlene also discussed a memo that will be going out to all parents and guardians of grade 7 and grade 8 students explaining that, for each reporting period, there is no overall letter grade given in mathematics. A student receives a letter grade for each strand covered in the reporting period.

Arlene Andrecyk presented at the Mathematics Teachers Association Conference on October 28 at Cole Harbour High School.

Marlene Urquhart, Math Mentor, continues to visit schools to promote the mentoring program. Teachers have been requesting mentoring and the November calendar is quickly filling up. She has made contact with most junior high teachers new to this level and has offered support and resources that they may need.

Language Arts P-12 Consultant, Audrey Kyte-Murphy

On October 3rd and 4th a team of English Teachers 10-12 attended a two day workshop. The purpose of these sessions is to support the release of a department of Education document called Teaching in Action 10-12. Best teaching practices for teachers at this level will be the focus and the team will be responsible to share this information with all 10-12 English teachers at the board level.

Vocational Education Consultant, Ken Collier

The announcement that J.D. Irving has been awarded a $25 billion dollar contract for the Halifax Shipyard has created a huge buzz around the school. Students, especially those enrolled in our skilled trades programs, see this as a golden opportunity for their future. I visited all the classes to discuss the announcement and to explain to the students what it all means. The feeling is absolutely electrifying. Students understand that they may be able to work within our province, for good paying jobs, for their entire careers.

General Motors of Canada in Oshawa, Ontario, have donated a 2003 Saturn Vue to our Motor Vehicle Repair Program. This vehicle will allow the instructor to teach and demonstrate areas of the curriculum without the pressure of having to return the vehicle to its owner. The vehicle arrived last week, and students already have started to work on this vehicle. A huge thanks to General Motors for their kind donation. This request has been in the works now for the past 2 years and we are grateful to see the vehicle arrive.

Plans are underway for the Skills Nova Scotia Competitions taking place in the new year. These competitions give our students the opportunity to showcase their skills, and possibly represent our province at the national competitions. Dates still have yet to be established. We are anticipating another successful year.

Students from the Cooking Program and Dining Room Services visited the Keltic Lodge in Ingonish on October 11th. This tour allowed the students to view a working kitchen and restaurant as well as have the opportunity to see the operation of a “fine dining” facility. The students were very impressed and enjoyed the day.

Students from the Radio and Television Broadcasting are preparing for their annual Horror-fest. This is a fundraiser for the RTV Program which involves students taking part in a mini film festival after school.

Plans are underway to have Juanita MacDonald from the Construction Association of Nova Scotia to come to our school and make a presentation to our students about the Building Futures for Youth Program. This program sees approximately 12 students from our board hired in the summer to introduce them to careers in the trades. This is being coordinated through Rhonda Smith, Community Based Learning Consultant.

Ken Collier, Vocational Consultant has been invited to attend the 2011 Nova Scotia Liberal Policy Conference on Saturday November 5th in Halifax, as a panelist for the afternoon session entitled “Securing our Future”. This is an important event for the liberal party as the discussions had will help shape policy and platform development. They are expecting over 150 participants, including many members of the provincial caucus and their Leader, Stephen McNeil. The focus of this conference will be on the state of the education system and ways in which it can be improved. They would like for me to provide important insight into the Memorial Composite Model and the lessons we have learned from our experience and the experience of our school.

NSISP Consultant, Kevin Linden

The first few months proved to be challenging with some students who battled with homesickness. Many schools had paired student buddies which proved to be quite effective. The liaison coordinators had students tour various highlights of our island. Breton Education Centre had their international students partake in a cultural trip to Louisbourg mid October.

International Students at Sydney Academy took part in a tour of the Miners Museum and luncheon at a local restaurant .

Riverview High students took part in a day’s venture to Ingonish and the surrounding areas.

For many, it was the first time they saw coal mining, a first hand experience of historic CB through reenactments, and be able to set foot in the Atlantic Ocean. The students were totally amazed with what our island offers. This year we included the three junior high students with the senior schools to ensure their experiences were as enriched as those attending in a larger group.

The NSISP Cultural Trip to Toronto proved to be a wonderful experience. We had a total of 10 international students attend from Cape Breton. The five day tour had students explore the CN tower, Casa Loma, Ontario Science Centre, Niagara Falls, Medieval Times as well as a Canadian NHL game and Canada’s Wonderland. Their behaviors and social skills, in such a large group, was a testament to its organizers and chaperone leaders. I was very proud to be a part of this group.

During the course of this month, we ran into a few issues with homestay families and students who were unhappy for various reasons. Our homestay coordinators were quick to address these issues and as a result, a few students had to be moved to another host family. In each instant, there was a strong message directed that agents and families had to be notified before such movements were to take place. Homestay change letters, as well as new family profile letters, were required to be sent out to all parties involved.

The Program Director, Debbie McIsaac, took part in a NSISP director’s conference call to discuss potential issues that cold possibly arise in provincial school districts. This was a result of talks from a meeting held in Truro last month. This was a way to actually look at possible case studies and what might be potential protocols which should be followed to protect ourselves legally.

On Sunday, Oct 22 we took part in the Edunova Tour at Cape Breton University. The students received a tour of the college and were given a presentation on what CBU offers its students. Edunova provided the students with a wonderful meal, guided tours, and speeches and gave students a choice of attending two sporting events, which were Soccer and Women’s basketball.

Oct. 27, we held our Halloween Party for the international students. We decided to do this activity after many students commented on the fact that they missed one another despite chatting on phones and skype. The students truly enjoy monthly get togethers. When the entire group gets together, the common language spoken is primarily English as it is the common base for communication. A large part of the program’s initiative is to better enhance their English language skills.

We have worked on a bi monthly newsletter celebrating students and program highlights. This is another way to ensure contact is kept between all associated in our program. This first issue will be out shortly.

Upcoming Events:

· Nov 20th- Eagle’s Hockey Game and Greet Meet Session Supper together at East Side Marios.

· Nov . 25-27

Halifax Cultural Trip is booked where students will tour Halifax and partake in a theatre production at Neptune. They will also travel to Peggy’s Cove.

· Dec. 10th

Cultural Performance at Louisbourg Playhouse - Students will attend the afternoon performance of Lyrics and Laughter.

· Dec. 11th

International Pot Luck for House Families

· Dec 18th

International Family Skate at Centre 200

Millie George

The English Second Language class includes international students and newcomers. The English Second Language students are preparing for midterm tests and assignments. Along with the regular ESL program, students are receiving assistance with tests and assignments. Millie has been working closely with the teachers to ensure that the students and teachers are getting the support needed. Communication between the teachers and the ESL class is very important for student progress.

Patsy Mac Queen

It has been another hectic fall, trying to schedule for students within such a wide geographical area, with so many diverse needs and expectations. In my position, I service 8 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, and 1 high school. The total number of students is 24 at the elementary level, 9 at junior high, and 5 at the senior high.

To date, there are 30 Newcomers and 8 International students on my schedule. A number of these students are at a Beginner level, with high needs. The majority of these Newcomers are elementary level, from China and Saudi Arabia.

Community Based Education Consultant, Rhonda Smith

Options & Opportunities

The O2 visits on October 12, 13, 14 to Marconi Campus were very successful. The students participated in campus tours, portfolio sessions, money management and sessions on applying to NSCC and NSCC expectations. The highlight of the week was panel discussion with O2 graduates who are now attending NSCC. There were four students, three were first year students in automotive repair, culinary arts and welding and one was second year student in carpentry. The O2 students were able to hear about each program from the students view, how important attendance is in a shop program, and what it was like being the only female in the automotive class as part of the open discussion.

Co-operative Education & Building Futures for Youth program

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS), the Department Of Education and the Nova Scotia Community College have once again agreed to enter a partnership from September 2011 to August 2012 to offer co-operative education students the Building Futures program. The Building Futures for Youth program will provide co-operative education students with the opportunity to explore and experience careers in the construction trades during the summer of 2012. Program presentations will be conducted November 23-24, 2011. Students must apply by December 16, 2011.

Workit Grants

Workit grants are available for each junior and senior high school for the 2011-2012 school years. These grants are for school projects and partnerships that will promote awareness of the skilled trades and increase opportunities for junior/senior high students to explore careers in the skilled trades. Proposals will be approved and grant funds administered through the community-based learning consultant. Information packages were given to each school principal.

Professional Development

The Community-Based learning consultant attended a seminar October 18, 2011 on Risks Assessment and managing the risks of volunteers. The seminar was presented by SIP and conducted by Karen Mac William.

French Second Language Consultant, Laurie MacIntosh

* Several professional development initiatives have recently been held for FSL teachers. On Oct. 11, Core French literacy-based "experimental class" teachers from CBVRSB met with their colleagues from the Strait Reg. and Chignecto Central Bds. and Elaine Melanson (N.S. Dept. of Ed. Consultant) in Mulgrave for a full-day in-service.

* Sr. High French Language Arts teachers at Riverview Rural High met as part of a new PLC on assessment strategies. The teachers are developing portfolios which reflect outcomes of the grade 10,11,12 language arts courses.

* On November 4th, Susan MacDonald represented Mr. Gérald Félix, Director of French Language Services, N.S. Dept. of Ed. when she visits the CBVRSB as part of Special Project evaluations. Ms. MacDonald will meet with Laurie MacIntosh, French Consultant, as well as French teachers and principals at the four sites which offer grade six Intensive Core French (Harbourside, Greenfield, Bras d'Or and Glace Bay Elementary schools).

* French oral proficiency interviews have been completed by Laurie MacIntosh with Intensive Core French students at Greenfield Elementary School. Post-interviews will take place in February at the end of the intensive French semester. Ms. MacIntosh has also begun oral proficiency interviews with French substitutes of the CBVRSB.

Upcoming initiatives for FSL teachers and students:

* November 1st. Full-day in-service focusing on assessment, scaffolding, and writing activities for Intensive French teachers at Riverside Elementary School. Facilitators will be Celeste Foisy Lahey and Laurie MacIntosh.

* November 23rd. Professional development session focusing on rubrics for Jr. High French Language Arts PLC at Malcolm Munroe Jr. High. Facilitators will be Suzanne Aucoin and Laurie MacIntosh

*Theatre presentation sponsored by Canadian Parents for French and the CBVRSB for grade 7/8 Late French Immersion students took place the week of Nov.14th. The play, entitled Speak for ourself/Parle, cest idéal is a fast-paced play for adolescent students about the advantages of learning French.

* November 16th. P.D. session on resource/differentiated instruction for French immersion students was held for immersion teachers at Whitney Pier Memorial. Jr. High.

* Presentation on French resources to interested FSL teachers the week of Nov.21 by Annick Godin Bélanger from the Centre Provincial de Ressources Pédagogiques.

* November 30/December 1 Grade 8 students at Whitney Pier Memorial. Jr. High School will take part in Viewfinders( Youth Wing of the Atlantic Film Festival).View finders will host a film screening and workshop for students in English on Nov.30th followed by a film screening and workshop in French on Dec. 1st.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Community Education, Heather Patterson

Adult High School

Plans are underway for various field trips for our schools. All four sites will be visiting NSCC Maroni Campus in early November to allow students the opportunity to see the facility, view the various programs offered and to ask any questions they may have regarding training opportunities. These visits will be followed up with requests to Test Drive programs for students who are torn between the many choices open to them. As well, all students will be attending the CBU production of The Tempest on November 29th. Most of our students have never had the opportunity to see a live production and in many cases have never been to the university. This is a wonderful opportunity to expose them to live theatre and to allow them to see and feel the energy of university life.

Planning is also underway to arrange CPR and First Aid training for our students. This training began last year and is being repeated under the direction of our job readiness teacher whom is funded by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. He will be working on a variety of initiatives to allow our students to build a small portfolio of skills and training certificates to further enhance their employability upon graduation.

Adult Evening Program

Classes are under way in adult evening programming. There is close monitoring of our newly offered Math Refresher course which runs on Thursday evenings. Arlene Andrecyk and teacher Jason Doyle met to devise a curriculum suited to the needs of adult learners who wish to take Math 12 but are lacking in the knowledge and skills to do so. It appears to be working well and students are participating and I continue to monitor their progress to see if they are ready to move on to the rigor of academic math 12.

SIS/IT Professional Development Consultant, Kurt Kublek

During the month of October, Mr. Kublek has been working in a number of different areas concerning his role as the PowerSchool project manager. Mr. Kublek and his team trained the lead teachers from approximately thirty-five sites. The training was based on the train-the-trainer model whereby the lead teachers where trained on various aspects of PowerTeacher and gradebook. The training allowed them to return to their schools and train their teachers to use the gradebook in order to produce their first report cards within Powerschool. Many documents and videos were developed to help guide the board’s teachers and administrators through this process. For every unique school set-up, a well detailed guide was put together by SIS Trainer, Brad MacNeil. Besides training, Mr. Kublek and his team have been working with schools as they go through their first provincial export. This support involved many different levels. One level of support was held at the Staff Development Center where approximately twenty-five secretaries came to walk through the process with SIS consultant, Tracie Collier. The day was welcomed and much was accomplished.

Mr. Kublek has also been working with the project provincially on a number of issues. Kurt produced a series of documents to help CBVRSB teachers. These documents and video tutorials also have been adopted by the rest of the province and are located on the iNSchool website. Mr. Kublek has also been working as a part of other PowerSchool committees as well. One committee has been looking at how to make PowerSchool work with the new provincial attendance pilot. The other committee, Mr. Kublek now sits on, looks at the future of iNSchool as the project for CBVRSB is coming to a close at the end of this fiscal year.

Apart from managing the PowerSchool part of the sis project, Mr. Kublek has also been working with school through their accreditation process; organizing Moodle training for teachers, mentors and coordinators; working with Mr. Rick Simm regarding NSVS (Nova Scotia Virtual School) as registrar and planning with Sheila Kublek on the upcoming implementation of TieNET.

Assistive Technology/ESP Consultant, Sheila Kublek

The Assistive Technology consultant has been providing consultative services to school personnel, including speech language pathologists, to assist with appropriate placement and implementation of software and hardware including iPods and iPads for communication needs.

The following professional development pull out sessions were held throughout the past month:

1. Kurzweil – all the high schools were upgraded to Kurzweil v. 12 Web License. Several Student Services teachers from each school received training with Kurzweil. Each site has a Campus Coach to administer user names and passwords for the web license.

2. Intellikeys – training with Classroom Suite, Overlay Maker 3 and Intellikeys was provided to several Learning Centre and classroom teachers.

3. Co Writer 6 and Write Out Loud 6 – all elementary resource and learning disabilities teachers received a half day of training with Co Writer 6 and Write Out Loud 6. This software exists in all resource and learning disabilities rooms, as well as, in the grades four, five and six classrooms.

Onsite professional development was also provided for Balanced Literacy and Kurzweil. In the area of Student Information System the Assistive Technology / TIENET consultant continues to provide support to schools with the Support for Students data base. Support includes locating and transferring student data, assisting with teacher access and guiding the input of student data.

Throughout October, two weeks of meetings were held in Halifax to continue efforts with Maximus in building the TIENET system. With each configuration and addition of services to the TIENET system the boards’ TIENET facilitators are requested to test the product. The system has been designed to meet the need and flow of the Program Planning process. TIENET facilitators received training in the revised Program Planning Modules which includes two additional modules on program adaptations. As well, all TIENET facilitators were informed about the role of Schools Plus within the TIENET environment.

Members of the Instructional Support Lead Team were provided with a preview of the second configuration of TIENET. It demonstrated the interaction between Powerschool and TIENET. Our TIENET facilitator has been working closely with the Powerschool personnel in exploring the use of teachers’ grade book with students on IPPs. The results of these efforts will be shared at a joint meeting with Powerschool and TIENET representatives in Halifax.

The Assistive Technology / TIENET consultant had the pleasure of accompanying Seton Elementary on an afternoon walk to celebrate International Walk to School / Walk at School Day.

IEI Consultant, Tracie Collier

The IEI Grade 5 Rollout has been completed. Preparations are underway for Professional Development.

Website professional development was held on October 24th

A Technology Integration survey is being prepared for teachers in the CBVRSB. This will hopefully give us some direction regarding strengths and needs in relation to technology integration in our classrooms. This online survey will be open for 3 weeks in November.

The SIS team provided professional development to all Phase II and Mid-Year School's lead teachers.

Provided support to Schools regarding the Provincial Extract and PowerSchool.

Provided support to Schools regarding training of teaching staff.