Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, November 28, 2011
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Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 11/30/2011

NOVEMBER 28, 2011

The meeting began with the Annual Meeting which the Board is proud to announce that Commissioner Lorne Green and Commissioner Joan Currie have been respectively elected Board Chair and Vice Chair. Superintendent White noted his appreciation for the diligent work ethic, courtesy and cooperation that both he and staff have received from our Board and they look forward to their continued cooperation. During the Annual meeting, the Board re-appointed Commissioner Gary Fraser as the Nova Scotia School Board Association representative for the Board.

The Board accepted two pieces of correspondence which were received from the Minister of Education, the Honorable Ramona Jennex. Firstly; was a response from the Minister for the Board to utilize the surplus, however; this request was regretfully denied. The second piece of correspondence was with regards to School Board Governance which proposes changes to the Education Act.

Mr. White, Superintendent of schools provided an oral report. Included in his report were comments regarding the recent Professional Development and Learning day which was held on Monday, November 28th. He recognized the professionalism and interests of the keynote speaker Dr. Duncan McKinlay. He further recognized that the first Parent-Teacher session for the school year was held with another one scheduled for this week due to the cancelation of classes last week.

Mr. White spoke regarding the powerful Remembrance Day presentations in our schools. He recognized the efforts of students, staff and volunteers in preparing these services and recognizing the importance of the service which our veterans have provided.

The Board received a presentation regarding the implementation of changes to the Hogg Report. He advised both Board and those present that correspondence has been forwarded to the Department of Education highlighting the areas of concern to our Board that would make the greatest financial impact. (A copy of the report is attached to the original minutes and on the Board website)

The Education and Management Committee reports were both accepted. Included were reports from the Finance Department, Human Resources and Programs Report which were all accepted by the Board.

Several highlights included in their reports were the retirements of four NSTU personnel and the resignation of three CUPE personnel. The Board took pride in approving five long-term and term recommendations along with granting regular status for a position of electrician. The Board also approved the hiring of nineteen additional CUPE casual employees. The Board adopted the Communication Technology Devices policy which will be posted on the Board website.

Commissioner Fraser presented his NSSBA report and noted on a go-forward basis he will not be distributing a paper copy and will be distributing his report electronically in order to achieve further efficiency within the Board.

Commissioner Parsons gave Notice of Motion to Rescind East Bay Elementary and Robin Foote Elementary. This motion will be brought forward at the scheduled Board meeting for January 30, 2012.

Commissioner Fraser made a motion “That the Board approve the motion to rescind Motion 2011-09-25 re: School Review Process – Gowrie Elementary”, however the motion was defeated and the review process will continue for Gowrie Elementary School.

Several communities spoke during the public session to express their disappointment and concern with regards to School’s which have been identified through the School Review process.