Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, June 18, 2012
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Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 06/29/2012

JUNE 18, 2012

The meeting began with two presentations. Ms. Cathy Delaney began the presentation with regards to the IB program. Ms. Shauna Scott then spoke with regards to the IB Program and its importance to the students of our Board. She would further like to see that the Board work to achieve some enhancements put in place in order to promote the program. A student, Mr. Matthew Sullivan, expressed his disappointment and dismay with regards to the recommendation to eliminate the program. He highlighted that universities recognize this program when considering student placements within their program and course selection.

Ms. Mary Beaton was disappointed with the Board’s decision to reduce the position of the Vocational Consultant and would like to see the position reinstated to one hundred percent.

The Superintendent, Mr. Ambrose White, provided his report. The report is highlighted on the Board website. He thanked students, staff, union representatives and community organizations for their cooperation and support throughout the year. He further wished all staff that had expressed their intent of retirement the best of wishes during the next stage of their lives.

The Board Chair, Mr. Lorne Green followed with his report. He highlighted the unique problems within our Board and the challenges which we face with declining enrollment which also leads to reduced funding. He highlighted the 900 classrooms within our Board and efforts of all those involved in providing an exceptional and challenging learning environments. He recognized the SAC’s for their support in achieving positive outcomes in our Board.

Commissioner Green congratulated all the graduates for their hard work and their positive contributions to our school system and he challenged them to continue to contribute to society and to achieve many goals.

The motion which was made by the Education Committee to eliminate the IB program was defeated with much delight. It was further noted by Commissioner Darren MacNeil through a motion, that the Board review how the program is promoted throughout our Board and if the Board can work towards enhancing this process in order to increase participation in the program.

The Board also passed a motion to approve the School Code of Conduct policy which had already gone through public consultation.

Motions were further passed recognizing the following:

The Board further supported a motion to declare the Northside Learning Centre as surplus and to place the site up for tender.

Commissioner Gary Fraser provided his NSSBA report. He recognized Commissioner Charlie Keagan for being elected as treasurer to the newly elected executive.

Commissioner Fraser further recognized the efforts of Oceanview Education Centre for their initiative in conducting a professional development session on bullying. The full staff participated in a program entitled Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. School administration has received positive feedback from those in attendance. Commissioner Fraser would like to see this program offered at other sites throughout the Board.

Commissioner Tilley reiterated his support for the reinstatement of the consultant for the Vocational program at Memorial High School. He stressed the importance of vocational programs and their importance in helping communities grow while contributing to economic growth. A motion was moved by Commissioner Tilley and seconded by Commissioner Ruelland to support the reinstatement which was carried by the Board.

Commissioner Tilley further spoke regarding lockdown procedures and the importance of conducting drills similar to fire drills.

Commissioner Mercer wished to see the day of library service which Marion Bridge lost reinstated however the motion was defeated.

Commissioner Googoo made a motion to amend the School Trips/Tours policy to read the duration of school trips from three trips to four days to allow flexibility in planning and carrying out future school trips. This motion was approved by the Board.