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  Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Grade 7 Math

Program Overview

The Grade 7 Math program will follow the Atlantic Canada Mathematics Curriculum and includes specific outcomes under the following headings:

Number Sense and Algebraic Operations

Patterns and Relationships



Data Management



Link to web help for each general outcome ( stand)  

Student Evaluation

Students will be evaluated based upon the following methods:

  • Quizzes & tests 60 - 85% (each term)
  • Class work, Presentations, Homework, Projects, Mental math 15 – 40% (each term)

Communication Plan

Parents / Guardians can find out more information or will receive more information about their child, homework, school events, etc. by one of the following:

Contact Information

Parents can get in contact with any teacher by one of the following methods:

  • By phone 562 -6130
  • Fax 562 -6720
  • Letters

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Chapter 1

Extra Practice 1.1 

Exponent practice

Extra Practice 1.2

Scientific Notation Worksheet

Extra Practice 1.3

Divisiblity Rules

Extra practice 1.4

Extra Practice 1.5

Order of Operation sheet 1

Order of Operation sheet 2



Chapter 2 

Fraction strips

Benchmark fractions

Fraction Challenge

Multiply a fraction by a whole number


Reducing fraction sheet HW 3 Dec

Chapter 3 Percentage

100 grids

Percentage diagrams

 Percentage meaning

understanding percentage

Percentage Sheet 

Chapter 4 Probability

Extra Practice 4.1

Extra pracrice 4.2

Extra pracrice 4.3

Extra pracrice 4.4

Extra pracrice Answers


Chapter 7 Geometery

Properties of polygons 

Extra Practice 7.1

extra practice 7.2

Extra Practice 7.3

Extra Practice 7.4

Net of a cube challenge


Chapter 8 Pages

Review Sheet

Extra Practice 1

Extra Practice 2

Extra Practice 3 

Answers Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Extra Practice 9.1

Math links

Pattern and relationships Link

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